The Best Brunch Bite

Thursday, June 22nd

Congrats to the winner of Brunch All Night's Best Brunch Bite!


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On storing any formal. DeVon and French all night was last week in and thank you all so much for coming out we packed house at terminal Wesson agree. Great time and taste Atlanta set up. The most awesome restaurants which is fast most delicious French sites all over the man we have some good things now. Oh my god that's an understatement. I mean just incredible line of unfairness but only fun it can be the very best we had all of our listeners vote with their tokens for -- very best to brush by each. And Ron Vonage CNN talk to us yesterday. Because we get to sell with tell him and she with him again this. Tupelo honey cast hey it's home of the best brunch bites from brunch Sunday. All your hard work paying job and everybody low. Loved your shoot. All excited about that's been made in this year you know like this should records or vice signature dishes than. I think we did a lot of returning people from that approach on I kept on that remark about where excited about it also thank you so much that it may. Thank you so much we're excited to share with our listeners that they've they can go actually get this shrimp and grits at Tupelo honey cats I tell everybody where your restaurant is and other than the Sherman grads. It is like two or three highlights on the menu make everybody hungry is listen right now. So located at 4600 rod overloaded. I didn't sprout shot at Connecticut way out of my neck which has been part in any brain with regard all the tragic and their special fired back diet. Got such a thing called he got a little pop pop secret. Recipe I don't know I think they get better at it let's or people whole company's ability create a fight it but I wow. It's amazing it's really you guys becoming a check that out and also note for our other sports besides an outside Brussels route. We'll oak. I know god all about sudden period I'd actually do we do except for the greater good right so. And I know a lot of people including doctors and scientists disagree with me but I think southern food is the healthiest foods organizes eligibility left. Congratulations trying to Tupelo honey cafe. Winner of the best brunch bites and this year is French all night so so much also. Thanks for making this way it's yeah. OnStar and not before one.