Love It or Leave It

Thursday, June 22nd

The rapid fire game that reveals your true colors. Play along with Jeff & Jenn!


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And try again a little easier. How scholar who now. Or leave it in the name of the game will play in 32 increments you can play along with Jeff but there's only one can feel it. Cannot explain that one of your answers. You'll likely want to explain a whole lot more of that followed. Follow okay. Will play into society and I meanwhile if you would like to see me do comedy or my friends. Jared Harris and at least Laramie this Saturday night at a show in Lawrence tells you don't buy tickets are a few. Still available for the late show by I got territory right now for a 42630941. Collared 25 if you can go Saturday night to the rural theater and Lawrence felt parity just for you fortress. Okay you ready for. The love it or leave big game. So basically I'm gonna rent through illicit things for you Jeff got a you're gonna answer it rapid fire as best you can't let love it or leave it and that's all I can say during the thirty seconds. Of the. First her right yes you're gonna have a little 32 timer. When thirty seconds is up you can choose which one you would like to explain. Your answer but I can only explain it all. That's Blaine one of them and he got to be 100% on our right. Okay yeah I extract a panelist right up nearly 32 timer is ready to eat and love it or leave it for Jeff. Acrylic nails. Leader craft beer Levitt. Wearing all whites. Leave it come boot Jack. Don't know what it is just. Hair color remand. Until police say it's savoring yogurt. And we'll email. The luxury cars let it Mindy Moore loves her. Professional teeth whitening. And you look across from friends took a classic movies lay in bed Funcinpec okay what is cam boot shaft. Asian point resonant. Don't like this syrup neat weird drained the you can get an whole foods it tastes well like vinegar but its offer vested. We came out in the event every year a whole foods and and and cap I don't leave those who really get free yeah. OK any of those other ones you didn't click meals you don't like signals. And. I do you wanna explain any of the other ones others on that challenge and agents west. At ten. Making up to. Imagine hoosiers and. Your color from the you have been you know a kind word and ticket. Years ago so Ryan Seacrest that's sad to keep up with them but I don't think it is good enough for us. About I want you said leave it exactly right here on stop flying your hair these are dead these are again. Yeah this is all natural Schuessel Simon is slow and lemon juice and anger under the sun I assure YouTube cat he age and hand. Canned him. I have more free a year of yeah we can do another one. I. Wrote these for gen video on the interns. Linspire now. He does is strong and. I was young and a pig at the time yeah I think yes they're go jam and love it or leave it yoga. Love it begin to leave it Roberts. Love it. Instant grams stories. Leave it Kelly being in a relationship. Love it. Absolutely. Aren't coming and you put boxed wine. Leaving. High waisted shorts and I'll leave it hash tag of free the nipple. I don't even know that it fits into law. Along here I am guys. Leave it fifth. That's changed. Okay which and I get to explain do you need viewers about can you tell me it's good for even if his handling these can send an apples has claimed or hand. Like Miley Cyrus has had for example on their own. Is that like everybody wants to be European now. Her kids that say it's okay that isn't he is it like NC grammar social media will say insert a picture of it I. I woman and I had not demand topless measure of the Beijing seeking from yeah Mae and bathing suit probably a fan I. I want you to explain deacons you said leave X league event why are hungry and angry. I. Agree. Hard to do yeah. And this is as hard as unity and a nominee he is wider ones have my big juicy burgers I just runs for. I just feel like you're just making life hard on yourself. You know me she says it. They have generally match she speaks she had to eat. Dina. Either in mind there. Hey we'll see is that an edit account Asia. All looking forward Terry I hope you laughed anybody else wants to gravitated there are available online we'll share all the places on. Social media we give you another round of this later. I mean it's fun I got more freedom again I didn't medium or scandalous as breezy. I think they'll listen it's more scandalous as we get perfect. The name of the game is love it or leave it we run down list of things quickly answer them. And you only have. Thirty seconds to run down the list the only caveat you explain one thing. So I. We can't edit thirty minutes away from music made ten tickets. Here I necessary for on. Love it or leave it it is the rapid fire game that you can play along with some pop culture. Some personal preference. You just answer love it or leave it after this list of items. And you can only explain. It one of them after your done I was if they don't want to explain hold onto them. I was thinking you could make this agency like Kelly she's in her group are France making the hazard like JP and hiding because you stray music game Nate have couple idea so I can see you guys they can making up lists for other like everybody makes a list. In the room and he played in a group which are only allowed to justify one of your answers rights. So earlier today the only when there is really scandalous is Jen said begins I mean. I just had their hand specific. Details I can only plans. And it just you know don't even know what come butch why this particular. Back behind when you thought it was pitch. Adult movies we heard the word. Now we there was a dominant. You know how does say that word we'll just senate earlier and actually that is and they're. Every. He Jan you're the first OK okay so you just have to say Lebanon or leave it. And at the end you get the opportunity to just explain when answer okay. Ties and skinny jeans like really skinny jeans. Love addict facial hair. Love it tends to use. I'm manner women. I'm totally sexist and it comes and just let it permanently or torment Terry Conner. I. Oh my other son analyst sue. I love it didn't. They can. Leave it took fifth pancakes as the last one and that's just when you are exempt pay gates and can't. I do you explain any I. I yeah you know I can needle every look at the list. Can I look at it without seeing anything else on nearly as they can do. The only one that I think you as worthy of an explanation issue or sexist accurate yeah same yeah. I totally a sexist taxi out as I know it's completely not fair but I really think it tattoos are hot on guys but not as much on women. I don't know why that is I have no idea why. I I I. And I know it's not right or unfair and totally not cool mean that the challenge to me is Kelly she's and I both have a virtually identical butterfly. Tramp stamp yeah. And you think Kelly's is horrible we had minus hot I used to look here's all the time round Robin Sherlock and just like seven. I just like Katzmaier and. Popular opinion. Number we didn't. Unpopular opinion spin. Tattooed women are as soon in my hand popular opinion who's sorry I became lucky Kelly she's just an entity is easy money. Didn't sense you know all same I late antenna. And then ink on manhunt noting noting. The Fed that's just weird. Can it. I'm your career around blood related when it love it or leave a. A it's bluesy pop singles. Love it in contact. Lou. And do do do. Physically able to. Beds. And now all right. RMC reader it's going cyclists and sneakers to there. Who lately and it is using the word obsessed in all caps. Do. Bay in all caps speaking bubble bath and lemon yeah. Music on the hash tag goals couple relationship skin fashion center asked love it I'm a hash tag. Pitney and hash browns lesson is pick CN ads. Katy Perry's head right now. Leave it. Yeah clear Underwood scare team now. I'm no longer hair and a cat so many of those that you want to explain busy obstacles of funk going cyclists and sneakers my finger at all. Taking total. You squirm a little like I have a little kid it's Angel. Oh Massa and veggies claim apple as a obvious beyond the arrival when I think about is a really hot. But it was like love that are earned leaner if you love and if you really hiding or in a relationship with her that she is a scary family. I thought it was because you carry your purses. About half of my favorites I favored monetary life. And her handbag line I know I mean I met her in person once is enough as they gave I had a conversation. She is stunning. She's stunning. In person. Stunning does your face move. It's just yeah they make out whether but I mean she smiled instead of why did you Botox out all frozen. Against me. I think she's really pretty. Eleven early to play it we that you are friends. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.