parenting for Real

Wednesday, June 21st

The things parents have to handle are astounding. Stay strong, parents!


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Golf ball on us dollar and 941. We scroll through your phone on faith burger instead ran a perfect pictures of children. It seems that everyone else's children are perfect figures aren't in real life so that's why we do. I stagnant parenting for real as we take that filter off of parenting. And last about what it's really like because. Nobody perfect it's an extension of our there's comfort in numbers steam. Home early because. Was I mean my life is a you know let's show most of this time and I've never had perfectly clean clothing since I started bearing children. I can give you how many given Jan how the example of parenting very well. So. Jan that went to the Braves game for Father's Day. And I was scrolling through NC Graham and saw a picture of Reese. Her youngest and grant her husband and Lauren her oldest daughter. Running the bases after the game and it was accused picture resent such ahead Guzman is your photos so excite Lauren has been linearity and and and grant was the proud Papa right. Yeah so. I don't want to go down your car actually team to to give you something in the parking garage. I wasn't exactly sure where you were but I knew you were on level whatever. The elevator opens. And I hear. James family before I see. Because Lauren. Can reach site rain that volume. With her crisis. And I don't think she wanted to be in her car seat. I think the race isn't the stage Rasheed is gonna be our cars even now I think lying is gaining about being hungry. Are lining snack. Lockheed downstairs. To find melt out of proportion to. All right before our resent an accident of epic proportions. Physical blow out and learn from. Hash tag parents and for real if you would like to provide other parents with comforting numbers call us out. Please check your sources have pets burglar shoot 63 other nine for a lot. A while we're waiting for this phone calls to command a heads up for our two millennia also. Or in check out his case people who wanna say we're formally meals. Eat here because hey everybody thinks he colonials and I think when you say such on the radio I hate mornings and that. People have hurt. It is sad news out of your parents' house well if you if you move any of parents has a web site his listed the top ten. Suburbs from colonials to live out and the tab 1010 to one Decatur. Drew hills. North Decatur Dunwoody Shanley. Sets and finished five and ten to six and here's the top five or five Sandy Springs. Journals network. Is this any springs eternal son usually say turtles let's Sandy Springs. I never horrors Smyrna I don't think so GO. Yeah to. I only know other cities circles because of you I never Forrest McLaren and number three is brocade and number two north through hills and the number one suburb. For. Colonials. Findings. We have findings so it's buying has been that way for ever Sokol. And when you see somebody from findings you say penguins. I've for a 4630941. To provide some comfort in numbers we want to hear your hash Saget parenting for real stories of 40426309. For a lot. I'm Saturday ending a standup comedy show and Lawrence Hill. There are few tickets still available if you wanna grab those fights were given some away and that will happen in about thirty minutes here on the championship. I have a how safe parenting for real for you guys step that might make you gag a little bit. And it's you always call list. Hash tag birth control yes my feet. Recently in a department store just wanting to shop for some new sheets can bedspread embeds friend Anthony's she sure did not realize that on my husband and given. Our youngest our twenty month old a piece of granola bar. Which she was chewing in the mid departments are decided it was too much and her mouth. Show that she spit it out and I quickly grabbed it before it fell on the 400 thread count sheets. And then I don't know what to do isn't. So I hate it. Odds and only a little baby bird. That's so we I'm. I don't know where to put it said to have triggered you stated an old iron. So I aid. And then I was like our mom Yvonne has almost tragic. She says she aids Udonis colonel and yeah like I probably have swallowed it. And then it was too much is too big of a fight for her Sissy. And almost on these like beautiful sheets and pillows so I grabbed it and then to know what to do with it knee pain. Did this residents and now. The easiest way to get it done Catholic cardinal tomorrow come what difference does it. Not it's a little bit martian minutes and then they weren't they were already doing. Hash tag parenting for real. And so grossed. A currency Mednax. I Adam and megs and I did lucked out and that one. Or Ariel hey. An overdue haven't you disgusted. So I had to work on tape so we went to breakfast or brunch Saturday we'll have all the kids and I want. Our eight month old soldiers had been fired its measured and this whole. So John Fisher under the table it was going to be stuck out some pretty setbacks don't worry it didn't. And over and think about so I mud. A club its shares are up what might those candidates a mile wide food across the table from candidates are. I'm disabled kids. Did it make sure they should occur. I. That's Arianna and zero hits this nice little finger toes to describe that please and I Devin and you've turned. And it out and I care act and model it. All hopes all they all get hurt that I had. To start. Al element need great but I really wanted to keep like Jeremy little. An arm and so I can kick it out she told trying bondage you're look at zero. And as. I wondered are so you want to Wear. I didn't have to make a speech to her way to ensure our own bet there it where she and her. At all. I actually. Outbreak eat it and turn them at some general adds that we have to Russian carrier had the knowledge. Not true. Almost screaming outward battle could be worse and they are not. Own zone and. But why do you take them away in regular. You look. Like you're hurting. I'll why what you try to do logic within ten year old not possible hash tag parenting for rail. Welcome to the shall. You. I want baiting that not Alabama meet and I look at that at thirty and I want enlighten my here's what will leave because I had played for eight. And whenever backing what my one year old brush and area lit bit rushed to clean it totally. I did there. And Ariel because they have. Though. Roger Cummings and what's out. I don't couldn't say I. Are on the grill. And on week two mandating the stakes are ready for the Burrell. And what followed Murray and I let China and five year old he hit it. We cannot charge stock in in my limited. And we got our work daddy out even to be didn't eat. A. It was a Terrence. Stay parenting very ill. Borrow words he's a stereo and I'm Marlins. Earnings were real continues now. You're really saying it. I minutes again you miss Jan how do you make all of us throw up a little bit Paramount she. I sent parenting for real serious forums like 2630941. Minus and we were recently at a department store. And I do not realize that my husband had given a chunk of granola bar to a twenty month old to keep her happy Polly wants to sit in the stroller and then she got out of the stroller and have to shoot it. Our real lives right when we were right next it is beautiful pillow he was silk and some 403 can't hurt you know fancy thread count seats. And she decides whose two gigabytes or she spits out and I immediately stick my hand under and grab it. Rather way shout out for James reflexes rate there yes I grabbed an offensive play of the game I. It doesn't day and any thing. And then I have I have no idea what to do with it as many departments are a garbage can nearby and Nelson so I just ate it. Hash tag and. Pet scan for real creative and neither do we see it survival. This is about survival right now some day. Able to feed themselves and go to the bathroom on their own but I am in full line. It can't survival mode right now. You don't need her brood in any thing at the store so he ended banned from one day south I. RA blend. Oh Brenda and batters bringing us. Jen it looked down and saw your story we haven't seen echoing Nancy Evans all ages oh god or Brandel form Brenda. Well my name. Daughter has exhibit and you're all look to tablet toddlers and one year old and land. All right all right how many we're going to outlets other than to many how many five. Seattle five babies at one time. The girl and one boy yeah. Wow yeah so everything it can't all the stayed there it is my mother airports side by side. I can't even imagine how we see now in an insane asylum. Well. Your ball and she gave birth to an inspired basketball eat out once and and won a lot lately and do it happened and yeah Earl Warren. Thought they found it manager. It's. Good training they haven't seen it all and putting it can't abide by five diet. That's why I called him about lions. Atlanta where they were about two. Ask we'll ask any all basketball where you can't deal lying to get their pictures taken in their objects here that I like and I'll. I don't yeah. Not even closer than that abduction economics amount drown my daughter who can lead the ten year old to grab lunch and have to end and and and start training and out and then another ammonia tank and I don't mean mountains and the permanent chicken or just how bad can rent a total and a hundred. Like we did everybody. Out by the time we got in the car. Everybody and I think the baby in the general Stanley and as I was saying we barely made it home. And we're international one world was when I think she's she was too doesn't jump in front of the ball he didn't have anything strategically good off and dropped and now. Yeah. So. I had no amount of money. Now remember that old movie and. Banks trying to hash tag paratroopers. You're that old movie stand by me when there are you in the pie eating contest and they also tell ascertain exactly what happened her wild how. Hi Tony incoming welcome the Jetsons and show what's your hash tag parenting her real. So good morning I'm so I have Q well I have a three year old and a working on oh yeah. And eat meat eaten together and that EDD video I had an actor and and I year old. It ain't going to vacuum like that without. I turned around she looked at him you're here out of me. And background to try and I until eighteen and that actually. Own as it it. That's my I had tied begging her real mom. Glad you're counting. You can't end Harrellson the mother of the Simpsons and south. Marketing and shuttle. How does a and walk on and that record will be one lane is another. To make her territory that she'd be exactly. All guy doesn't get. It up your claim hammered did you just leave the rest. You are thinking that it did all the well I would have been let down young kids enjoy it's it's. Let me Samantha she's as did. Eight Oregon. Conversation continues and FaceBook hash tag parenting for real on our FaceBook page. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.