Lisa Responds to Brian's Poem

Thursday, March 24th


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Yesterday the poem happens. The amazing. Poem. And Brian called us and write a poem that Lisa. Entitled. Lisa where he basically. Asked for a third date for state and it because he fell asleep in the salon. Second day went seven hours and he was four we ask Lisa if there's any chance for a third age and advocating hard. I'm more markets. Again again I may be harsh and youth. And you you called a slow build on this is that Lisa said. I need a little bored I can't tell you didn't. And I think that you know we don't talk about the saints and scenes I kind of like in my head like. And so along the state is so. So that's her saying. There's no slow build net yeah net no chemistry there she didn't like on. Sweetheart. Now if you're third at least is about to remind us. If they and I will tell you that I had to ask her a couple of times so. She's about she's about two miles if that third date does happen and did you see that tweet that we got from Atlantic station yesterday. Yet they wanna seven Atlantic station which is where Lisa and Brian both live in where the first date happen in the movie theater where he fell asleep. A may have offers. Tim Curry a perfect third date surely even smaller reasons you should say that it happened. So Lisa welcome back to the Japanese and champagne. All a day at least that person on did you hear Brian's column yesterday. Oh I hurting. And even if I let listening I my friend in me at the same time you. To listen. Now before we get your opinion because you know Brian personally. What was the consensus of all of your friends because then you heard the debate on whether it was cute or it was creepy. Jay and his team Q I was team creepy if you were to poll your friends would make them. They pick EXP. And it can't hurt it is more shocking than any. And I would say that's the same deal back at it was more like a home like I should not happen. Anyway. Put themselves out there. A lot of women Regina and just text. Text you back you'll. Do you want to before you get a series finds when we just here and bring it meets you got to hit the palm one more time. Lisa Lisa. Always remembered the name. Thursday march 10 so be pets department bring. A walk through Atlantic station not knowing what it's saying. When I first volume these. Upper body injury he said you're in the market tonic. Cattle to reduce. We ordered our drinks come at them. Into the theater week that. When I woke up in the theater. Where words were oh crap. I learned a valuable lesson. Is that not taken a net. We've give me one more chance and I will not be afraid. We. Get one more chance to see your beautiful face. Lisa. How does that every. A lot of time if they a lot of people laugh and Lisa how does that make you feel. Inside. Are you ready to Mary Bryant will do you know yet Brian rose. Well now I'm pretty good and it. Listen brain tonight I am street let's read now you know. He nights I think that the problem is you if I exactly Shakespeare. Britain. At. I'm. Emailed texted me after he was and their radios and you know acting I heard it which I did respond. Anyway. As you were in shock I mean you were in love coma. Or says. He'd taught me that one line at a. Wait why you know he did a hole and waiting to get on. Because they didn't answer right away and maybe he panicked and I I didn't. Here so he text that it took me one line at a time. Final okay. Tech now would tell us about the timing of this. So when did you get her facts from him yesterday. I get a pretext right after he of the current topic you bag and ask the right after a birdie. Okay you didn't respond for awhile and then when did he start texting you're the home one line at a time. That's probably about thirty minute chat area. The first text and then naked teen spread out Jack today and it reminded me and they like that there. So he took the extra romantic gesture of. Cutting and pasting. From. From the ranks of the desperation. Level. That's. Part of texting her a line how many what does that pays. What does that about two dozen texts to me isn't he. That is fantastic so what's your verdict Lisa we'd be seeing Brian again. And Elaine I. Allen now. Ari. I'm hoping that we ego from this music. This music. Yeah. I thank you for coming on the complaint line I definitely appreciate that because it. A couple of times now just the question is because you guys do it in the same neighborhood if you're walking down the street. Facing each other do you cross the street or you guys. Now I think record Brian's and I cannot wait any other women out there lips and he's a sweet person if say he and I don't have X and street at all. Did you poll one line and if they do it for somebody else perfect thank you for earnestly there. I.