Spying on Your Spouse

Wednesday, June 28th

Sue hires a PI twice a year to try to catch her husband cheating. Her reasoning? "All men cheat eventually." 


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Jen let me ask you this question. If you knew somebody who hired. A private investigator. To follow their spouses of around. But it didn't find anything during the investigation. Yeah. Do you still think that relationship his era player he or repair of leisure trip here. Podtrac on. That is such good question because there's. Dis trust in the beginning right why you would ever have to hire a private investigator to following your spouse in the first place now obviously don't trust them. And you don't have a relationship where you could talk about it so you've got to go behind your back to spy on them and then you find nothing. If they ever found out he spied on them than it would kind of be over. So. It wouldn't you know it would further. Fuel that distress this this on the other person's side. There's this story I heard not too long ago and I'll give the phone around it's 404. Choose 630941. Out of the chances of us getting a phone caller like zero but it only takes one person right on it dig into the mind of a person. Who hired an investigator. To follow around their significant other that did not find anything and they are still together and gives the story that I heard. Was a man who was suspicious of his wife yeah. And so he hired a private investigator to tail her. For like three consecutive weekends. And did not find anything and everything that she said she was doing everywhere that she says issues going relations issues targeted was a 100% accurate. So. He's an economist my hunch just west of Enron in the gut feeling I think maybe one of his friends got into his head. Whatever and he just had this gut feeling and as it was wrong so. He never told her about it. But he didn't. Disease and bill Felix doesn't trust her or did that wipe wipe the slate clean for him and now he trusts that way too slow lately interceding. I know a couple people who have hired right private investigators that he was found something. Some of those marriages still survived and it but they always found something but do you think that the relationship from the moment the investigators hired is flawed. Flawed shirk it or damage than damage adds a better word. He had definitely. Because if you're the person who finds out right if you're the person on the other side and you find out. JP you find out how he's avenue followed. Yeah you feel so just says I've sort. Many Russians sort of get us groceries pray he salacious about that even if it was years after the fact. And yes still realize that was jacked up then and right totally Kelly geez. They act you have to challenge yourself. You have to. Analysts and I was crying and sneaking rounding inning trying to spy on you. And I found nothing. At that point you have to tell on yourself a soft hair and then using their relationship can survive that's. I don't know I think it depends but truthfully like yet battling you're the one doing something sneaky. Ready you know that and if they were doing something in return to sadly why are you doing that you'd you should tell on yourself before they find out for sharp. Well sometimes it only takes one phone call. Sue in Atlanta is on hold we're gonna pick her up here in just a second. She's been married for ten years of kind and she has her husband father does this regime twice a year. Well to make sure he's not messing around. Okay oh well. That one cause next. Signing on your spouse without them knowing about it Jeffs is still is a story about his buddies who had his wife. I have private investigator for three days straight. And he found nothing. And he's never told his wife that he had her followed. So we were just wondering if people actually do this and is the relationship permanently damaged. The moment. You call the private investigator and a. Sometimes it only takes one phone call zoo Atlanta and there's a second she's done this twice a year and for several years or ten year long. It was obviously not her. Me I don't answers sooner and sue in Atlanta scene was not your real name corrects him. OK. So tell us about this you identified with the story Jeff was sounds about as funny. So it's. That's a term I'm married very ten years. And then why would I hire a private investigator. When asked why here. And just to make sure that each day. Is the investigator how many years in prison while. And how many total times have you done this. I believe. And suddenly I ears. Now what you just start do tests. Yeah. And and are better pray to get paid such a trillion or turn sanctioning we really need to catch it early on. Great heritage and just so mean Sarah so punishing her. We have cost him. And I mean. Like it to matter tank. Your philosophy is that every man. Is unfaithful. Right so you're living your life it's with the idea that you need to. It. Catch him before it happens. Before it becomes love these winners reflect. It yeah. So she obviously has no idea this is happening. I or maybe you guys and twice a year he doesn't hang out of the house call on tape I just getting. Why is so hard to freedom believes that he's just a faithful got yeah. Mean if you've done this where eight years and need never found the same. As something you're married to an awesome dude is very fitful. And then they have to do it and see why it worked. That Cadillac clean. Straddled the line so yeah way from home quite good news lunch temptations and. If you haven't salaries out of town and we he's an alana. Yeah. This is crazy town what do you think you do if you found out. And I did learn. How can I have so many questions we hear what the very first time that you decided to do this how did it come about. So did the first time you picked up the phone and found as well as some. Is it the same investigator every time is it like Tony get your oil changed readers are Danielle hey Terry I know you rotate the tires as well the enemy. Are right now it's in your bag this same place every time we you know the guy everybody. Yeah I have used I turned back to critique. And local people. At the time he's going to share. And then there and there are a couple of go to people and the Yankees to a chart. It. And. The green and it started getting excited I hate crimes friends who's an advantage. From friends and barrister. Where they shouldn't and attention to each and really mean that their status and south. But what many humiliating for him to find out that his wife was crying out. Yeah. He. Thanks. So because you are married to somebody who's a professional athlete do you think that. Because of maybe your friend's experiences he's guilty by association no matter lack. There are so many flaws in this house. Stay and hang on hold and the line of cases you have done so then no more questions are gonna come back I'll Lucy in Atlanta welcome to the show. You not carpet and books sheep you know are under strong template global. In the glow of preemption and go we'll check out the streak in the unmet coordinate it and how long. And they all went on there at each location and should everything particular occasion. I'm saying I tell I don't know you don't think that she's crazy for doing this. Or. Imagine doing that because I am planning that investigate. All the even eat home. Lunch and the chicken tax. What did it out about it and setting and we see it is keeping the body at her about it or. And so I've heard she does all that you. Say just be treated as you and I right now OK just yet. When so when's the last time you you did this an act. I was at the turn out. Are you. More money out what they don't think it took it on Google. And slow and laden and you went oh my god I do not coordinate and Lamar he traveled a lot he did everything that particular location every. Read this year you quote her you know you spend the same way I've heard about the dairy queen and on and Smyrna. And. Is for oh man. I like how she says that she's informed because it makes amount also NC chair it's an accounting and full arm when you're not finding any thing. And Julie Guy in Atlanta what's out. Well I appreciate. Treaty and tried to where they are now so like how do we know it is seen not during the same primary and having her followed. I'm new questions and thank you. Loser so much smarter than we are so what about what how would you feel if he was having you've followed. I need to stereotypes there right which. Is an introductory rates. So yeah. And I think that she would be angry employees at Santa. Santa. Is he here Lucy's advice about that Google Maps tracker. And the idea I should look into that. Why are you encourage and I just just wondering if she had thought about that or if the private investigators wishing he. Is it any encouraging. This comment is not really in a real marriage anyway. Yeah me happy about the money. We'll show as well seasoned pro athlete. That's returns hanging on for certain period of times it's more money at it Charlie saying hey Charlie. Yeah she's trying to catch him. So we can do that ever did or she alum. Audition that brought to iron it. Google tracks are that are issues. Richard today proves she's into is flatly pitchers and they can throw down on the table in the hot. Disclaimer yeah that many slowdown. Yes you're very naturally bigger undermined Al Abrams around. Is. Going to sit back kids together this only illustrates is just the divorces city city intercity as the old fashioned way to. It's that's the old fashioned way to get money ever pro athletes should get knocked out and I message of god my experiments that change at times have changed so that. I think we got to do one more segment on this as we do have a lot of questions. Sue I'd culled out do. 'cause the story about her unique relationship radio has been sued can you kind of summarize. Mean they. Thirty seconds. I weigh your situation is. Yeah sixteen years and old. Out of my hand and I am trying to do here. Am trying to easier to use maturity in different. Deep hermit for about eight years. Never found anything. I'm that you continue to do it because he's a pro athletes. And. Well I am beyond being a pro athlete you have a theory about all man. And that's it and now. Will eventually returned from. Am just cash and carry reporter. And everything predictable and she's serious. Because and JP how did you guys feel it's as men. Legs and I still makes. If there's not a reason to not trust me. Then why don't you trust me that makes sense like world. Coach your time to JP that rate there is the reason I narrow and a pro athletes stuff. I think it's Lordi dad's right on sports with have been first baseman for the Braves now wild. Odd that our sewer program some of these from cosmology and out okay. We do feel the same way if he wasn't a pro athlete. I can only do so insulting us. I do I not insulted because I think she's pretty easy. Okay I'm glad I can dismiss you don't think she's right you don't think that motto. All men are prone since she and be unfaithful now oh. I'd daddy in Alpharetta. And add content that has seen crazy and he declared that they'd get bored teenage seat talent it's spirits and that may eighty year aid mission Hendrick car requirement. All I mean and it's not easy on him machines are peculiar because you can't. I thought that to caddie I was pleased she projecting. Projecting heard killed on Sam yeah. Alexander in Gainsville. Hey I don't think she understand what love it I don't think seat at the concept. It's what they're saying in part multiple car and she heard out of multiple times she doesn't understand that when you get very. You get Terry can you love that one person you want to be with that one person. That's all love it. But in her mind in her jacked up mind she thinks if she's protecting that love by getting in between them. Name and any future woman because a future woman will come a lot better lies in her mind it makes sense. Sarah in Atlanta what's out. It. What you hear your thoughts in the last time. That girl is crazy how much field even in and that's where her got to bulk weighing it it's not just mailed back and she smelled and she can't. All that time Ramallah Amman he's travel lanes need to be and the same paid. My thought is in this I don't know if this just goes to attend person I am but I might file that is expensive. Yeah. How many of other things like it's been that money. Nobody's problem for them right I think fans they announced. All I learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.