We See You Trollin'

Friday, June 30th

How do you handle the trolls of the internet? By putting on our hater hats and out-trolling the trolls. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all now. Pace who. I'd choose. FaceBook. You pay your hats. Have you any time. Yeah this alert seizing the sweetest stories online. About all. He warm Fuzzy things happen and it. And then somebody inevitably how. Asked suppose it's a true Roland comment below and and people get so mad is that we're just responding to that comment over and over again. So of course is that tunnel is this the first C easy isn't sweet. So Lorraine. Terrible true role com. Afterwards so we tried to put on. Hinder pads and and guess what it was you guys ready for a new round of this so yeah I got my hater and I was through this you ready to well okay. Hewitt yeah. South Carolina mom delivers fourteen point four pounds of baby. As South Carolina couple welcomed this beautiful baby boy into the world on Friday it was a big day he came in at a whopping fourteen point fourth. Owens and basically mom dad happy ever pretty happy this is a big baby delivered via C section. What possibly could you troll on that. Com I think some I probably so and OIC section you can give natural burns even fourteen point four pounds. Jose you think about it. OK any other gases that's not that that's a good guess that's not it. People are all learn first Charles how about what my diet or you wanna get out fourteen pound baby in there. Bing bing naming. Yeah Roland stroll says can't help but being. That the parents unhealthy await any health Arab factor to this big baby. It's not a good sign for the south held in the future. I'm at right next Charles story. Strangers by a new car firm Rockwell man who was walking to work this went down in Texas a young man's days of walking a worker over. Thanks to the help of generous strangers. A resident Indian Mitchell sort of raising money to buy it twenty year old Justin a brand new car after he gave him a ride to his work. At taco casa. He was walking three miles to work every day and is random stranger. Started to go find me a raise enough money from all these awesome trainers and got the I car so we took some work tell us fat. None of the Charles on exempt. Is that I can get one can kick it move it probably has now karma that is terrible driver crashes and I even another bad driver on the road. Now the bottom McCartney's nebula and the value of hardware accused walking away. And now because he's not gonna walk is as we get fat lazy like the rest of America I. And I wrote about it some life. May what did you help a stranger he didn't ask for your help maybe he was just walking to work to burn off extra calories. You are all fabulous trolls but not in the top general Tom Charles says. I know I feel about the making of video and filming yet. Generosity feels like they're into our other intentions when there's a need to film. And they are doing for the likes they weren't doing their friend all lice. I and that I and this one this one just tops it okay. We got to get our music midtown winner here okay. A file federal boy has already had three. Open heart surgeries. His reaction to finding out he's leaving the hospital after nearly 200 days might be the best thing you see today. I believe they. Yeah. Already got to her image ruled that needs a hug and a swift kick in the dark. He's on how many heart surgeries have three surgeries and their parents posted his reaction to finding out he's leaving the hospital. I think they've crises like this is bad parenting he's had three open heart surgery easy need it Eminem forever remain. That painting how big your kid has reopened her finger you have beyond that. Some guy named Jonathan says. It's sad that his parents are so brainwashed by today's society. That there exploiting their son's illness for some legs on them face Burke. Come and negro. Someone your own side. Obama just show your friends something great you know. You go and he saw each well we're gonna cut you out here and on the death contention out. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one and.