Awesomely Awkward: The Swimsuit Edition

Tuesday, June 27th

Summer's finally here, and that means swimsuit season. So share your swimsuit fail stories with us!


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It's for making this way. One star before line. It's bathing suit season and that provides for a hold my answer but I'm certainly not Florida moments in life. And pick your comfort in numbers so we theory here possibly upper stories bathing suit edition miss any time. Or why. I common experience for women yeah. Hey Kelly in Smyrna. And last week athletic conference but all of my business partners humor all it is on the HR church. Attempting to look cool in an unfortunate malfunctioned and it is just popping the top match. No secret why not me trying to look at it this feeling of being way too. Free though. I did some advanced X actual fact. Eight years it has that band married there is awesome Leon. Re not meant. Lay is and that Brazill then there notion you guys were not lying. There's no shortage of at all. Hey Liz. I am learning tell us when you're constantly awkward that involved a bathing suit. Not awkward but they're definitely do not let them but I'm seeing we are literally a black. And well planned and my dad and my mom. I'd jump up a lot of fun. I'm back at the and that's. And my daddy it is fight immediately as a head and my aunt that like I think he has been remembered the lesson and a bit of an automatic. I want involved and I mean he's not. I give us I have this some mayors similar story ahead and your friend of mine. Why is when she was a teenager. Was over her friend's house for a pool party. And I dad comes out and says hey everybody yeah and get him for a picture. Again oh it's. The only fifteen years old bands grill him you know moms make it lemonade that's a sitcom style pool party as everybody. Around for a picture and she jumps out of the pool in Dix in the fronts. And has no top box but doesn't realize. And Dan just set the camera down and went inside so I thought where's he going and then all of our friends. Yeah I can't take that picture I'm guessing. They probably didn't have any growth news. That today I Jenny in Fayetteville. Possibly awkward than him also a swimsuit when he got. I think I'd marry. Him. Again I don't Allentown at church camp one summer around. And as things stand out here we are doing and her campaign particularly and 2088. Under safe. Well my luggage now this hum it's after we don't you think I did about my life jacket and then. Or does so my bill that comes out of this guy. He ending their Abraham the next group that was but it looked at a group of guys. Hi guys hey flashy in red didn't EU. Tanks humiliating blasts again like an Israeli attack that left and play. Jenny Zahn does a great story that reminds you that tomorrow morning and they show it this time we're going to be talking about. Church church can't. In specific okay. Why should you have gone to confession or something that happened at church can. That's you know let. If you've got what it I have those series 20 definitely and probably did the right there. Carrying Chamblee. Awesome really awkward this swimsuit edition in honor of fourth of July being a week from today. And wolf late night fully acknowledge it and. Not hot wings hung in just honked off the bed that and it got. Yes yeah limit clips like that and they're just like barely clipped. They can get un Clinton fleeing civilians just sit here and sharing and all of a sudden he has outlived. And you're just walking distance away yes I'm fit and. Open beating up on that I didn't apple at the end it at that bears in. My old. And I hear your voice isn't done yet and I. Have been totally into it. I'd thank you for they can't guarantee that things can. Well I got it again and I'm a bird magic talked. Are there are no shortage of calls for a 426309. At four whining Kelly g.s coming up in just a matter what are our in terms has its arranger and tracking her brain but she didn't think she is anything that bad I. Reading lists of public but I think every woman is that we dive into the pool and the time comes off. Beneficial for an employee come back up again that has become match up with nothing on so well. I your phone calls after Bruno for a 42630941. And advance our front hammer awesome really awkward. This swimsuit edition. The only compliment. Evading state admission for a 2639. Of aligning you know let we're talking about. Whenever sexy Nancy and they. Because the ocean was. And her out one bad I got Nancy here I tomorrow and this time music midtown tickets for you I'd starts at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning every single hour tomorrow. And start 941. You get music attempts against. Hey you think. I hang. This year dating C edition of the I. Possibly upwards stories. So I would change my parents to get about how it would like only the second time ever been in the ocean. And I died out into the water and it's a lot stronger and I expect it and do our part the whole unit at the bottom doubt the rattled me and come back out. But what I flashback about a short he has other water and everything like how it up around my neck. What are they go to parliament but my mom in the back reds greens. And everybody on the beads just what that means season hasn't seen. Think you'll be mortified would not put my bathing you know on an event the chat. Down. Great way from on future back if you yeah I think size until it's easy government needs to mind is very similar to Nancy's it's ever was when I was fifteen I was last year. We Hudson got big. Like friends trip to Panama City Beach for July 4 last year. And it you know they tell yes he go too far out as a laser really strong concern Mazen write whatever you know more on our 31 round. I did. Amber waves is ranked. You get out there and there's a couple guys with us and troubled us girls and these waves are able lot stronger and then you realize and they're coming one after the other and getting I think. Knocked it down and drag down by these lanes so this one I like pics of me of another guy takes of one of the girls are trying to be helpful. But the whole time like all of our top third downs this is I look over and my girl you got and you guys and girl and I. And goes where. You know guys and I holding us so we can end and then there is in the hunt block seeing. I don't know more about all stop and say hey I. Rather drown. It really blasting novelty where was this part time. NRA cashing Nvidia back. Into infineon got Wendy's do. Possibly operated series dating scene edition you can share your still a little bit better with comfort in numbers for a 1460 and I'm phone line. So this might in those embarrassing moment of my life and I went to Italy with my family. And all the co workers and I was sixteen. And I was really did a water sports I was like pretty grade knee boarding and use this to drag yourself. Out of the water holding onto wrote all of vote is pulling you know forty miles an hour I'm. I use discipline yourself look and I did I did that so well but it not all of. Everything came up with a. And I'd like I don't know what to do is I don't wanna follow in the water when I'm like moving this fast but I also in my. I'm mortified. At its tablet I'm your parent I know where is not even topless and bottomless. I did the Pentagon and the late hasn't now I don't I don't know the bottom guy. I don't know did you. And I don't talk about it. On their votes do anything. And towel. And then that's when you add diesel like this is like a hula hoop around your waist heartwarming things up where you actually try to drown again. Went down in Zagreb Madonna maybe I'll be okay. I was actually in Dunwoody. Canceling. Saying I don't know I do agree we see it. And I literally about an analyst you know perhaps earlier that there. We weren't sure Willard and we went up very well at the early cold tackle Ernie. Though you have to check and walk quite a day away it is natural spring and got I got the crowd excited we have been at it aren't. Here we realize they're literally like you made passionate populist thing here but in the climate the topic jump off. So what exactly free throws a beautiful I got my open already out I'm out there between her and her become truly care I. It's the topic don't and it in my pocket or who live off. Seen in a oh yeah and her mother and. Happening what in the water. Because the way they're coming over Oakland. On wade hit mean black like off our op. On my highest single well partying fun game and I can't. Thank you ask hey I'm free ai are great pain gasoline usage you deadline Kremlin morihiro Krejci looked into Atlanta. But I had a morning and then. Oh I'm the summertime and the water park the completely all the people that cotton. And I'm with my that there are my boyfriend at the time and we did that half of the water like even down the bottom. And I'm attribute that you need dramatic you know what I heard yeah. And it's unlike. Oh I'm sure to go down well and. And you know try to let me if I'm down by about each got hot to me not to slight bit there and ready in public. The wind down a slide. I had been dilemma I'm at the top of the likely to unpopular but let down and I write down each singers and. Well you know I don't apply to go find her and I thought. And I'm completely mortified by atomic example might wait let me elemental chlorine. On how would you diet. And I don't know I'm the mom replied I didn't have that and I've come walking by and they're kind of like I think that's. Oakland and airlock or not. Iron in my outlook and didn't take all of you know I. Urban I'm amazed they actually are some odds. Will you guys will continue the conversation FaceBook dot com slash Jeff intentions gonna share. You embarrassing stories does is we always saying. There's comforting numbers and we like to make everybody feel comfortable. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.