The Braves Gender Reveal Was a Success!

Monday, June 19th

Catch up with the lucky couple on how the big day went! Will they have a boy or a girl!?


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion job on star now before want to step and tens also engender reveal and son's just part is now we'll. According to the Braves and braves tradition. Day. All this is our second year Guerrero. I lacy and doesn't seem to care found out what they're having we're gonna share Ali's exciting moments of the year and just seconds. Yes so lacy and decimated Decatur had a super awesome Father's Day yesterday when they stepped up to home plate. To reveal the gender of their babies so. They were basically recreating. Chelsea and Freddie Freeman's gender ideal if they did a couple of years ago when he found out there having a baby boy who is now little Charlie is so cute but baseball's native today get a chance to hold it is clay Wright is a clay baseball and it's filled with either blue or pink powder so windy dads should be. Smack said. Then it explodes. In this in this beautiful colorful powder so that's how a Freddie and Chelsea did it. And Chelsea joined us yesterday to be a part of its energy out. Yeah it's so I exciting because you've got to watch. The couple not only are they excited about trying out of there having a boy or girl if you currently see in Justin's story they were just excited to have a baby assembly and tried for a for awhile. We're having much luck yeah. We're exploring a few different options and they're tenth wedding anniversary was rolling around and they said you know what we're just connect able this for the time being. And enjoy the fact we've been together for ten years and we'll revisit it in the future while during that hiatus is meta tag on their. Anniversary of their tenth. When they are they're tenth wedding anniversary and the trip they take to celebrate that. Everything lined up properly. And that the baby was. Was made so. They were just excited to have. A baby but the nerves. Of fining the anticipation of finding a combined with the nerves are standing. On the field that Sanchez fired yeah it was certainly to be out there. And it was so funny Jeff asks Chelsea Freeman questions and tour around for your generous deal mandated down in Florida and it's been spring training may have liked. But thirty people around their family and friends. And then Justin was like all right there's. And inside centrists are watching me thank semites together and I mean there's a reason why a thousand people there. So this is just an lacy before the reveal. Any tides and Lacey signs about why they answered my. And when they applied they told us that they met a blind date at a braves game. And then one year later Justin proposed in front of Turner Field. So ten years later they're expecting a baby and they hear about this gender revealed contest you know like OK where the perfect ones for it. And we thought so too we saw their entry Justin just knew it was going to be them when. I don't story I'll play. We're now you know and that's. So so we set sent to the plate and she tosses him pitch. Does she know and how professional baseball com slash umpire would say it was a little high yeah. He cares rather than swinging at it like AJ was day of edge and a lot. I was more late trying to swat the B that got an idea how. Period to reach for a surge into words form of I am he connected and as. Is supposed to happen a big puff of smoke fills the air. In a puff of smoke with colored paint. I got an hour and so here's lacy afterwards I didn't I didn't about Wayne I. And he had them all that good. And made it all real. Don't realize. And then lacy did that pregnancy hormone don't cry where she just couldn't stop. We gotta say thank you to everybody at the Braves organization. Yeah especially your contact Jamie who helps tile these these things together and and Jane. And it runs this move beyond promotion or are beginning that it's so fun to see you get bad and promotions right promotion I can click it will boy she clapped her hair. I think Durbin said let's did. And oh. It's such a special moment to be a part of a big thanks a lacy and Justin for revealing Michener their baby with us and letting us share. And I excitement so beautiful that videos are a mind check out any of our face that pages whether sanity for one or jet engines show so you can watch Sergio happen in the hug afterwards and justice special moment. That the Atlanta Braves make possible on Father's Day so amazing I it would give the Father's Day theme going. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.