Monday, July 10th

There's no better feeling than remembering what you're grateful for, so share it with us!


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Your day was a little bit gratitude and you'll change your whole perspective it'll change the tone of your entire week. 404263094. Line it's bragging rights how rags a player hash tag bless on the jet engines out. Sandy and flowery branch you will be up first this week. Okay why you hash tag. I'm Intel has checked as certain many of you read through Baghdad right now the most important hunch is that my mom is going to be earning 100 rebels celebrating her in a couple of weeks or her during her take. Backyard party at my house and asks. As they might try and we're really excited. Well that's incredible what's your mom's name. I'm I'm I'm getting into media a unit and how much he's great physically and mentally. Just in terrific shape so we altered genes. Okay. Well yeah I'm eighty years old and others. The other Brothers and younger and there's a lot of separation twenty years separation between that's. You know we're just so so thrilled so excited we don't worry eightieth birthday party teach. George and Leo you know thinking well you know the idea that. Has frozen excise anywhere when she's in a nursing home in flowery branch. Now nursing homes and now little aren't little burn oh yeah we're we're gonna freon hose and OK if we send her something for the party. Oh gosh he took time. But hold on OK okay I teller and chancellors from historians were Marconi strands. I really got behind them against apple. Thought yeah always it's. That birthdays but it's a hundred. It's going to be fails it's letting him they've been they've seen is gonna find out what SMS. Police gets 100 that's so cool. Bad then awards on its. Except fast. Good warming I am glad my candidate so it can't compare island. The doctor I want this week now on the phone call last night I thought you know another recruit enough it got to call home. I'm wow. All I created a hand there is some. Nice number and I maybe not Asomugha won't. What's your son's name. When I can't tell brenly said thank you for his service and I'm not sure what have you guys that phone call at some balls carry me back. Is now he's now. Survival of the fittest guy and tourists are thinking we have a and comment on face that too from Julie crow her son is in his third week firmly camp for the Marines as well and she says super crowded into an exclamation points among my favorites probably Kim green sellers she's at her mom married her Knight in shining shining armor this past begin in Florida and there on a whole new level of happy how cute is. Is that set up a. So it's a I anybody in the room have any JP Jack and now and what he's. It is not easy so you know ushered back out and it sure it was gonna be really sure what to assume though and could have been a little bit of a hairy situation but I've got a wonderful partner in crime with Heidi you know lover so much in. One good thing goes sideways and when things don't go right. It's when you really realize. How special a person is when they got your back a 100% like OK and then take a deep breath. If you're in this idea that maybe that's Lowell and JD got a beer don't. Did she tell the pressure that she turned everybody thought. An admission and yeah. No wedding planning is kind of like boot camp for marriage I. They give you can survive the stress of all of that you'll probably get again. I and fascinated that. Somebody backed out of the bag at your wedding that's what it was. You know. Vince Young you know. Has expressed. I Cheney got a name from. And let's not in a week with our girls and Graham we just a hundred down my family vacationed together and it was his vacations so we got explore our neighbor and we got and go to some. And just Cubans suffer around town and just haven't had time with them and send you. And Lawrence say in the funniest things have four and and Reese is certain to talk witches. Well we feel so hash tag plus because you've lost your hearing through a lot of the chemotherapy treatment so much that hearing is coming back and we know that because she's talking so I'm just gonna save us in general it's my feeling. I do right now say out loud why your hash tag last it is and it just puts a positive energy in your little or made. As you start the week and you can always go and brag publicly. Raising our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Jeff and Jen sheriff did tell us why your hash tag blessed. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.