Trashed or Toddler

Monday, June 26th

It's our new favorite game! Are they describing a drunk person, or a toddler? 


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion change. Now one star not before one and. Welcome to the show Jen in Atlanta. RE a great are you ready to play trashed or toddler. I'm afraid you're do you think it got a little experience on the ad side. The thing. Perfect okay good faith. But you're gonna guess whether this person is this guy being a there friends who got hammer or earth they're toddlers who had a meltdown because they are remarkably similar experiences assistant. Probably play well play five I'm afraid if he gets three out of five and you've got yourself a hundred dollar Amazon gift card are you ready yet. I am ready guides the first person you we're gonna hear from is abbey in Kentucky. And being Kentucky are you describing. Or not I'm say Jen is Evian Kentucky describing. A toddler. Where trash person. They tried to drive their car city and the streets. And then refused to get out of the car and then that when we got home de sac backwards in the kitchen chair so they would have to look Jimmy eat. I is that me trash person or a toddler. Age trash. At first anybody in the room disagree. Feel like I'm talking about a little gone toddler Emmys like a little hot wheels yeah the toddler. I Jan and I assign as you're right you say it's trash person. This is a toddler. Yeah and deceit it's it's more challenging many maintained our lead paint. An MI in Decatur is describing the next person. She yet cried when I wasn't holding her she cried because I wouldn't Tucker and and she get pitched a fit because we didn't order cookies. That's at half staff at. Didn't hire. Oh I see cod where I'm really on the end. That's. Davies has trashed him real thing. I music trash. I'm sick whether I'm going toddler and it is indeed a drop Earl this. The next three or days getting ring. Well I did but I think of the audience seeing it as about public might change bitten. Okay see gonna go what you want to ask you any there are answers first to weed out. Jeans the only one and as says he weakened weigh in you can use our answers helped craft your diet chess game Birmingham. Clue number three. They kept kicking the back of my seats and they usually use their inside voice. And they kept running up to strangers and calling them mom and dad. I let's tell pilots about changing the what do you think trashed I think trash is. A minute ago I. Jessica M Birmingham is describing it let's say get drunk girl. To ensure that coomer time that's funny. They kept kicking the back of my team they really used their inside voice. And they kept running up to strangers and calling them mom and dad this since I'm calm on the NYNEX groove story here is Angela in Atlanta and here he got. He ain't my face and I'm me I was pretty and they anything that's kind of my dog's tail and any kept coming up. And having the face pulling yards out jumping off the couch JJ. Harassed. Many go toddler toddler toddler. Are you saying I. I'd get I don't I don't think it's something that jumper and we do a bit drunk article called hell. Something else it did and I could hear on. A drug person would definitely pack your face when you're so yeah I'm right you're managing mean unlucky. In what killed Regis yes. Free. Us pray method saying. Listen and British have actually gotten out of my. For the massive thing a brave face mean. OK I forgot to click here it is again. He had a baby since I'm me I was pretty thin he had given by god to me I'll mini kept coming up. Angela what did you say. I say gen what did you say. I'm I'm gonna go away at the majority relevant debate hot glare. My neck yeah OK yeah are. Well iron and it happening right now the lab and I'd write I'd fly. This isn't there you go around. Love south and ram. And had she is at night to get them woke up naked wrapped in a blanket. Threw up for three hours of guy he's no iron and it. I'm going trash on the read it again. Is this it doesn't sound I think trashed and then. How to say can really go either way but I I I think and they know it majority in nature and trashed our right now I'm could be really good let's say. And Rebecca AMP she corners what's the answer. They are trashed. The last good. Dario has yet like all right next minute it's are telling how long night so many series are seeing this. Congratulations Jan and. And I don't think you guys don't I well I really aren't. Over general good share information. I trashed or toddler join us next Monday idiots tradition now on the jet engines have. Star in 941.