Did she go too far?

Tuesday, June 20th

They've only been together 2 months, and he's not even a father! Was a gift and a card too far?


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Did Kevin James Kelly's on. Nicole is gonna need your advice on what's being nice because she gave her boyfriend of two times a day card. He is not a dad she is not pregnant it was for the father that he someday will be. And she hasn't heard from them since Sunday afternoon I think so we're gonna talk to a coherent design embassy need your advice for a. 04263094. Line if you relayed to me. And Kelly she's. And I think JP and I think everybody else who just turned that and is already formed an opinion yet you think right. Four words she's 630941. Especially if you can. Gently. Inform Nicole where she went wrong so dose of reality but let gently played Nicole welcome Michelle. Each changed. Your approach. I haven't done anything being truly Umar judicial lieutenant colonel time. Hand. Got to account or weak so. On Sunday and remained a programming like what will get I don't know dorks. And actually didn't married couple Beers you know didn't elaborate. This things that people do and they've only been dating for months now did he can't ever released thousands easy Lantos and I can't miss them. My little snow those. I think they have sleek counter com it is your day and I'm sorry the chance. And I honestly cannot body would call an eight out there and you at all. So it's a man and I pray he. You know every hole. Only measured chat. Need to again like you can get them he said traditionally asks. By act when he told you roommate about it. She shared. And you can complete you're an idiot so that's hundred red flagged and urine tests. And Thomas attended saint Cyprus are delaying and create a routine. Sweep into two and I remember really tired and the senate under pregnant. You know. Do you I'm just a did you read Suez why you wrote in the cars. I'm Dominican Oklahoma in which I had the best I may have hurt because he's probably gain. I wanted to let you know that shunned the intriguing but actually I need it's why can't management wearing her pregnant and and and it's it's about when he did get you'll be happy Father's Day we'll be much. And nickel and I are saying we'll have loved you words already you said love via. OK so you've been together Simmons this sounds like an intense two months yes can somebody relate to that Kelly she is. Yes I am currently OK okay holiday that I early. However. I would. It's. Serum that and I knew it was police he never. In my life due deaths. He has is on hold unless there is it's pretty it's it's yeah he's not a doubt in your not really hanging. Around. Against another one being age. Yeah they can work harder. Hey I saw him blue sky you Simon finger slipped. I alassane and Carrollton can you please try to explain it cynical. Where she met. Well. I add I don't remember Herbert you're and we have already in an hour and he has done or had. He the one thing I always told me it. Never. Her account down that. I'm having a baby by doing all about it today. Out here I think and in fact that you shocked Kurdistan. It's right that there are a lot of prompt at the act. Alice and I can get out and I think Jim isn't the point she's not pregnant. And even light that they might even use the card at his house. On the whole we're not. A huge shout get like. Not ignorant cowboy he's got a problem then got a card that I day car. She and dad. Haven't heard anything about it didn't cry at math and reading and not Greg met. Alison I appreciate your input to the show but I can tell you here's reared on Ronald JP back you know you just thought of that way too much you thought of that like a woman. Don't do that I didn't go through Chicago and they're there wasn't that much he just went. This girl is four raised and that's a hypothetical so far down the road in the minds we sold far he's like why. I'm just trying to eat a burger on father's. Where is five and maybe get another yeah. I'm thinking how concerned I think there's a program called on. I defend the call for a second here because. She was being thoughtful she is being sweet she's thinking about their future together they say I love you obviously it's been hot and heavy a couple of months. And you're telling me JP that Heidi did this when you guys first started dating you are hot Evian everything was. You don't think you don't know. You wouldn't have thought that was sweet there are worst things in the world I will say that. But it is a little bit much it's fresh Maine what is usual way to not talk to her for two days. But sometimes it's good guard. It will be back with crimes that I'm betting that she's not gonna talk to remember I am saying is over no lamp when no way I sing a little. Are guided our like overstepping some boundaries like maybe she was right there but. It's over Nicole hang on the line we've got a phone calls will take them raid after. Zain by listening. It's over it's it's mostly yeah. Miss Colvin gave her boyfriend and two months of others say tired to think he's not a dad and she's not expecting a baby. She pays guy. Hitting is thanks Aaron sandy says I'm not it would be sweet thoughtful and said something in there about what a great dad he will be some day. And video. So everybody's Parikh notes that her relationship is over and she hasn't heard from him since Sunday night. It. Called. Call. Yeah. There are people gonna have saying it was okay see I'm not the only 10 good they're. Now there's a I that they're number of people who think it's nods. Hello. Say. Taylor in Gainesville is one of them. Hey Taylor. I. Oh how old. Are hot. He. I haven't talked about it already talked about it a church or Egypt and shipped oh. A whole congregation and checked out or even. I don't. Okay thank you soon learn. I'm Chris in salvo what's your thought. The go oh yeah and on the radio station there out idiots sit terribly but her lack of speed and come back. Thank you up a betting man I'd like Hitler tried it once wheat belt or. So it's little. I think it was really sweet Alley and Jefferson not so much preempt. Cannot imagine how. All lap tires to Indiana. Maybe they had and started gay men that he had children you get married but it. I mentioned that China to sleep but now that since we heard. Don't even have any cold is even have a point here are some thing. He cared for anything other than him outlaw. We heard it's weird. It's kind of values. Maggie and smoking is it's so since we. You know you're gonna. Sam site I guy had called zero upon hearing that yet either aren't OK did you ever do you know I. I. Did you ever consider may just given him a card from the dog and and signing it with a hand you don't write with so it looks like the dog rode it is. It made these bad I didn't think about. Me and cheered and now that's better and apparently future kids. I'd sagged I had Maggie. I am I really don't Dexter met. How do you get your relationship I have experienced it myself. How can carry commitment on any level at bats late to kind of try to back thrown off course. I don't understand. How old and Maggie there's life from a guy's point of view when she writes that in the okay she is documenting. The fact that she is already thought about it. And he doesn't want to know if she's thought about that yet she's thought about you kids CNN if he's got wind am. You don't she's he's just a guy that she's been dating for eight weeks. He's got the father of any children let alone hers and what she it's the equivalent of writing her last name. Now I would have what's what's his name Nicole. The Michael. Three out like well again you may. Well the call alerts. And or whatever her last name is Greg letting him catch you right that so it's confirming that sees further ahead in the relationship and he is confirming. You. What do you make called Cathy and in Marietta wants to join ST she's got a theory on the take Kathy. I am person law a seat and damage to the partner. So that Syria. Yeah. Then playing. Secondly it. Guys lessen your slip and I hit me. Into me and I guarantee you he hadn't even read the card I'll get a kick out its ear. And that that. And. Local mayor Anthony and read it that's not true because if he had not read the cars. Come up and thanked her for the Beers the fact that he hasn't called her means that that he definitely read. I'm tired while seeming to complain about the key can't tell loneliness I. I was saying is different and you see a guy hanging out his niece and nephews are signs that he's just adorable. You know and then you know I I mean good data and and that's so cute. We got your way to buy gift for writing down like it's been thought out and encore if that's too much. Tiffany and Roswell agrees with me this is so sweet right. I'm you need to stop encouraging them. Seriously I mean this is part of the problem list. Why men think women are five cattle. We're not like that we're very nice you know people think about being bench and we want quite. Can change for guide top it off and it's yeah no legal right guy could care. And you know we need this how I'm mark I don't even. There isn't but yeah I can I declared cheated and there and therapy thank you gonna call thank you for Maria incessant call if he calls he will you we let us now. Definitely well yeah and just lounge and I'm worried now yeah I don't you know Andrea matter seem again it's false. Don't worry about it. Governing means her her and get a call. You know you I don't know. I'm happy I mean this is through a 100% real talk. We always considered these conversations I'm faced by answer them if you wanna be a sympathizer of late Jan or maybe you can help her recover. Or well do you go to recovery plan yet or if your guys ready to have kids in nine minutes. Let me get a message for the Caucasian sympathetic and talk face drug dot com slash Jeff and Jim show if you don't. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.