Impressions of Our Men

Wednesday, June 21st

It's just plain funny to hear people impersonate the men in their lives. We know you do it, so share it with us!


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Go drag and. Future and all one. The batteries. There if you weren't listening about three minutes ago you missed Jens confession. That when I stepped out of the room. During a conference call with the president of our company. She responded to questions he was asking. I impersonating me. Rather than just saying Jeff stand out of the room to get a phone charger. Panic and that is that all current. And the first was like my low okay in the same I think losing their. Hey urged church. Where I lose some sort of agreement phrase I only did two words. But I signed him up for why do you pull your head all back called double chin and I'm here when you do. Idiot my voice lower lower of do you also look down iron. You can do. Ventriloquist. Sorry I think terrible impression minutes on Jefferson's sense of the question is do you all women. Have an impersonation. Of the man and the airlines for 04263094. Lines we would like to hear it here today to hear your man impersonation. Or your gentle person shooter. Just found this is in a pile on the fifth. Night yeah. Jen agreed to she realize a few days into it the way she agreed to was her holding me open breaks. So that of Solutia operates so that segments that we do and radio in the car breaks and and he asked during the conference off I'd be willing to let Jen basically write what I say and the radio. To open those breaks. Guys that are tired of fund some of them were larger taught at are whatever word everything just says. Why don't what are we just got rid of Jessica Simpson but what does it is just the gem. In June show. In which me. In a more me that's. For I would vote for SeaWorld for 2630941. Our internal Robin. Says that she does a great impression of her father and her belief. Yeah I mean I'm night and it impressions in general I found pretty good in my dad and he's got around late deep and she voiced their prominent he talked. And they didn't answer I have. So loud trump always comes out and earned a cy. And again. A candidate played a man trying to make just didn't say it again. Yeah I don't pay for your college is ugly so. Kelly she's your boyfriend subsequent. I can't get my impression of him. Because he's so perfect now I just can't ma'am I need an impression my brother Michael as they say they have things Michael. But he'd say Michael he's safer country minivans and Kelly says that Caylee pickles deli. Can't killings and on what is what is that popular Eleanor you're trying to make silly if an agonizing now on the. There's Hawaii in the middle as the K Ali yeah I Caylee is or get worse after a few drinks. We I mean he's really country he's so kinda like subtly in either Kelly and I love them he's like Kelley Kelley an autopsy that the you know. Guys use that tension elements are in talks knowing you leave the conversation talking like immunized. You just say hello yeah you can't do that accents. And say he's the brother you like to cuddle. I'm really know they've got it right there yeah implored him Marciano is. I impressions of the man in your life for a 42630941. Star indicator who do you do and impersonation of white and let's hear what you wish friends and it's handling. I let's hear her present I imagine ten days hasn't been the British accents and enjoy his bangers and mash and Seton. Has to go to than do the in the city impersonation of him. Look at really weird. Yeah. So he's dating opponent. I might un women try to do indeed Foley's odd. Oh really and I thank you Sarah. Annan and she'd say Iran Huntley for Q school. Welcome and used our new tuner and I'm just kind of condition dinner. Gina who. And what are your nationals and the pile on the agenda function when you talk about what we're doing next in their eye. My voice. Well sins Lugo to third of children we're gonna do I said turn for real. And I don't it's Napoleon is getting workers. Let's just change the direction on the outer banks for tennis it's yeah. OnStar not before one.