Confess Your Crush: With Sunny and Carter

Thursday, June 15th

Will these two teachers fall in love? Or will this end just as awkwardly as the last?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell all. Well confess your crash is hands down my favorite segment we do on the radio because I am the love cheerleader and I love trying to make love pac ten. Jiang loves me and loves what she says I. Yeah confess your Chris is Wendy Chris shirt comes on with us. And tells us who they have a crush on in the recall across seem finance they wanted to put it it's so today we're talking with Sonny hey sunny welcome to check contention out. I know I do you know we are so again and we're excited to hear about your crew Roush. I still believe an introduction to each his back now and is it gives a very enthusiastic. Entry in CU. The advance yeah Saturday. Gov for the record yeah. Ten out of ten times it's really awkward for you could tell tell us about the guy the you have a crash that. Sorry try and I weren't quick cam. Both teachers short haired salmon are trash middle school cash and he's a really great guy so. He is very old it only been in trying to make a year. He did so just need to teach English and I conquered the arraigned next week. Obsolete to the pretty well. Man you know like everytime the bellowing 1000 accidentally in the classroom and Tina constantly outside. Our costumes and we can't market which you know I think it a little clarity again and then arms ache. So until you only bring light cupcake and shoot him but it could mean. On her teacher's lounge in a weekend oh and they can't once buyers though. Normally end at lake seeing. You know. And I think you might like do you dwell on that sound I feel like I'm in middle school and. All of you guys would never trade that gap while school is in session. As for me that's experience. Yeah early summertime math. I take its show I appreciate your wife and then eat now and I want to go home tomorrow 19 am. It's. Little. I sunny so what are we calling him we likes to give him some compliments so what is it about him other than baking. That you really love. I shall I really like I can tell and yeah there. Barney and. And we'd wearing a term like being shared that public old cartoons and I'm. Cartoon that basically grew up on now. And they screwed me out of nowhere he can't like at first and only one ever and Larry you know even the kid. That come into my crutch or make after the collapse I am just saying what a great kind of I didn't there's a teacher. And they didn't have one and it didn't finish on that he sent similar to an announcement by looking at conference. Said they're trying to play matchmaker with you guys already. Already. Know candidates and it's a different time there's a sophomore with her I and the teacher that. My dad's OK so. So what is it he's a great teacher he's really funny he's got and need elliptical style anything else. That makes you smile a little bit wider when he is nearby. Anxious. Traditionally eat and Eric Berry and Brandon. About talking about something that it looks all our home. It happens you know worrying and bothering me. I always like pass the next stay don't have try to help. All has helped me what comes up lately with the idea actually I've had any such an apology barely Clarendon lately and limit helping him and now. You just. Physically. Why did shell Sunnis who and so on. Pinch. Smile. He had a great smile and wait could I if she announced it. Puppy dog eyes and let ground crying just so she knew. Very tall and looked little to the actual you know every time even a little cartoons shirt. Got it OK sunny so here's how it works we are gonna Kleiman talent somebody's got a crush on him. We're gonna explain all these wonderful things about him. And see if he wants to know. Who has the crush on him and it's he says yeah and then years the one who has to say. It's me. Ali and so okay. Okay yeah I'd say welcome back in three minutes and give me the opportunity to confession trash to mr. cartoon shirt pants a man. Yeah a hot teacher. Star in 941. Ken fancy your prize in the most awkward radio say that we do but Janice central love optimistic this her favorites. We all right. Standing. We are talking currently heads to Sonny who wants to confess her crash into one of her coworkers. At the school she teaches at Sonny are you ready again that's. Neat that's all right so proud of you we're gonna put you on hold you get to listen in a while we call him opt. And I see if he even wants to mount if he does in the balls and your record we'll take you back out you know and I and men who. This is where serves or get really awkward hold on okay sending. And angry and I think. Ninety KYE. Because he sounds perfect. And nice middle school teacher and eBay. Carter what does doesn't just know how green left. I'm doing great though he. Did thanks are being willing to time and play radio with us this morning. All court and delighted. Sad. Is it Carter would call today because somebody has a crush on me you know. Really really. Somebody has a major crash on me all I'm this person older. Yeah really. Has it for retailing feel flakes. All they all routinely tingles when they're around this year the single you're single Christmas with the. Turning into good little tingle your legally Taylor sand yeah. Yeah I see question number one Carner there are you a single and available to tangle. And I am seniority. Lilly each single and a. Other than any of that except Y misstep while sex series C share with you all of the wonderful things that your proceeds. Late pressure or Christie violence under pressure things about you the Chrissie. Okay you ready to blush. I am already tell my about it technologies come on this person thinks he aren't so funny. Unveil love your sense of style they say gee you're so much fun and the Iran you're sweet you're ten minutes to consider it your helpful. Yeah puppy dog eyes and Tory smock. A but. Very sled race. You're tall your dash seeing you are everything yeah. And more. 10 yeah. After Roy now we're withholding a couple of the details because we don't want you to know who it is. Just yet but after we heard. Everything that we heard Kelly she's over here actually said they use sounded perfect. That's. That is what a great description view was given by this this person who's India and Yahoo!. He then and so much pressure Obama are okay did little to let that. Brings us to step two in the process he darted past employment confirming your single. Sent to me is do you even want to know who this person is that has a crush any. We won't. Yet another victory not that I'm very curious about food. Lucia I think I'll read about it it's very cluttering and in that little boasting this year at least. And that brings us to the super awkward and uncomfortable step three of the Kelly she's loves I had a remark could just three is the juicy part. I'm now you have Jake guest who you think it might have a crash on me. All these serious but yeah now. Yes nice. It's. Actually you bring your widgets a little bit about. I mean that I had a gash. Called out hey wait a hole that I'm sorry can you hold on 12. Kelly I have a question I'm putting animals Kelly I have a question yes if he guesses right the first time we can't make him guess the second time. We can't and now. It then we just put them on again this answer a heck I agree. We don't have to confirm right at him. OK I we're back sorry about that. What about I resented you ruled clarification and Kelly she's keeper of the awkward right so badgered asked. I'm sure it's a world today com. Jerry and I had the edge. They're there's a woman who worked my school. No no that you shall not enemies but glad to members. In the awkward but it's. It's a name Jessica main chance. No one asked. Simpson tell one. Yeah yeah. Uh huh. Whom maybe mighty sisters aren't. Christiane. Let me Christian didn't holder this this is not a lot call. Sat there. Sally and Easter basket he can't house these that in far. No one knew immediately that ended January. Our stimulate knowledge obviously this person memories would you be thrilled if there was either Jessica or Chris and with those two guys make you happy all the move calling him off or hospice this this this. I mean. Yeah did well yeah super excited about they're both well maybe women. Is there anyone else you'd be really excited about. Me. Does the President Putin who take this next thing about me is like why are. Well we confirmed that it's not. 08 MM might be just get mighty Kristen yeah. You just hang on for us and we come back you're pressure we'll confess their crash Sierra. Most of you I was ordered. The largest streaming isn't your legs are so right now. I'm at DeVon James shows Sarajevo on. And bring us. They pressure you reveal her well. Are trashy convention fresh today went down. Our new friends are harder and he made some guesses on who might have a question. CNN and and his co worker Jessica who works at the same middle school that he works out right. And then he gases. His sister's friends Chris dangerous sins and or his mom or his mom and weak and I'm not mom. This is it I Carter Isiah or any other name journal throughout there we get this to. Yeah you got nothing yet again below another person. Lord goes through. While this point then we will bring your. A secret admire are also holds. Ands. Give her the floor to contrast. Her trash do you secret admirer. The radio station is yours. Yeah. Doom. Knee. Card where. Should I get the Democrats are nearer and got me. Oh I was. Shutting. Have this I need. He. It's. Yeah well I don't know why. Hey I'll be shouting. I'm an Italian summer they are dying. Oh it's going woods going grade. Loud great yeah it was still showed that those guys think about make her. Do. So many good. I I mean I know I'll. Well I don't really need to get other. You know during the summer and now. Teixeira absolutely you know I'm glad shipment schedule. I bet kind of a December hearing that his. Going to be in the weekend warrior but from. Our absolutely absolutely nothing I can get you know it you'll. So that would have been very that would be great journey to be great to see. Many could be until when he com I war oh lets you know assumed that I am a picture mood. Occasionally I can't wait to call her. You've got you've got a bit differently. Thank you card and lose an important and guys. Straight geragos. You memorize the teen. And who wrote could you gonna call me with them so it's scary. Things that (%expletive) that told them from the get go guide them to curry. Well it'll be sometimes talk about he ties it together. No I can't really need to who could be so find. I'm encouraged racial right now that. I. Sani they zero. Right so much thinks it's OK I had a good summer. An evenly. I think we have to work on our exit strategy when it doesn't have to. Your I don't know he now Colin her young though he's not. They say absolutely. Yeah owner and after a pause is that felt like it or a month long and yet today he did a big guy thing girls don't. Should Ernie is like yeah. He's like hey I sunny and then like the month of February has a stack up against unnamed. One my favorite part was when you said I'm sure I'll get your numbers from the school office and wreck I mean we have a well we have. Lisa come from cancer I'm okay with that was that as uncomfortable to listen to as a way is to participate and. At eat wind so turn to blow her out there not into her. Yeah now yet. We got to figure out when man campaign what do we do how we make that person feel a little bit better we need that scene from top gun when they jets. Out of the out of. You are less that he would make it now how do you react that wasn't nearly got a good at eight. Yeah now. Yup I'd I'd thank you Lisa. It and saying CTO I will brainstorm. Exit strategies and it's that easy to come the lines you still have this bridge and still I did get. And and she I'll star. Bands. It was awkward constantly awkward. That's your crest today Jordan in Atlanta welcome to the show. Yeah I was looking and acting like that sink your sacred something painfully pretty straight out. I heard her that would show up all work Earl yeah. You make this seems phase we knew sees some wine. Who's like about to trade. Or like about to walk into a glass door. Richard you Charlene warn them threaten efforts as hers is about to bite it and I can do about it. I'm right there oh my god it's so slow. I'll do you have Democrats Jordan you wanna do it to resell that that well are you excited to participate in Vienna guys I'm afraid it's nobody's gonna do this anymore Chris still an Atlanta what would you have done. If you're in that situation. I wouldn't hung up and couple ever watch from my whole paper on it you're like you out. I. Early. How hard it like it and live among about a month I would not gonna do women any news and bad sick console world. He didn't cause he like an entire Christmas vacation when I look at. He's like hey it's sunny from school and then we're like Monday night tonight adults. About it they don't they're. Remember like. Remember in the old tiny movies when they were showtime passing they were showed calendar in the days been like rip off one by one and then the changed that's how long the hospice. And other citizen. I well we've we've got this we're going to put this up on our website gonna start 941 Atlanta that come and if you missed. The awkward journey it was Jim's favorite radio said it's. Can president clash listen to it from beginning to end because it's it's a work of art that's number one coming to death if you want to do confess here. If you're brave enough. Sued several through a potentially awkward moment full are potentially what could be the greatest. First days story ever. What if we were responsible for someone's real love happening Jeff. Let's rewind button and while we'll keep trying Sony say we our relationship started on the jet engines show and now we're married with kids answer looking for with investor crack. I just email gen Ed's Jan and started 941 and Canada are Tom and Jane. With two ends the second and four never gonna lean out and offered a. Cool I like to hear that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.