A Skinny Dipping Dumpster Fire

Friday, June 30th

Do you think this will all go...swimmingly? Or will things take a...dip...for the worst? 


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell hole. Well I suggest is uncertain his vacation early say he is out of the studio but before yesterday weekly message. About a potential dumpster fire that was happening over the weekend and we like you cannot leave yet sit down we have got to talk to Marley. About this dumpster fire that is about to happen. There's like when something's about to blow up yeah your life right and you know it is kind of trashy. It's sort of sinks yeah you can see it coming from a mile away he money no election masses and gasoline in your hand ads you know. Let downs of fire as well Miley was gonna walk into one and we're like OK we have got sit down and talk about this at this hour conversation. That we had. Bliss morally and yes I am advances our producer trashing my beginning in two. Over the fourth of July holiday so Marley tell us what is going on next week. Thanks so basically. Three coupled and myself and my great friend so for a couple at all. We rented did she. And now I'm. The other three couples who have done that like her a couple of actually hear it now but it laboratory and extra time because they easily invite. We have someone now actually glad that people couldn't make it appear there like as you know we told you about this than blood check out really got the sugar. So you have forgotten the part you're the first friends off the bench. You don't speak you've been taps. Exactly. Like initiation at 8 o'clock there's a lot of pressure now because of you don't get invited back next year that means you weren't fun enough. Right exactly. And says you know you can we wanna bring great staff can you however when we senate this big guy Greek text message saying. Ever going to play out during the house during the do during however. Play. We see that someone had posted a he had don't forget Friday night skinny dipping guys. And then you know underwent a oh yeah I can't wait summed up the old Miley aid yet elevating faith like I'll lose we. Yeah. Edward as like. Glad you likely to make me wanna write back on the group expected to what are you talking about every kind of way it would kick it flake. Why. I don't know I've you know it's like. I don't mean again that you know it was as sudden they'd need you on manipulating that's fine but are not really. That kind of person you know like and not true but I help those kind of like don't want anyone now looking at my body but it's my boyfriend. And so it like I don't know what this will this. Really in the arcade but coming back a and B will this be like. Allen sometimes people can get a little weird. I feel like if if there's any like slightly against all the weirdness will come out more on naked together you know like I don't really want. These other girl looking at my diet not really what they're had been been partners to be looking at me really they're terrible. See you read that they were sweet and zest on singing your eyes your friends are undercover singers. Arrogant huh. And biting you. Tough place for your vulnerable look at you can't leave. Their union brazen food parties signed up for a whole week you guys this is a beach house is not a SVU warehouse. Law and order you never lets up in intensity and big. Actually you never know it's like a horror movie that I had heard the bed and. So you guys they're getting there. Tomorrow Saturday and they say don't forget about Friday night's skinny dipping. Is that anger equity okay yeah which means you've got an entire week to waits. We are on the job out since his anticipation. Is going to be weird. Exactly and it's like we can't you know if we feel like weird Jennifer like oh hey guys and we're gonna peaked out early like not really an option and an unbelievable money because had a delicately we can be like. Well we're gonna leave early and by the way give it back. Amount of days left in our money back. Act like we can't do that either cash. As a hero doesn't cut is to come out of this weekend's. Or come out of this week vacation. And have the only group saying you're involved in still just be a text message and. Prediction Abby yeah at least any intimate group saying. The only. Yeah. Can I ask you this question to have you ever land skinny dipping this skinny dipping yeah. Spontaneously. Happening and yeah everybody's having a good time in like somebody really brings it up like. This is pulling ending too skinny dip back there are a weird and it sells and there's a jar on the dock and everybody's found watches and say you better Ryan yeah. That and the I'm number is different everybody's kid why is he news Akeelah watch isn't your man has been some in of his belongings and good yarn and another woman doesn't grab the U Arab Ryan what does that mean who knows who you pack ice rocket. Why. Whoa how do you know this. We heard about it yet. It's. Times now. I don't know his heart yeah. I think isn't going to end up like you know dead that movie but not a guy like I don't want it elevated. Sense you and I go yeah that now. Think what is happening in his mind it. And I thought I think you said I'm just respond to the group text message with a pineapple. Now against this and I know. Might this symbol for hospitality that's vague on how we open up. Carlyle and so my period have a good beach lifestyle. I you know we could do. Is there I'm sure there are people. Listening. Who might be versed in this. Might know what she's lucky and see who can speak to this SM tomato would you like that would you like just to see if anybody yeah I write for a married with 404. 2630941. If you can speak so whites. Marley here is is potentially dealing with this weekend and I think they're fun testing. He says here I think he's other couples know exactly what's gone on its final testing some code word and about either you're gonna wake up Friday morning tonight I'm afraid bullet jealous Sean yeah and like how much do you. Ever think your life and time loads in Kansas Oscars fun. I won't. Come right back in three minutes and while we'll get some calls for anti Syrian help you out what are what are. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.