Talk Foodie To Me: Best of BBQ

Thursday, July 6th

We all know BBQ in the south is the best, but where are the best spots in Atlanta?


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Uninstalling any formal. Barbecued and HDL is not just a food it has a way of life or religion and yeah. As sad and especially in the summertime and sky from Jason in Atlanta this year she's gonna give us the best of the best of BBQ you gotta have bite sense. This some. Cause we need. Great barbecue. You sound like he just said Cigna. I'm gonna run drill. My favorite spot in some weird privately mash up. There's one place that would send it that I literally could not stand and yeah I just sit down on occurred in economics I. OK well let's start out with a big teens in town the fox brother's gas. Howdy a lot of genuine grainy like this is one of the best Barbeque places in the world so good somehow they lock in Napoli America. That every bite just service packs a punch event. The problem I have with fox Brothers is not only the meat and although the site everything on their menu is so decadent that I have actually gotten now tired just looking at their instant. Completely agree only people that he baloney look good on hints. That's a lot. That I would eat it from them because they know what they're doing all right everything that they cut I'm have you even had that how many there. No no way they. Next time this is that food industry hacked but it's also condominium. On you put their teeter tots on this big layer on the train okay sold. And they dump load over a ladle full or like for illegals a bronze XTO and then they topped with cheese and then they put in a salamander make it on the LT and then you eat this whole train tater tots are loaded up. Oh my god that's like 2 o'clock in the morning feared yeah. I mean yeah Israel that where all of your friends or just be some at all I want to do that saves your life yeah. Likes me being an ad that saddening as you really don't want your friends around his you're gonna eat the whole train of ten years pushing up fox feathers can you get it catering for our party again. We hear your house you have an appeal leery unionized and you can get fonts but there's mayor ray. Fantastic act catering you got to get them for catering and there are so reliable in their Smart wired are you throwing a party Forester. It's slippery out. And hosts have tasted it cleanest Friday night to kick off party in October's out Arafat has Justin and Jonathan pots and can't wait to have them awesome I'm. Greater good barbecue ill. On the borderline between Bach head into any spring yeah. My name in Carolina for years and now the nicest people I really think they display like love and everything they do and it makes their feet tastes better and they even have these potato wedges that are read. Your last so you can order and end with coleslaw minnow cheese and either brisket airport on top when I. That's considered an appetizer sitting on the order a little ill after an awesome. For the most fired at detained there is just a vehicle to get another food in your kid I don't think I absolutely can be as basic as ranch dressing or it can be commander in chief of coleslaw. And Brunswick stale so. So another great place right around the corner from the studio in Cumberland area nearly market barbecue Leann. This is some jacked. Barbecue no it is Korea and it is barbecue it is put it together into sound delicious creations they've got spicy Korean pork. They have topped those. Lowe's they had my theory is Mac and cheese over there because they have these like. Really they shells and it's just. Not really like on the corner of a convenience store yeah yeah yeah so we're not a fancy looking place and out yeah. I don't miss it and there always is a line in the parking lots always packed parking lot with morning show hours were ready for barbecue at about nine me yet though and made it out in the hay over this Motorola where. Yeah don't know the exact hour of opening that. I mean maybe maybe your breakfast time is there some math and now you have to stick around till 1030 and I. It's Delaware's a lock Overtown street. I right now to the place where I really can't handle it it was so bad on this is out in Alpharetta where I grew up. On any. Building that's like over a hundred years old gives you that resting I walking and Dante and dine it's called smoke Jack have you all heard of this plane now and this trajectory. I object. To Jess I mean we are just like head to head in a suit competition there smack your mom and barbecue. I never really understood that because I never would do that. That's smack your. I don't know I used the Internet I had somebody say it at all my guy that smacked your grammar again and I'm like why would you do. A yes there tonight and I doubt this is so delicious and they threw out a larger babies. Though smoke Jack the best thing that. Add me is they are brisket sandwich on Texas tennis loaded with the men and cheese and their bread and butter pickles so open face. No mine had to lay here. Do Ayers attack I sounds really need and battered as I like that I need a good great fine because there's so much loaded and there you want pitching hands Alan your. Pretty much you can't go wrong with barbecue in Atlanta there's some great. Healthy camaraderie in this community of barbecue joint everybody's helping each other wanting us to succeed in being real. Aren't you said he and it. In the country. Well let's get off the radio go get some meat yeah Al yeah we're gonna put Alice guys recommendations of online you know check them out Elisa lab basement dot com slash Stefan champ. I'd skies from taste of Atlanta thank you. For coming in and sharing your barbecue wisdom way to ask for goodness let's. Yeah on star before want.