Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode 12

Friday, March 18th


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To exercise and with Jeff and Jack and net. We are talking real housewives of Atlanta. Good ol' family feud game earlier this week where high tech the first half of the sentence and the guys environment. Guess what Google predicts acts so what are those ways which. Us. Until you guys the president senses are you. There's a huge quiz online everybody tries to figure out the educated yeah it is a totally typically is and I am mostly mean he leaks. I don't. So this thing girls duke we take quizzes. To find out about ourselves even between sounds like my favorite thing you grow up in the magazines like take quizzes. Online anyway. This sounds great in theory but I realized and lessons meaning. Or it Kim's Oceanic. War candy he. And you know and I V I know you on what I'm. So I there's a fifteen questions we'll go through them quickly and as a scout and what we have to deal one it is time sit in it and Jeff will answer them well why don't. You do for David in and I'll bring it up on my. Okay and that's it for me typing a Google yeah. Which Atlanta housewife and I think for let me out a search and then they'll say the drop dumping them be like are you quiz and and write him. Well I what. Are seven. Roll the fifth. It's buddy TV dot com personal acquaintance. So Ali is right for David EV answering for yourself if you anybody TA. Buddy TV Danica let Felix be sharing and they told us that you were meanie as we answer you have to tell us how he answered which ones he said. I don't go totally yeah that's true but I can't remember how exactly how well I'll try to ask you retook it in your heard I heard somebody else as solid how you're feeling in that moment I've. Bring it. Ready how important is money very important money isn't everything money makes the world go around. Money makes the world go round. Very important got which word best describes you outspoken ambitious. Sociable generous. So he's able sociable. Jeff. Outspoken. True. How does your love life. You're currently single you're serious relationship you're happily married or it's complicated David in a serious relationship Jeffrey. In a serious relationship slash happily married retrenchment Jack. And I'm married yeah I'm married yet but yeah right seriously and business would you rather be in all day. Fashion music real estate cheers. Fashion. Did you work in music. But I hope I'm not. I I without using music I like recording industry you know thinking of like at. Work and. Yeah. I read selected music as an hour bosses are gonna listen my game I think any like my generally does it and a very. Are what is your priority family career line of. Family and I clicked yeah. Her fans all of the above really the candidates is. Aisles saying. Love because namely is incorporated in the OK what is controversial about you because you know and reality TV show is starting for the story lines. Your personality. Your past. Your love life your work or not. On my mind right now would be my past work. Because everybody's so excited about whom he met to ship a million minutia so I would say for yours if you click your work okay. And what about you David controversial personality past love life work or nothing. I think I passed. Can't US. And diamond and later. Now its audience and back when you're employed in the music industry before you and it includes a target for a pretty tough. How often do you get in trouble once while almost all the time are never. I would say never but after this podcast FM cuts again Oakley can never. With the question again how often do you get in trouble once and awhile almost all the time and never. How easily do you forge friendships your social butterfly your attempt to get to know about oil afterwards or you only have a few close friends on the social butterfly. Where I am stuck and with controversial. Let me select work. With aggression against these are both online anti immigrant intent. How easily view forged friendships your social butterfly you're tough to get to know that oil afterwards. You only have a few close friends that for you it is an album while afterwards again that's thing. At that. Oh yeah the oil a day what do you. As a Ron do you forgive. Plot your revenge Regina thing. I forgive them. But I don't forget Jeff what do you do and someone has not forgive them ply your revenge or Dina didn't see. I can supply your friends and that's why you got meanie because I don't really get revenge. Right. But I have a friend and do. It this. David is it forgive them yet have the tools to plot or is it that could. I don't have those tools at my disposal like hell of what are you afraid of losing money. Losing custody of your kids losing someone you know or losing your home losing some minor OK. And Jeff rake. What captains again losing money losing custody of your kids losing someone you love or losing your home. Didn't. Kids when his outs. Money my army made a man of whom suing to them and trying. Somebody you love and kind of the only team can't bring back. I need to have kids that's yeah who would you rather marry a singer and athlete our business that I can. As it is gonna say I try to. I'd. They go the other I would say business I can and OK Jeffrey singer athlete business business like and got it. After joining a reality series you were a bit. Enjoy the famous much he can or stop and never look back. Injuries as much as canned yeah absolutely right that army rights. Which housewife do you hate the most needy cam Lisa tertiary. Which wine and ending in a camp I like them that this has to be an older quiz because I don't think Syrian Lisa are on it anymore either camp Forney and star so I got that we as we say insurance Lisa isn't the first season. And she was made to the football player and I really feel like as the one always picking fight you have I hater. I guess that's what I would she's hurt you if you can insert him. And then which would you rather play the protagonist. The antagonist. The love interest for the sidekick I didn't pay attention in school with a protagonists are likely he'll leave yeah actor I would say protagonists fresher is that in the west and answer and it is somebody that is like enemy of the coach ash guitar maker. All. Our enemy trouble and head okay. You know you name it that's antagonists. And then when making the decision you weigh the pros and cons Foley heart failure head. You hastily hastily give a verdict. And when I make a decision sometime I think I'm trying to be batter but I weigh the pros and cons almost too long okay and David. A little bit and everything but in the end I follow my heart as it hurts him. OK so David I've got your results if you keep going here I got mine OK David you are charade Whitfield. You can't say if you yourself I know so apparently you aren't a fashion is something you live for. You take pride in your style in the way you look and won't settle for anything less than perfect. You are on the street or at hearts. But that devotion to business doesn't stop you from having an active social life. It's over the fashion and sitting here in like a hawks baseball cap and glasses because is sometimes it was. I woke up too late you know what one day and it's a road ratings the next day real housewives my hero. Hero Alfred several people call my parents I Rossi said to her out of media including Kelly she DH yeah go Montero cars called to round. Yeah and it's like on target charge which real housewife Maria. Mean you leaks of a paper I had a feeling you'd be meany I'm a social butterfly who takes the world by storm. Always doing five things at once you're child that is filled with hardship. But you would become a strong and independent person here outspoken and I nations which can beat you in trouble. And you've got to find look and we've. We didn't really say energy I have and it's up up up.