What Silly thing Made you Bawl

Monday, June 19th

Help Jenn feel better after her slip up at Brunch All Night. What little thing made you cry?


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At one point and run shot all night they go to look for Jan and find her in a back room. Well I mean we had their brand China comes sure I'm not talking about a little bit of crying. Somebody about stop me I'll I. It was the perfect storm and just things that you might be able to really demands and give me some comfort in numbers. About the silly thing our may be the perfect storm. Every juicy to tears so you have a story that can help you. For a fourteenth victory on nine for a one I would really love to hear it because I. And an embarrassing moment this weekend onstage at brunch on night. And I just really wished at the moment there's a trap door I just disappear under the stage and does to your travel what I what was remarkable to me gloom is. You weren't embarrassed. Because we've been doing this long and have that we've. Since staff on the radio or screwed things out or whatever sir that it takes a lot to embarrass. Us well when you make fools of ourselves every day for a living. Fifth place early enjoy doing so. Maybe embarrassing making mistakes publicly was one of those like I was doing it and I definitely moments I was upset. As such as this contest a mistake. So I'm onstage about to introduce James TWO. And I'm all excited and I wanna say onstage to the crowd. From the Good Morning America 6 Suzanne Good Morning America yep let's get with Michael Strahan introducing him and I wanted to say some Good Morning America stage. Why did you avenue front and ice that's aluminum focused on in my head because I wanna get that right. You know went down just right and out right send out into the crowd super fired up and excited charges that big idea it was a big. And instead. Of following that up with his name James TW I loudly and confidently announced Tom walker. The opening. Our modern performed for our VIPs. So yeah I did pretty good just that well until his name was floating around in my brain as well. And I just announced around I. She's super confidently but not to they didn't know his name mean it's just the brain and the mouth we're not talking to each other but I wanted to sink into the floor I felt so bad I mean you do it so confidently allergies and crash than I. I'm from DNA it's the jet engines show and they need it out by. Karma moment right I'm an idiot that's fine I'm fine with that but I just felt so bad that he even had to go and of course I redid it. I tried to make up from my mistake I try to cover my tracks. But I just felt so bad that this artist said it then go on stage and performing to valley I felt bad for making him feel crappy. Wanna make anybody else they'll crappy I was so excited about my big announcement my big setup because I was to make him feel so good in so confident. And I went in the back in this was also on. After a very long week of a lot of stuff going on her personal life. And I glass of champagne and no dinner. I just wasn't block calling and that is very good chance. Of where were hormones involved and amounts involved sir yeah of course as I know those are always involved I ever happen I have a friend of mine who I am. Shortly after she gave birth to her baby says that stretch of your arm around a little bright light on to the nth degree. Goes into the baby's room and there's a beat in a banging against the window a beam down in the house or wash or something it was banging against the window. Trying to trying to get out. And it's in the baby's room so she got to ever flip flopped and kill the day. And then spend the next half of the day. Devastated because be didn't do anything wrong it was just trying to get back listen. To start it was just trying to get back to his speed children huh ho and a humble and so she ruined that d.s family. To protect your own kid win. The B witness stand McCain anyways for the kids you're sleeping and she's sobbing uncontrollably overnight Hannah and her husband came home and it's like oh my god what's wrong. Did you lose our baby. Came to me. They tell that story now laugh about it 404263. Own 941 if you went on HM how do you feel better and tell Jan the last ridiculous thing you are reduced in tears over. I just get like Tony a start things off. I'm out. And I. Started I got it right. Our. Little. I ain't. No. Big I did your old. Com. Com. They're back. Yeah. I. Every. The woman. And. Yeah. Just again. I don't wanna even tell you this but I wanna tell you this she needs to listen to that song. Out of guys. Well I. I'm Wilson it's you wise it's low it's called slowed down by Nicole. No argument hold on OK Jessica oh my guess you have to hear it I I carried you find that in that and put it up on how keys. I Caitlin and what exact the last ridiculous thing you cried over. What I try I boulder. High school graduation because. I got to get to. Say it was a look at Talladega and you and I didn't completely Europe. Compliments when you just gotta save him bald. I. I don't glued in front of I'm there if the marker you can. Turn it under all of. All his heart I thank you guys is making me feel so much better thank you got. Lorraine in Atlanta the last thing you ridiculously tried over. I know I'm an amount almost. Carla. Hormone thought how am I. About. My daughter and look where I'd start out on consultant. And I I cannot. And made him and. Julie Guy and Atlanta held Janet she'll matter. What's that night. I any and I am I almost hit a squirrel. All I HR balls. Hard so I don't I've never seen that oh in my life. Any time I come closer and I wish I cried so that I have to slow way. Well Ullah a close look at you feel you Joseph mattered Joan got resounding so much Elizabeth and Alpharetta last ridiculous thing you cried over. So I was watching my my arrow diner. And got a even Wear my locker diet and can not content with OK and I hung the group didn't cry. You mean like mom. Are you really can. You know what I'm. Twenty and I she. I. Anyway I know. It yeah. Yeah I thought. I mean. I. I can't make it feel better. Sound is better thank you okay that. Good news is that calls are nonstop we've got to do another segment. Yeah we are days I cannot wait is that to Christie in Gainesville I. I was over. Candy craft some. Little game. High end. Cindy and partners though who. Apparently thought her forgot her husband forgot something important Freddie didn't really trick that you off from those calls coming out after DNC. Kevin ginger. One. Jesse James Shields family. So dollar show an outbreak Manitoba Jim how. She had a little meltdown a prime John night because she made a mistake in a stage announcement. Felt so bad about a shooting at the Bagram and cried for twenty minutes. There's not a big deal we made mistakes all the time it happens. Nobody was upset about a few of the bag she cried for tournaments. Some words try to make her feel better by sharing. The ridiculous things that we have Friday and by we I mean the women. Hit insert Robin incentives and the like now with the last ridiculous thing you cried about. So this is actually leg I was really tee and which I think is why this is so much more ridiculous I'm sitting in the car obviously as a radio in the back seat and on the senate like Bernie Mac has died. And I just start. Bawling my eyes out my feeling is like. One how do you even know Bernie Mac Cadel retained but at the time I was obsessive and oceans babies you know like ocean's eleven is just nonsense in the money so what's the burning match as I'm just sitting back in like crying I country days I'll go tomorrow. It might just. The only you know just so upset about finale at any time slipping past the way. I'm on my even like Paul blocker but I tried to return them when songs and signs. See you again and can this about him yeah I just cry all the time about leopard you asked why can't remember. You know suspend England that was the big one as good as this entire forget. Kelly she is on the I have substance on YouTube a black hole and I had some on on like kids getting pets for the first time. And I go. I'll analyze Allen has Darrell got his baby husky and she was crying I was trying manic. She is. Only in my eyes out so happy for these loans and. We just fine there was Saudi has to videos that we can share. That's me and and grace in Carter's bell with your ridiculous cry. I'd never let Iranians are scattered all at Akron in each. And my brother and sister had just gotten a dual trauma director. And they were like yeah. And I'm real I'm not working Christian traffic to. That picture I play. Oh well it can you know I've never played a little bottom and it all happened all square I was indeed Eric yeah. And I had can't pray for crying in the country round. Critics probably like Larry I saw. Brother sister have to be like one. Where I need LeBron where I. Mine is a big pregnancy ending games bill. You all your eyes out. I did the when I was pregnant with my son. I had been explained it came out candy crash. Could get to and that libel a marked a brand helped them. And I started pitch Eric high but said he could not get it because I felt so bad that know what how and get the hit that level in the. I cook cook and what are you. You see no matter who is helping me settlements. Cindy incarnate smell can you homey feel better soon. I'm quite like I do my head in my book army in the morning in a number and look at. Outside still lacking that can't happen purple and enacting. Kalish actually announced crying. Gary rhetorical to come talking and I called me. Young men opened the door and out onto the highlights. And Bolivia and their friends and George cards. Similarity kind of I just can't get totally yeah. I think it happened I'm more ironic and not all of it I never shaking and my Q a panel. And then. And down the hallway Casey thought it's and then crank Izzy says three bad times against the living around. All right candy in Douglas smell. Any Danny. OK I brought me into and out there. Who is saying is that. And the logic or reality TV show whether it didn't cooking show and dominated started opera chops. I cry. With them from learning there's songs and they go home limelight the bleachers and I cracked down. And I didn't bomb my daddy you know I would throw a few hundred. This. And why why they might get ready to be a winner home so did you guys that money going CC in Athens. I eat and how it out about eight months pregnant. I would finish our. I've already got so in my ducked the plane and I realize that at this clinic in no longer shave my legs and all of my. Until I decide crane. I didn't care needs economic it's incumbent. Barring an advocate and crying overturned and so ridiculous. You think do you have dared me I don't. Area. I. I remember that there's comfort in numbers numbers thank you guys so my Zoller awesome. You should matter zones and you name who's the guy what do you wish that I have JC got you yeah yeah yeah. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.