A Cat Song for Pepper

Friday, July 7th

Surprise Arionna! Your awesome bond with Pepper has inspired a brand new cat song. 


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Before we get started and this month's cab songs on the Jefferson Gerald had a question for urgent need. Because this Canton is a surprise for sixteen year old. And I don't want this to zero early and make fun. These aren't so yeah well I mean as the resident crazy cat person and I need to know when you're a teenager. Tee you fly your feline flag proudly. Or is it something that you try to keep you know just yourself. I would I would flown at proud I have really even at sixteen Alia I can't idea. People they mean I was I was weird from like a second I joined that district so. Yeah it's all right I. When a major concern about a provides call holly here and talk to her about it. Samsung UN for her daughter are. It. I. And you just make sure it's cool I try and get a cat's not out of school day and that maybe she'll be okay with not being that cool I. Some people embrace that are under coolness yet again did you. Any you proudly wearing her manager not ideal sounds you know I don't know how to be cool. Well hi holly it's the jet engine should Colin how are you. Played Mario. We are we're excited about this surprise. Song. Yeah and I how will tell us about this special bond between Arianna and they can't pamper. Washington and mushy Jerry Kelly I mean. It I. Play timeouts and that and learn that you can learn she got her own serves about four seam routes and and army. And our. You'd prefer to ban died in their eating an act of our hair. Songs and I certainly can moans. And English and so our intention the car should probably get docked. To greet area and I'm only get out of the car. Did she did she know when Arianna is in the car is alleged different greeting that if it's just like. UN some other people in the dark. She's my car national amount and the nation's air national. Reynolds about torture and and shot. Seem oops did I think it's a name her. So then that's hanging there and manager pepper. I client chatty caddy. That's hey hey man you call your daughter fatty patty are the men had a cat yeah. I tell us a little bit about tapper. Washington no crying and she she there's long haired green orange and white cat yeah. During and I ask. And sergeants are clean and run how presbyterian and then back down. Pan Asian Americans nylon hair on maps. Yeah it's. Hands usually only get column she won't. Send it's ringing my transparent matter and she turned. Running on national news tallying looking or should all actually attempt Italy challenge that we learn and then we're all right I'm not only one that she'd just touch. And Andre and I just shattered. She is sorry and session that starts likable attempts at a. The typical cap brainwashing yes only got to the shaving hobbies anything shares are fun. She learns she writes it. Why then did she bring them back to carry on yeah. Am glad she made the merrier. We can alone sent migrating our Murray now. And then I'm sure our lives snake can. And drop them and I should eat. Lose and and and she's still alive that's remarkable. And stuff democratic comprehension. Was trapped MIT or nation my attorney. Plot to kill me and a shirt I have a. Say you said that Ariana and pat are met when an area that was four years old how old is your daughter now. Should it Ain T seen a case this is an older cat who's about some pat. Yeah. Actually she has. I won't local relay it to her out of that Washington cannot her pack Jared. What will do is we'll take the recording this phone call we sent it off to our producers. And they were kind of can't song for you. And then in a couple days we'll have you back China will call Arianna. And you can tell her what you've done in wall played tempers caps on for her on the top. Asa. Let's say type two days Walter in this round. We'll have a chance on for pepper that shipment assassin. Because simulcast sound as a surprise for sixteen year old. Arianna. That's coming out on the Jeff contentious parity for one. Star in 941. We just. That we create custom. I was there so we do and what we have created eighth cousins have come as a surprise. Holly's fifteen year old daughter fell Arianna doesn't know the cat's tongue is coming. Hey Kelly. Guess we'll have your cap stone ready for pepper. India oh yeah is and it can I not only of really sons of eyes for Arianna. I we're gonna call are an error rate now and initiated any idea that will be calling or Rasheed as why we're calling. Send night all right let's call Arianna. It's a. Yeah I. I. January in Europe sales electric. Hug. Arianna. A penny this is just an intense concern any form one how you doing sleeping in the summer. Yeah. So right away sorry to wait you out. We also handled in the covers with pat Burke. The president trying. OK I was sort of caps out the cat sleeps Albanians out but you're still embed census Arianna. What does that tell you about maybe the schedule you keep in this whole thing. So. Oh I didn't mean. So I ran SAIC your mom Polly's on the financier. Mayor and I think so holly do you wanna explain why we're Conner on the show today. I'm Sharon we prone. I can't I don't train you and pepper. We have heard what a special relationship you and pepper half and you're around that'd be really fun to surprise you with your own custom cat song for her. Be very active. Slightly crazy temper. I edit you always get asked to take this in because at some point today you'll think tonight's rematch of Camilo and the answer is now are you ready. Arianna here is peppers a Seychelles. Jeff fringe and show cats on. Bloomington. Welcome to the club Arianna and pepper you are now a proud holder of an official Japanese engine caps on a mile. And thank you cam it's an exclusive club and really there's a huge anything other than bragging rights is this is something you wanna brag about five. I you're in itself welcome aboard. Won't say he had holly thanks very thank you and MS and if you would like your cats on its super easy. Yet even sensitive retesting producer Nina she is gene that denying that at sun I'm permanently NN dot com. And we will see our cat sung in their production if you're lucky enough to be selected. Aaron cat lady Ginny. As for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one.