Where is This Relationship Going: With Kevin and Kara

Thursday, June 22nd

They've been together for 6 months and he's head over heels for her! Does she feel the same?


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The jet engines show every. Where is this relationship going into the awkward question we asked on your behalf because you won't. Oh yeah but you're afraid to ask we will do that for Kevin here in just the second. Earnings this relationship. I always. Where is this relationship going Kevin and Kara have been dating and Kevin. Ask some questions Jan say hello Kevin. Can't they would guard Eric K welcome to the show or send to have you on today and excited to. Ask this awkward question on your behalf. State senator Richard Krajicek and. So tell us how whats going on with you and Kara. It. Okay to basically I and it tried multi. Can kick outs. I'm not I'm tumbled on the top right away and out pretty you know one untimely you have to get a lead we gains go to a concert all sorts suck or are pretty much and then. Every weekend together. You know serve our doctrine on our check. Again they're not at that late conversation you know electric works Lucent or whatnot and go on court what we're doing MM find you know I. And you are gonna take some might wonder you know later in my nobody ever PR bigger number of people are. You have that gray area right now that you are trying to figure out why. She can. Have you guys had any conversation close to this and person. And I'm not really no easy kid to reflect. We'd been at every time that we did you have every Friday Saturday Sunday afternoon word got. So you know it's like almost constantly were seeing other people were pretty much hang out. How to delegate count given by. You know quote your weight reduction irritable and cool you know whatever but like I just want to know. Has she made those comments before that she's so kind of opened today any other people learns anything about not wanting to be in a serious relationship. I mean. You know. Yeah there's like some eat at a time where she hey look something like apple not. No there's not that much to timers who like I'm dating other people or I don't wanna do that people can if there is also important for you don't. You know may be safe and as you know. Are to ruin this great and we don't. Tell us why it would be great about her saying. Oh my god no he's the one. It is. Until you do it that's that's I don't think she's amazing and super rich expunge your beautiful. You know ownership brigadier me and solar shout we're here and souls and our record and should they are again I click on it and I love I would want her dad matter camps. IE I just increase about it I think it is distant like the wind and I just stand and trade after it hurt but lights. I love a girl. All you ever. I am glad I don't lover like club being the you are searching my little like you know but it's too late mostly just some guy I loved being around there you know let them cool you know I am out whenever a leg. Did you read this sentence I loved her from the minute I manner. Yeah it says yes so he's like yeah. I don't unnerve her pregnant pondered why it exists. You know I heard. Unlikely hero you know and and I would load speaks. You know magazine guys thanks in super hot about a man you'd think a man. Who thinks. The current political guys look great about it. All that's really easily. Don't look here's how words we are going to have a similar we're gonna call care act and ask heard the uncomfortable question why are you listening okay. I. We're gonna call her in three minutes right here on the jet engines and designing our one and. It's darn. Ready for a while. Kevin just told us it may he loves Sarah. But he hasn't said that they carry a big hand slipped out he had. Over heels for her. Want to assess the ugly question where is this relationship. And now we have to call her to ask that question and cross our fingers that she feels. Similarly about him or else it's gonna be terrible and awkward uncomfortable. Yes exactly I Kevin you ready to. Did you miss so. I'm very OK so you hold on while we color. And then after we talked to her look hang out with Eric and then we'll come back and nagging stuff so much she said okay. Now I know I'm nervous or use his high school year I know he loves our. Oh my god leave him alone. And I can hear on. I can't and I'm putting you on hold and college era while you listen. Then. Did anybody else in my initial conversation with a hand. So I'm. Tiny bit of Eminem when he said Matt Andris Friday. And over you love that song and. Listen I'm spaghetti. I don't care it's Jensen doesn't censor Harry you look. Married idea hey things are coming on with us this morning. Problem we are excited to talk to you about your relationship with Kevin and Nat. Okay. Mejia and. Yes it says so many good things about you I mean I can't I can't even listen mall I know he said that. He has got a lot of games and concerts are practically spend every weekend together and he just really like seal. Cool. Yeah. So. Yeah just been really excited about this relationship and I found that he wanted to I guess it's too. Get a conversation between the two of you guys started and thought this would be a fun way to do it on the radio. And have a day asking the question because. I think from what they told us he really is ready to be exclusive and so he wants us asked a year ago on his behalf where's this relationship got. What do you like where do you get that in Italy and going light Gary glitter like when. I think his first step is really about ten you guys. Exclusively date each other or are you still dating other people. How can break. I thought that far ahead you know like I never found jerky diet. Actually good and I'm very tired and I mean you know I just I haven't touched by an and you don't really cool how Camelot it. I know humbly here and I'm not want that girl would like pelican from. An. I'm under related hot and I don't wanna. Yeah I'm not him. It's not him at all and generally not him I know coming about it. So are you getting lots. Are you dating other people so. Really tell confession of my time with Kevin and I. Don't know each week. And I genuinely haven't thought about it. And. Yeah tell me hooked on hiking and I think everything chair now. I think that you selling did you cannot I think you sound like a normal person is having a good time dating and not really into and beyond today. Again having fun today. You're not. I live my life like seven under today the I like and then I'd like I felt like I don't want to and I enjoyed spending I'm and then let a lot in common sense. I'm not good about what my lighter is going to be you know did you. I haven't gotten that aren't like. The old. Yes she's like calmed down Jeff calmed down and Jack Hanna on the scale of one to ten. Where is one being a cockroach. And saying that being a chocolate milk shake. How close do you. And I like like any night. Pressure act. Like. Almost kicked a leg up sick working actress and now I'm down. Girl yeah he knows things are wanna kinda. This kid like eight compared Amanda patient and you don't know you long. Not I don't know what I one line. Why fat I like his age you know like should be I can tell about what it means you're what does that mean look at. Stress on everything and and highlights and Kevin White you'll nineteen I don't think I want to get carried out and I don't. CNN he didn't use it again and say yeah you can say he doesn't love you either company DM moraine. Yet. Yeah carving milk shake but I like this season I'll teach you know saying yes seize the day yeah. I'd I got a gathers a bunch of ways my yard so. In fact I'm happy I'm scared they sort of an island as we appreciate him. Yeah it's easy and I. I will come back here and Serena hasn't taken Kevan see what he thinks of that song. He's nice to. Yeah every fine will. All I'm. Where is this relationship going this week with Kevin and care we decide to care act and she says yeah I really like please call funny Smart especially the and dude I like you're like you but I am not ready yet married and now. I'm not really limp past pigs Kevin on the other hand was like really hoping for an exclusive relationship and a commitment and maybe even now mom. So Kevin. You can hear Carol what do you think. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. You know I can send embalmed and you can tell Artest back to each and she's just a little songs and she bought some land. You know make them move more quickly she used that great eight. And I hadn't called download and his weight sort of placed that into the past she's a great Carol. It's Larry you I would show put to pizza milk shakes today. Yeah. Let me get this advanced solar Amanda Simpson bouquet of dairy. Fans danced her way to my hard easy you'll tell you she loves U verse germ. I thank you again. OK guys they thought around me out. Thanks so I'm fine. Thanks rabbi and it's a great match try. I was really incidentally I'm I'm I think she's a benevolent people that certain where a 100%. What do you this year I didn't. Seek a parent or chick filet peach or milk shake and then send that she's so unsatisfied I don't know one. Okay well he knows leg and is not satisfied. Let's. Agrees to let let's let's do a quick survey it all right 404. She's 63. Our own 941. You're making it's dramatic you can. Jane you could just hear it and then. Her voice that it was different tonight. They the passion wasn't there she's seven on strawberry milk shakes and chocolate milk sending. Tendencies basically have you now. Ages this Jesus sees them. Every now and again. So every now and didn't hear it every now and again she might even like just having ice cream cone eat pizza and step out of the realm of chain around. Christi day and encouragement did you hear this. And I am I mean I might vomit comet or expecting and you initiative at carrot at. And let it eat eating at our house. Yeah on the side yes as Kevin has his own milk shake. Dad was. His feet. Again Brenda and I expect it and she be OK or another under. It a little return how it's ink it looked. I and Harrison tell you should do irradiation we've earned this. Learning what Zach Day. Hey how about Jen is C mess around on him. Fallon. I'm really. Narrowed it sent a number not right now right away it didn't. Remind. And contain it could be military confronting our little town. And RNC everyone had been more garment and my sixth week. We're starting to live together. That day we met any intent or you're now in targeting me and a couple of batters at partly other. So Phil or the real thing they would be on the same page at the same time. I'm. Eric 34 and anti rely on any ingenuity. Have a better idea are now. I don't think. Aren't and what's the catch your future chili cheese they held the law meant that. On day one cent living again none and it Mary yeah ten months away from some little baby she's well how did this go to my literally it's. Kevin yeah. Lindsay and Lawrenceville. If I thinking totally we're seeing that and I think she patterns find. I've seen her how to plant that I'm she'd literally every week like this guy collects. I mean you differently if it meant it through thirteen. I think yeah me and and if there weren't guys that said the same thing when you guys you questioning it and it just because she's a woman who's not ready to Russia on the island get married. You mean yeah. When they're thumbing their points. I Jeremy and I'm around. Definitely in the brand alone have had great at our brand that out you know we had. Bet we would never date that we enjoy each other's track if you need not go anywhere in the U relationship. I thank Sarah. I went last politician me and that Atlanta. I'm Weiner and my or IE capital are happy contract and we society believe tests either IQ have died in the girl that happened about why he's got a normal car. Are all there at that look at percent and that maybe not at peak looks. Bird biblically. The one Maine is that one player in that in the Bible and eventually yeah. It looks like our eggs in their old testament. Com and let them okay that's why marry you and you want to edit OK well it's in the art there's an art there's an in between testament to people don't know about what are. Saying man it says that he can't just look at just gaps and the PH BOJ Hahn should be craved by the woman ands. Then the man can pretty. Yeah. I bitter Mary. Yeah we're at about one person and get you did you use it you're running out on the minute and it's. Like it or put on your like okay this is my person and that neat. And I don't have been no I'm not saying maybe he's not enough. Exactly or less doesn't like I got a piece milk shake and I know you know but she has a peaceful shape and she then now she's almost child Mary I mean the chocolate. The agonizing moral Grammy show us the makes it all Amish was Alamo the same time yeah. Or maybe try some bad chicken way summertime frozen lemonade you exact data they have suffered severe load reload them about. Because this summer and how possible that this compares every inch of food I don't know but I'm craving while. So mad and I Betty machine mentality that doesn't rub waffle Fries all of us. It was bailout. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.