Confess Your Crush: with Teresa and Nelson

Friday, June 30th

Will these two former coworkers reconnect as happily as we hope? 


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Ladies and gentlemen sir. Big crush on some knee here sealant. And they make you smile extra wow I didn't he get all those little butterfly and not get their crowd and you yeah. And you don't want them to know it it takes it very brave person to confess their trash and we ask you need another radio. And it's really really brave person that that's no words confess your Chris you come on and tell us we've got a crush on why I. And we call that person and trying to convince them. I tell mom does and see hear about someone has a crush on them and then they get to decide whether they wanna know who it is or not and if they say yes. You'd have to confess sits you down so. It takes a brave participant but it has it has been a really really fun part of our show. Am I following along with your story so I can always reach out to us if you wanna confessing your crash because today. We have a very brave woman to welcome to this show I'm very excited. Kelly say hello to Teresa K Teresa. Okay. We got something nervous yeah. I was so excited you're going to do as I was actually just talking to someone at live at the battery last weekend saying. We need some more brave people so we can keep doing confess your crimes so you are the bravest woman we now. On me and I went out but it Al ticket. We are really excited to find out and we have a Sean tell us about this person. Coming cash well we worked to get there where about six months and I left that job buddy you're out. And I had such a man crush on him. Bad I would just like that fact and then have them help me you're shelling out that he had a girlfriend. And settle. I did never like a great idea guys and eventually I think he knows it's pressure and I it we want in their hands. At the car should start. And he didn't get pretty and I was like. And technical folks a question. I don't think that parents yeah it tests and you don't get on their bailout and edit his profile picture had change from pictured them. It's a cam. On my guide what Mickey single. Like. I would let wall methods Eminem like. They don't keep up I'll never get it right you know you're. Well I eat into paying. Excited about it as a nag Kenny tells none outside when he saw anger issues sorrow I found only tells some of the things so. Talked to him I can say this is what you're crash thanks. Okay well. Sandals and kind of let I think I'm better looking like I don't even back huh. Yeah. We laughed and unique he's different so the idea and it's like it was felt comfortable together to withstand an island like talk for like fifteen minutes and so. Oh it could well. College and didn't even pan am I'm just really really hoping that you've now repaired anymore and how. I don't know maybe tonight I don't need I don't know what it's politics. And we didn't want any amount that maybe it's. If people believe it with everybody and then right. Everybody makes nonsense and it's like a piece of the whole ninth where if there is something I don't now. Okay so what do you is we will call him and talent that you set out princess Lola compliments about them and I can maintain single. I would get an answer from them and then we'll find out if he wants to know. That's a crush on him. And Saddam is he says he has that he wants to know then you've got talent whether any single are not as an okay. Work with anyone but it won't be tapped as it's embarrassing that. There has got to do it. And then he just change your groceries are. I think that way let's think positive lip sync he's gonna be so tired of the mountainous and and really cited that yet. OK you know I guess I'm Terry says so hang on and we'll be back here in three minutes and we will call send. And tell somebody's got a crush on him on the next here on Jenkins and show. Confess your crash we are stranded again on the dozen just this morning I'm Teresa is a brave enough to give us this is on the as a nurse certification right cheese. I'm really nervous and we have to make this call. So I. Theme Nelson. And they used to work together and and she's ready to do she's ready to go for it so. To reset if he's that he wants to know who has a crush on him you've got to confess your country's still end. You any easier this. OK Kelly and I don't edit telling you god does overhead all ahead on how to. I you know. If this is in my. Our. It. And Nelson. Says and you need this is an Intel isn't exactly just how hard you act. Hey you're going on guns earlier on Hamas until there is no. And oh yeah some so one on an. May be. Who are not sure about they had we just wondering if we could top tier out. Just my niece in general and stuff on the radio here. She sure I guess just to. I tell you what. OK so I'm Nelson that somebody. Has a big goal crash on me. But I won't be able. And access to know what is it. I am that's the fun part because of anti Israel a couple of questions first first you need to make share with you one thing. Are you single are you dating somebody. You know on the exit singled out to establish a touch longer so. It's. On the market. Yeah OK. Okay so that's yet and that's an envelope this person that we know who has a question you said super nice things about AM. Yeah she says that your so hands on the you're really funny. They are conversations. Together are nice and Contra all their very easygoing. And they you ran some people person and everybody loves Nelson. Are okay because he's cute and started the conversion. I cannot play like he's I am gonna get by abstinence. We're. So. Nelson I guess our our last question for you is it like a similar questions yeah music ever. Presses and Eads do you want to know who this person that is. Oh yeah those scores. Exactly yeah we have Romano yeah. Hey I'm and then there is no question is do you have a guests on who have my beef. And you don't too exciting to people I think who really don't pick on my news. It is you know grow looks Armenia always used to. Support anymore but I don't need series and then to she's an excuse to actually hear what they pretty. You know there is cool savings there's no great people person so we talk all the time. So you know I know that the time. Looking that I don't think she was in relationship and we did talk a lot. Annually at a Paris news dimensional art and I don't know content at work so burdened. Com she's cool no hypocrisy about creating things TC is it is totally. Honest targeted group of god from our. Anyone else in the offices of misconduct. So if you think they're like married or gracious or you know Hamas and they are so those are really going to record Sankoh. That I kind of talked to on a regular. Okay I SMS ten. Oh Latin disease centuries is really pretty say Democrats on the story silly. You have these. An early that you used to it because I sit. You know won't need you were working very I was in Russia but continent and that. She's going out on the really thought about it I mean I think about it now. Yeah like she's she's she's critical public you know when mom is gone now. Com he now that like other sports and environmental science and environment and he passionately she's really cool calm and I doubt he's available though at this point I mean I like that no government are an article. And associate election matchup. Well you never know while Nelson is here's how this can work when pitcher on hold here for the next couple minutes and when we come back right after this song. Com we are going to have the person who has a crush on you. And that's who they are. Can hang our. Absolutely at Yankee hater you certainly. On the scale on Centre ice I I yeah. Particularly good word. And just yeah yeah yeah yeah we have been loaded noted this. I Nelson hampers just settlements will be right back when that this person will confesses their crest TL. It's kind of nice on the jet engines have. Okay it's showtime cousins. Amazing news for us. Investing your fresh on the jet's engines show is when someone calls a sentences had I had a crush on somebody and and I even as financing things and see their consume it makes some guesses. And and that's what we have done this morning and so Nelson is on investing Nelson. Say it's okay and he knows that some he's got a crush on him he made a couple of guesses he guest tonight. Lire or Sharia they merged with and Teresa former power her yeah. Yeah. And so this is the monitor where we pick up the person on hold here. Soup confessed. Their crash scene yeah okay crash earner. You reveal some us. And street that. I have a very excited yes. You know block it's it's it's an. This system has got a pretty. Yeah goes I have and I none of that aid. I'm glad I did a nice and I'm like oh my god pension would be polite they have like guys and won their respect yeah I had actually you know. I. Thanks a tiny bit about it being so because it is not time obviously you know what was in the relationship so I. I don't really good advice of the united now kind of gone back recite here the actress she's holders are. So fast. He seemed temporary ban it but they did about a minute ago that I didn't have bothered him and I guess it. I enjoy it you know it's not a word and I think W I got in trouble or Parker talked so much that. Now that he's been so I think it GAAP and discretion I would like on a foundation distant until this thing. And. They know series you heard us talking to him and Nelson said he's single now. So this whole connection begs the follow up question Teresa. You might as well. I mean you found out and they had a spotter is saying it's time. On the radio I'm bank town though and I mean I am out and. I could have. Love him earlier yeah actually don't know beat them badly Greyhound looks this included dinner and movies come out to catch up those troops in Iraq. And I think well maybe I might be able to you know. I'm yeah. I'm so excited to love cheerleader and millions doing back flips right now he's two reasons that. I did so excited to reconnect to Datsyuk. Nelson really see gas and entries inning on 12 okay. Okay Nelson thank you so much for coming out of this eurozone. You don't think she has and thanks. Pollen from trees I guess I don't know its original group. Yeah eight. And came by Nelson. Well. I'm breaking out like my baby doll and like I. Okay. Realities is a personally I. No I learn team where they Desiree pain right dude this is so ray you I'm so I have butterflies to worried I'm so pumped yet. Indeed there are right ash serie a until resent that you just proves what we say on the Jetsons and show all the time. You got her risking it saying again that this kid is a critic could. I'm did I love you until and it's no big as well okay. I. Let. Seriousness you don't get us. Suspect I'm so if you want to do confess your cries she can reach out what's right Kelly she's always on face logo is on Twitter they can resizing any way shape or Australia if they wanna get a hold of us India aren't brave assault any anyone and do. Him because. Yeah did we follow the currency have a date as Elliott is actually sparks something and he sound at all like. Some links on you know like real cool too I'm excited here they do and I'm so pumped and so is missy and can hit misty. What is. It. I went there is a very. Yeah. I. Went and I think it. Perfect. That's exactly do we lying here on the jet engines out. And she I'll star. For our.