Braves Gender Reveal Winners

Friday, June 16th

Congratulations to our Braves Gender Reveal contest winners, they have the cutest story ever!


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Imagine. You're standing at home plate of suntrust park as an expecting father on Father's Day. You're gonna swing a bat. At a ball thrown at by your wife. Sister and exploded a puff of pink or blue so you can there in the gender of your baby and oh by the way. This V major league baseball players are all standing in the dugout wash. There's a crowd in the stands in the PA announcer just say your name. The ultimate gender privy on suntrust are with Charlie and braves. Lacy and decimating some indicator here OK Lacey. You gonna tell us about. You're braves' first date isn't blind date with Justin at Turner Field right. So we have agreed to me in front of them and number sexy 44 and outside turner field's gates or not. I want and I thought he was really cute. And the rest of a history any kind of just kept digging from there and then a year later he proposed also activates gain antenna that same number 44 statues and a and his Sosa relieved 'cause yeah. Tells by the rose it was a complete surprise you at any idea so I have actually been out of the country sure to Munson he had tiny town that plan and surprise me. And I knew that you're gonna get the praise came on our one year anniversary just to celebrate assurance you're sitting in the stands and that message had popped up on the Jumbotron and happy anniversary just him you know like oh that's so cool that's like I made my Dixon tries. And then nothing they're better off not running against each other proposed well is laid to do well yeah. Things and then afterwards he had invited a couple of our friends and my sisters and afterwards he was like well let me just go take a picture down my number 44 and can't reminisce re earn so we're seeing Nate you know posing. And then he gets down on money and of course I said yes I was inside and then hooked and how long ago is that. I was in 2006. September 29 2006 a bank how long before he got married and three months now. Got in December 2006. I don't yeah and you wedge again. It is also meant fiscal. So we actually went out of town on our ten year anniversary and we had been trying for a long time to time at that point and had not had much success so we decided pretend you're just gonna go have a good vacation and not. Since about it to celebrate ten years so that's what it was about we've come this art. And in the about communication completely and had a rare access code. And let's also coincidental about it at the babies today is September 29 such as the anniversary of our engagement so that wow wow. How crazy out there that. First of all special fan let me ask you guys they're so cute on a. Austin where is that 44 or sculpture are now because I think you have to deliver the baby in front of that's where you met for the first okay. After you popped the question it's real pop by the maybe we. The Braves are so interwoven and death on C error relationships. And that's doing this. On the field at suntrust are. Would be at that would be it would be a great. Chapter in your braves by biography and it weighs relationship I had to yeah. And I can't say that a lot of generate deals are pretty girly and Justin near mailing in your firefighter right it's going to accounting may. And so I mean this is like a man only way to do a general feel pretty I went into the light. Cupcakes and a little like ABC irony and even. Lose flatter. That's a firehouse in. Anybody anti zionist and. Because I have friends who are firefighters. And I know that there is no. Fraternity of people who give each other more cramped capsule then firefighters have. So if you guys are selected as the couple and she tosses that ball and you wish Jude. To find new professional about it they are yeah. I wanna buy you would those be able football mess. There's an all be filmed LB our web site that braves of course a shared it made the news last year yeah you wins dude. Like go get a job in the Container Store where. I. Do you wanna say I AM may be aired firefighting crew of what station and gas stations we have more spill off of cruise road cone. Well work we were shift work so we work tomorrow 24 hours and you have to do is often source. Co I mean and you nice for all you do first responders against put yourself out there for the rest of us that thank you pitcher and the usual in India because and other. Why is probably got a more stressful than that their husbands and suggests to me days to get answers thousands always bear the brunt of that anxiety. And what he did USA had anybody before me. And I'm pharmacists outside ashtray and work and I see used to own my IC nurses and RNC staffer insurance and so cool afternoon. I on some. Well when you get back to the pharmacy when you get back to the firehouse you can tell everybody that you guys have actually been selected. You do ask you. Regulation does. I'm. Don't. I'm just really really excited for you guys have been a vehicle mounted on Father's Day. At home plate. The very first gender ideal as suntrust park ice with a brain pressure yeah. And I think del Murphy came to last year's yeah hey I'm. Yep and Freddie Freeman Tim Murphy has done knows standby. Gas we have fresh air. A practice to give I'm not I have very good aim after doing so lost that. I think graduation you guys and we'll see you at Central Park on Father's Day. As for making this way. OnStar in 941 and.