A Skinny Dipping Dumpster Fire UPDATE

Monday, July 10th

We're back and can't wait to hear, was it smooth sailing?


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Stay on the dumpster fire was it a vacation invitation for skinny dipping. Oh wasn't so much more scandalous we are gonna find out. Think an update from Marlee here in just seconds of the second shaft in July 4 of vacation dumpster fire with Marlys you talking into a vacation with several other couples. And her boyfriend they'd rented a beach house and on a group text message they were all excited about skinny dipping. Really her boyfriend were not really sure like they were walking into an issue. Excited about that idea at all. So we are catching up with Marley to find out what happened on their beach vacation. Sir. So we're there are lots of sirens or your fourth of July gathering. Let that terrible day. I'm gonna meet heroes it's just a well all. It. Well and you pay for the plan I'm going to be my game of hide the details so yeah. Oh. I just made them so. Oh that whole week when you know when normal ill for the better pray that we did all drain didn't had a rebirth Nadal ragged that they you know. Do you expect it now unlike even really talked about it or mention it again no look like so many late can't wait till. You know I made a yeoman like that no one even spoke about it we've it had a normal. Failed to Deke. I'm average how many times a day. Did the fact that you read to go skinny dipping on Friday pop into your mind. Old quite appealing. No alcohol helped unsecured debt these things it's different than do. So I just wanna say they basically did that not being. Like she stabbed their fire like it that not good being okay candidate. We finally got the ax so worried that Friday during the Dana Perino I'll drink paying him and would like RA there is. Tonight the night like finally they're mentioning it and what we found out why so. Each count how good neighbor and I guess she don't know she's there full time workers it you know. Didn't she when she dared but whenever she dared they also happen to be reckoned to be talcum burden and one. And this woman is you know she's a little bit older and she'd always complaining to the homeowner who pick Asian. Other too loud I don't like and drinking oh they he's trying to get them in trouble to increase their radar deck and not you know able to come back. Or whatever she is a very grumpy not happy person think they tried it by her overt like make friends there and she's just not happening. So she just like grumpy old person. And so this. I didn't think it revenge. Has the outdoor pool like right epic it could be in her back in the back of her beach house. And tell what what the planet is that once it's dark we all go over there. Get naked. In the swimming pool and splash around until she wakes up and turned on her like in the never won pole. Site and see leaders. Would actually mean a of course alcohol is involved again and then you are able to teach like this kind of like group. Mentality fueled needle like teeth into like outlook so hurt and selling albums did it admitted it was noted kept fighting. What did it wasn't like. Everywhere in India can be make it like renting out together like we are to thank partying and splashing around in like my boyfriend and I were like yelled. Why around and had a diamond and then she'd paranoid and we don't like brand W brand completely but they did from the public power. I can't beat it back into our beat Alice. Culinary Gisenyi Jesse what's the average age of your group. Don't lake. Linked to what means in mid to late thirty guy yeah. Does that or. So we're all too well what we're all well I didn't I mean any other kind of Blake. Against like bigger eating a little bit too late date that it. All I kind of I can and if the kind of guy and and you know my boyfriend kind of like a cute. So. Sears and I'm guessing. I don't know. I went to turn out to be not not a dumpster fire actually I'm okay. And. Did you chill we're bringing all those pineapples Angela Gillibrand. I thank you warily for the ad to eight. And I hit it anyway Kelly she's actually a little bit sad thing. Though bond why they cannot. Is kind of Salmonella. Kelly had stunned I'm full on Atlanta dot com if you'd like to reach out she apparently needs an indication that. Thanks for making this way it's. One star not before one.