The Most Epic Lie

Monday, July 10th

Jeff caught a guy in the middle of a HUGE lie, and we're all astounded at how deep it goes. 


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You guys I met a man last week S. Whose intentions were great he tried to save. His family as we go on vacation. Using an epic life. I'm guessing he may have ruined the rest of his life. It's it's an incredible. Story and when I told jet engines like they can make a whole episode of a sick I'm. It's a movie. It would be an entire scene and movie yes starring Chevy Chase I it starts out really sad okay the that this guy he is comes over to my house. Out of the lake and he says. Do you have a shovel like him are. I said sure and I have you know guarding their game a shuttle in he explained that. The night before. He is young son went to sleep and didn't close the door and their little dog got out. And he's looking for a morning he founded over in the woods. And some that had gotten it and that he wouldn't be coming home. Also this guys rent seeing one of the units in the lake neighborhood at the house when it houses in the neighborhood so he's up there that's him. And rate next in my house is this. Protected land like you know whatever park Tara Parker just would that they can't develop on so. He goes over. In the woods with a shovel on him. Varies. So I don't really seek him spanky I just Tom between the shuttle into the garage or he comes back he's back and they can't. Fast forward about 30 exactly three days. And I get up in the morning and let CD and Lily my two dogs go play in that same wards and run around. Forum to go go party just run out some energy and they come back and you lost police. They don't match your column called it. Unprotected so in theory they can match of my call sometimes sees brat but. So they don't turn off and have to half hour later whatever they can match I stay outside the whole time and always make stretch in at least hear the leaves looming. And they can back. With another. In life. Not lie you tell the other. Month what is this. Creature. We're trying to dog in the woods. It's got a collar phone number on the collar. Greenville area code of oh my god somebody's who's done so I call the number on the tag a guy is. It's the dog from two houses down. The mom it was the guy's mother in law's gone. Sheikh team and claimed. This guy lied on day one of the vacation. And because he didn't want. To spend the entire week looking for this dog so he went out and looked for a for a few hours holed his family. That he found it dead. Doug our eighth hole. When stood in the woods for half how old you that's legal bar your shovel. Came that the dog was fine it was just hiding in the woods and I'm guessing the dog sees like my god it's like friendly creatures and pleased it damn if I lose them rape back to my house. I had no idea. What did that was that guy's dog and it didn't even. Register and then I cons I don't you have a dinner where this community is in the name of that that it may put an event. It should that's where we are right now renting out NCAA tournament I know what I'm in the the last house near the words you should all be right yeah. Literally see her on the phone. Like still hanging up with me about them what is going and Jack. Yeah. So did it didn't want his family spent the entire vacation looking for the dogs just told them all with today. Yes. Pretended to Barea it's. I mean maybe even further I think he man and one of the people that dropped the Don and then synagogue locks and let it out I mean that. So it's so now that he's capable love so they can't. Because I don't it's got to go back to explain it was cold really why he lied about it. Don't bring nine you regulated it's on them and I think even though it's. Late. I what is he just one bag and so like I doesn't sound like a different Ed Dunn. Do you even unclear immediately how do you come back from thing I found a dead dog and buried egg how do you say you made at both ends this is like a little. This is like a little west dealer can tank right so it's not late and have a collar and has a collar with his phone number he could save found another. Yeah. Say found exact same looking dog in buried at right I wonder Jeff you sleep tonight because he can't it was a hot accomplice in this whole thing. What is sick monster man does that. He's sir it is Phillies vacation. But it's a pretty epic a lot of. We you can't save your family's vacation vacation by saying get your to your wife is here's the levels analyze it first of all his son he told. If we're believing every word this guy's story he told me that his son left fell asleep at the to Europe. Which means his son now thinks he's responsible for a dead doc rank OK so that's number one number two it's his wife's mom's dogs. So now son thinks he kill grandmas. I remember three he lied directly to his mother in law she knows it easily easy. PO last year doesn't wanna go look for the Dodd who values it's that. Left says that. Yeah wasn't willing to leave the dog dare. That is why it is not yet to come up the most at my old I. I challenge anyone listening right now. To presents. A more epic life and that's he has fully if you can find it more epic like we asked to hear it. I doubt that it's out there I mean. You lied to your son's face your mother airlines face and you claimed a dog was detained when it was fine. Even some flowers to her was probably sure. You show yeah it's. Hevesi that he is dumbed down on an asset at Amex has in my garage as you point out that stuff from my girl he had a shuttle much him. But you and I guy today even made a joke you got a body to bury news sadly I do my. World war 263094. When I wouldn't be surprised if he had zero phone calls. But if you can top that with a more epic lied to look different. Star in 941. I just told the story of a man who try to save his family vacation telling an epic life saying that dog that escaped. It was found dead in the woods he had to go very. She did. Problem is he never found the dog alive or dead and the dog came wandering out of the woods a couple of years later looking for some food modernist family and I being the good samaritan I am calling the number on the tags since. They're like oh my god you've resurrected or not. Got a question for your persona remind everybody at some of watching it to be ready for a girls night out will throw back and a little hanging tough we got your ticket sad to get ten New Kids On The Block of your girlfriends here's my question yeah. Is. Is it lie your way out of that line how by how did how would issue cover story yourself. If you had to go back to your family so Kelly she's you're the guy. Do you like your family dog died in the Doug says that three days later. And is ends a loving arms of its of its hole of your whole family you have to go back to your family and Tommy lied what you say. Com I'm no worse human being ever. I'm buried someone else's dog I guess I know how you cover that up. Do you do you occasion I wouldn't put it past the guy to say. To maintain. That he. Buried found another dog that happened to look like this one. And buried in a very I won't would you like a guy would right now that would be the only thing and say. Or how would you lie your way out of it. I'm sorry I thought I had the wrong dog it looked like him I mean his own beds. Or I mean each. Or do you say. I must have buried in my life and he dug his way out on my god he's Merrick about. That's yet. And then everybody just praise and says it's divine intervention unit and they get the car drive to church with her little holy god who came back from the dead that's it. That's exactly how you do it did you guys are get a sense your sleep nobody would believe that would you leave. I buried a living god you so believe energy trust that man with your child how to smack the hell out of my mantown. I came very Ito living dot BN them. No way. You can never believed that would you believe that green told you that for real I'm glad I'm although he's. Because prince remains on how powerline I would tell I would publicly because I wouldn't believe that he could lied to the whole family about. A dog being dead and burying it I would be like oh my gosh it came back to life I. I would have to believe that what I would believe exactly what he had to just say there was this story happened gen Stanley what I would believe is that. Once doctor Graham Rivera lay hands on the animal that's. And arrest fill that slot. This news. Doctor grant rather. So I'm just sunny you're a whole scenario is that's a Chevy Chase movie writer red districts late for my campaign and we'll hug. Vacation do you think but the the twister that would be and dollar messiness and I think this is what actually happened he hates his monologue star princess I didn't wanna spend a week clinic he doubted so far off in the land he didn't think anybody would ever find that animal thing found its way helmet hasn't Lillian pain. As a Chevy Chase the data and you know how it turned out. So what happened I love. We and I doubt about our guys like I. And I guarantee you. Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook.