Thursday, June 29th

Guys just don't understand all the trouble we women go through...


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Possibly understand the struggles we go through as women you just can't understand. And what it takes to get ready and today. Almost logs we have to process and hundred BT oh woman oh we want you to understand so that's why we have created the our segment on the jet engine show called hash tag girl proud. He's ever asked me. Pattern even understand. That's the toll we leads you to. How to emphasize them as an appropriate. Girl try we'll correct you are given an athletic champs stay down before blow drying your hair worst decision ever. I'm new here it's awesome to airlift the. And bills that you trust your game. Well and everything and they get back in the needs had to pull it off and then your hair gets ugly seeing growth is his chance taking ahead and and and take our. Would this happen. I was rent off this time shaving my legs and totally heard they shaved manage our roads. Ms. Diaz sometimes he can be fit and I'm nice patio or out of school by your friends you see that Brandon so where itself. I'm announcing its explains it sends us right. There I his. Think Hurley and central. Wounds cash they go around. They come why am I crying right now like I just find in my eyes it just who he. Did don't want you to explain them. It's knees saying I'm your area and then. Is they'll work. I say go round. On yeah sometimes. We protect your name. It's not. Fool proof enough. For the boys have a C. Inside marina. It says your just I'm not out there one and done now and it's likely always have to think about what Ryan plan. On the tablet sonic classes and one of these stress say yeah. It's always about underwear is this going to be any lines is it going to be Smith the yeah even bums that there's plays globally spoke threw 08 and we'll let colors show through. A lot of things here related to breasts. When he's under way airing your bronze in the absence of do you rate their rigs. Actually go about land sellers can't because never talk to like an out and had nothing else if it tucked. Toilet paper underneath the under wire and your Brothers like poking you in the wrong place over I was taken off. I would museum I've I'd like three runs that that has happened sought to cut the and a liar out and others like kowananakoa sounds really honed. I should about it. Summertime blues ready so we all this I think I and I've let Maine and I can't our Grail summer yeah. I sense some men get that soon. Having to Wear multiple layers of strengths are I don't look like a sharp today. I can't think of anything worse than multiple layers to. I saw a freer belly play if you didn't. Everytime energetic and German make up I end up looking like I played in error. I sent her that she and Santa. Pat's day get girl problems. Star in 941. Even. And staying here or there. You just don't understand how hard it is to be her. As they go problems these are. Compiled I see Internet and thanks to our. FaceBook family for so many girls crimes to help me understand. Hundreds. Hundreds of problem. Some of these need to be explained some of her obvious like this by. Doing scribes. Nine year period. Just now as they don't know. My wanna skip like day that day. I have to read all these. Especially again. We need to understand. I'm getting my first Brazilian wax and that lady asked me just read my why. Hash takes progress as they go about. And I'd seen that there's even. I think they see enough. Have been able today. Ever created songs is that cruel listed genie has some. Guess I don't know. It's true because they aren't not the most until things now. What and so yeah gene looks so much better we marathon. Don't want anybody to say no thanks. Alan the toilet at 3 AM because my hubby forgot to the toilet seat out. Toilet water raid in my hash tag up from. The struggle Israel. The 3 AM struggle. Hold on I'm only ever them out one time my own. I need is out. All caps. There's always bear everywhere I. As I got rounds. A lot of drain okay. Did you get your period where did you sit and a plate of strawberries have. Obama on. Earth and now I have the unlike high school. I know yourself a little bit that is live. Mean every now and we'll never. Find out on the base load time hobby and pays directly from someone licences sent. Google led raid have got to do you think could wait a minute. The clues. My hands jumping on a trampoline. That's I go about my mom lives with. Now make up today twelve people ask me if I feel OK so. Natural beauty pass tag natural shot out and check how proud I am a Sanchez. Am Waxman might standstill it's a little bit longer. Mean you're Italian. And how bad is it when you're getting your nails done and they look AM IQ your mustache lacks. I pegged between those done has command mullah Malone. Take a straightening iron to the forehead of first thing in the morning hey hey good morning yes thank you owe them earn. And yeah. I don't. Appreciate show. And in Kirkland.