All The Feels: An All-American Edition

Wednesday, July 5th

Happy Independence Day, America! We're celebrating the country with this special 4th of July edition of All the Feels.


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Star in 941. A story that would give you guys lots of good count against OK so did an eight grade class there have been talking over her face time with US army sergeant serving in Afghanistan. So their teacher wanted them to learn from this soldier and in the class got together and they put together boxes of TD and sobs and all kinds of letters of encouragement. And can't sending them over to sergeant David. Maliki and his entire group so. Wind. He was on his last part of his tour in Afghanistan he made a decision. That when he came home he was gonna go visit. The classrooms so they thought that they were once again face timing with this army sergeant when he actually walked in the room to thank them. Himself somewhere and he's one of those kids wet and while he teleport me. So this incident is so nice to meet him in Paris and in the end it feel like. Really good about themselves this. And it helps him on his playing know that he was back and nothing happened time and he was doing really well. And he said they were gracious enough to send me all these things and and help out Meehan my guys so it was police I can do. Any special on the field here on the day after fourth of July a little patriotic all the feels a few well. I talked about the Steven Stephen ciller tunnel to towers is a nation before yeah I may have been another amazing thing they have a mission to give Smart home and accessible homes to. Retired. People. Retired veterans. Yes and so retired marine corporal Tim Donnelly. He managed. To make it through but he lost two of his legs and he and his wife had been trying to just live in this tiny apartment. And this tunnel to towers foundation got a hold of the story and decided at that just wasn't enough. And they built this amazing home for him it's a Smart house it has all of these amazing festival features for him. And although it was I saw the video and they have his Chilean flag covering the whole house and legislate. And and it's beautiful and he sees it and you're gonna hear it right here as well as his thank you everyone who's a part of building this house for he and his wife. I'm willing to leave it to others. They're willing to say oh somebody else who you know somebody else will do that somebody else we'll. And they've got somebody else will. Do the right thing. And so I didn't. I can take easiest time. Here are those people and thank you for that. Thank you to current. That is so awesome and awesome so I mean Cassius to come home and realize that you can still function in your life and all of this technology is making you be able says. Come home and just be a regular citizen yes so it's so sweet thing is that the best thing was to say it's incredible place and it's ours and we can do is able we won it's it feels like home finally blossom. It was so sweet I love that I've got a toddler sons are asking his error right in appeals so I'm really excited scout status candidate turned to answer frankly Sanchez as a former army veteran. Tony two years serve and his son Frankie do here is any harm is in the air force skis and he just graduated unfortunately. I. And I really hard time walking and when you're graduating from the air force say it is tapped out CC and up on stage and it's a military tradition our crowd stand at attention. Until someone taps and how to release them. We can choose that could be a comic and a professor on your dad anything like that so his data really wanted to be able to do that but he is an emergency room. About until the day before and wheelchair bound. I'm not sure how but his data found a strain on the grass on his graduation date to stand or walk and get a tap out for his son. Us. A man. Meals and then Frankie junior says you know my father has been and will always be my best friend and my right hand man I can always count on member anything. To see damning get up out of his wheelchair and walk on his own to enact wetlands always be on honorable. Scene especially in the military they were. The CNN and care for them behind you so on through. Special fourth of July I guess the day after fourth of July edition. Of all the shields I and a driver is a former marine. But you might know him from his role in girls or Star Wars or 1000 the end he was bad guy in that. This hour's worth the weekends I came out a couple of years ago. Well he is they have four marine any as a partner with the folds of honor foundation. And he was contacted by them. To reach out to a very special family. And help the daughter of an injured marine gave her. Nursing degree. Your letter was that the military June. Right and we're right before desert storm as ever you enjoy yourself and same I was I don't know right before this was an unfortunate. Iraq was my goodness I felt so. You'll see that I didn't really get to finish my service I the first person I ever said I understand truly understood. Oh Europe euros. And that's when you reached out sort of folds of honor and they they reached out to me and they told me to let you know that you got a scholarship. I in this and now. I love. Thanks do I and driver in the folds of honor foundation and Budweiser held that would that I'll. Happens every Monday and and the damage so normal. Stories so we. View yes it's not to let. All appeals story and we will feature you on a future episode of the jet engines thanks for making this wedge. They check congestion. One start now before want to.