Monday, June 26th

Share your gratitude with us! We want to hear about what's going great in your life, big or small. 


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Music may sound tickets coming at you every single hour. Wednesday Thursday and Friday of this week is an accurate they see them memo writes yep. All day long on style nanny for a one Wednesday Thursday and Friday your music midtown to gets. Amber and over again origin has been on hold for are allowed to tell us why she is that same lesson you are a first damn. Birds. Are less like Lance says for my daughter's birthday which just today. She wanted to see you donate her ears to expert is. At age leeway to great clips and he donated fifteen and so they're of her hair. That is environmental amber what's your daughter's name Natalie you Matalin thank you so much how cool is that. Yeah it suits. I didn't hammer home how she decided this age and talking about it for awhile. I guess some of her friend at school have done this. And says she came home and she said that her search Ers say that she wanted to days so. That is what we did it. And that goes to round locks of love phrase that name of the organization that then makes wigs. For. Actually donating to wade Turkey and. We sort out anything can best serve kids who lose their hair dude do. Chemotherapy treatment get to Wear wigs made out of billionaire from get out of like Hamlet that's awesome it's been a great job monitor it. Your race into it though. Thank you. For a 1463094. On a few brag to the whole world while you are why you have spent last night the next yeah. I did he do comedy shows this weekend and I say onstage every time I'm up there but I don't just say I don't say it on the radio and out but I genuinely. Enjoy. Putting people on a better mood and making them. Like it makes me feel good way just to make people feel good and that's why I love doing stand up comedy and that's why I love this job and I couldn't do without each and every single person who comes your show or listens to the radio so I think I'm hash tags less than I wake up on a Monday morning actually excited about the week on a love it. Unless his I have time with my girls this weekend and just was the only other the only feels so I feel hash tag lesbian moms. I realize when I was hanging out of the girls that I need to do arm weights before I had kids since I held race for probably. Not even ten minutes and I didn't use my right arm for the rest of the week. Now jungle gym it was twit saying anything like self entitlement I'm not gonna drop this kid in front of a parent. But if you guys look the way out of a kid out. I'm special tennis from this it carries around. Wow a whole bunch of people weighing in online on my their hash tag last. Yes a bunch mills says then this yesterday afternoon out how they're readies a week and a much UN great weekend the weather was beautiful spouse or rain on Saturday but it did hand. I'm Amy says that she found out that her son and his company are down of their last 100 days of deployment and their army infantry and employed at this past January so 100 days he comes home awesome. And we have a cap Korea Lee vice their names and other received a life saving kidney transplant in 1998. And she's been doing great ever since she also met her princess charming and it that whole debacle which is pretty amazing MM tons of people don't go to the jet engines at FaceBook page posted pictures and I thought you would really love just Robin presentation over to pubs and the vaccines. Just famous she's blessed because her family babies Maggie and Lucy I'm still hasn't pitchers and their ventures and their kids as we continue that's really cute. Our FaceBook page and just do it any even if you're on your own because it's definitely an energy changer. When that you just take a few reds and expressed gratitude again. No matter how big or small. You can say an Al out of new car right now you can write it down somewhere on some sort of scrap of paper and look at an all day long right down what you're grateful for and it really does change your whole perspective and that's what we're all about on the agenda didn't show put people in a good move Clinton's positive energy out there and we appreciate each and everyone of you for listening and being a part of and. Star in 941.