Brian's Poem to Lisa

Wednesday, March 23rd


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We're Lisa and Brian Lisa is the one who spontaneously. Went to the movies of the guy she'd just met. And thought she was so cool is going to be a really cool awesome for state story until Ryan fell asleep and the movies and she bailed. You fell asleep so hard that he was snoring. And we found out the next day that he slept in the entire movie and usher woke him up after the movie and. So we evolve we re connected them they let out on a second date he believes second chance the second day this past weekend. And we talked to Lisa yesterday to find out exactly how it's. Now lease. Wives. Kinds rate in the beginning that. Early on in her story. We saw a small fracture she said they went out for seven hours they went to drinks and a patio Denny went to dinner right. And early on and we got a hint that maybe it was an ideal. No. It was the rainy Adam. Eight. So we pressed her a little bit and asked her for some more. The tail and she admired hated him. And then Jan said that maybe they should have authored. Date maybe it will while the warm up and win that a bad idea Lisa would mean. I had a little bored I can't tell you it. And I think that you know. We don't talk about the saints and it's seen as I kind of like it my head like. And so long stated that. I understand and she kind of said no more Yancy is like waiting for it's over urge technical alliance China confident excuse believes though. I mean he's just really nice guy may receive in these guys it's not every relationship starts off like fireworks right etiquette is slow build. And is on now. You grieve. And airy other. So we're listening after your nieces and the hours you spent yet. While he got credit yesterday in. United and you'd replacing. It on. Best first aid and think that you'd find lots. Happily married couples. Where I didn't start off like fire but I mean it's big it's slow built it did. By her own words it did start out great. No it. Which grainy. Yeah. Oh is that it was a few great. Ideally. Is for. One I. I just thought maybe she should give you one marsh there. Little brother because I did I at a great time. So have you did you reach out to her at all yesterday errors this. Is this if she's listening is this the first communication you had with year. Yet at the the the first time I've ever heard yesterday morning and I don't know really what to do it. Well I understand you have come up with something and you would like to speak directly to Lisa. Here on the radio. Yeah. Wrote home. But that is a can read it. Is there yeah OK yeah we'll be OK with that. Do you wanna just read the Palmer you line because we can. But the music underneath. It hurt. We've been using memory and it's like. A threat here and Brian. I am ready whose opponent and are totally. I. And I. Great Bryant history. Oh yeah I think it might work. And I Brian this is Brian. From Atlantic station. And his column. Les. Lisa Lee we always remembered the name. Thursday march 10 should be its department. Walk through Atlantic station not knowing what it's saying. When I first in the offered by injury he said you wanted to tonic. Cattle Petersburg is. We ordered drinks on the good and into the theater we've gotten. When I woke up in the theater my first words were oh crap. I learned about less suited to take it and we've give me one more chance that I will not be it race. Being. Just one more chance to see your beautiful face. That it. Thank you. And that was. If I was him. You don't you know you guys. Now out in portrait or. So what would you like happened at this point are you hoping that Lisa her that. Andy's in the next unit collier Miller. At a yet anything configured. You just feel like I'm far and didn't you know be sensitive and we don't call it that we don't seminar dates. And. But it's not. Like he's. Out there I've right thank you for says that is of. If we hear from Lisa before you it would give acog and. I. Call her after pictures she heard or all of the eighties and you know. Rural. These. Guys so freaking creepy. It's not. Chain. He went and had gate and fell asleep and snores. But she went out in a second time and maybe can't explain it hit this isn't stitch. Radio it's bearable I'm seeming a pretty nice guys everywhere that was a sweet man that was creepy. Could not have been any more pretty nice guys should win. And it's just been recently from the fair on a few beautiful face we've seen some other opinions on this I think we do about the phone number and then you probably to me. Make sure you bring some mace. Lewd act. He's a nice guy wasn't anything creepy about it was cute.