Talk Foodie To Me: The Brunch All Night Edition

Thursday, June 15th

Hear all about the DELICIOUS food we'll have at Brunch All Night this weekend!


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Thanks for lake and. Fellow. Talk Fukudome. All night is happening this Saturday night and we want you to be there grab your tickets stunning 41 Atlantic dot com as we want to party with you at terminal left on Saturday night it's all about the party that is also. All about it the food and our friends a taste of it and I and sky. From taste of lamb are in this studio right now. To tell us all of I vowed to delicious fruit and French on nights this Saturday hello sky. I tell us so excited to be back what a tough day they go out and find the best brunch fruits and Atlanta forest could you it's really hard Jeff please don't underestimate my it skills are any sides they Kelly she's was going to cry while eating the shrimp and grants from. To go honey is that you do the shouldn't miss. Yes advocates say did you cry oh girl I was in my years in an eating them Mary snow okay. I'm using it as amazing nice seasoning man. Gas Tupelo honey is coming on Saturday alongside six other incredible friend trash and like I gotta be honest. I was even shocked by our list and how great of restaurants kinda nice. I missed in this event it's going to be incredible. On some menu items are ridiculous so besides Tupelo honey shrimping grants Atlanta breakfast club which is now one of your favorites you try it this week right. We just ran through Atlanta register earlier this week and the first thing I saw on the menu is what they're bringing it which is the French coast did breakfast out there is this isn't just dead tortilla and and with some flags and salsa like that is a little bit overdone even though I can eat that every morning this is safe French toast painting a quick. Pork belly grilled and a fresh farm. And and warm maple syrup even stay warm maple syrup because they're not enough breathing temperature sapphire. Main deck it so each taco is crafted with care for an Atlanta breakfast club. Talk OK but now on to one of the bars that I have never experienced that worked out to have Saturday night and thank okay I'll start. With tallies hot little this. Yeah. Yeah. So excited. And it's really great because they feel like I can have unlimited signing this does get are because it's different types of biscuits there's a shortcake beds get a buttermilk biscuit at chatter in time which is my personal favorite on and on and then there's the manatees and jelly. All kinds of this gets I'm uncomfortable with the name of that restaurant because it's your wife's name and then. I've been hit and that. It Lauren like you know my need anybody dig in Indy callies now. Well peoples and are around the block she it's worth the wait. I've got some unlimited tallies how little biscuits sound and I. Oh really on a sad day. None this. Cars coming up pastor we talked about. To not be as having a waffle stations sell another great and memorable moment can I tell your studying up on this taste and Atlanta and so. If I some weird things to get good viewed as an act I can tell you're trying out a cup I'm. On the something else I'm really looking forward to this weekend the Mercury. Says this is the restaurant on the second floor of pot city market and it's a very delicious and it's very trendy and exclusive and I'm so excited for them to be a part of this event. On him what's the Mercury bringing to run until night they're bringing pork grilling aides and corrects nice what is that Grilli it I think it's girl. And that. Really good I don't know I. And even their dishes there. I've had people that tell me they had the best state of their life at the belly so I know that what they're bringing and it's going to be a beautiful presentation champ says the last bar that we're gonna have. Is from twisted soul cook house implore I girl yelling my. I'll let you hash round part of what I've had a baked potato bar banana loaded hash browns are sounds. Fantastic obviously is bacon involved I'm going to imagine it's all the same toppings as it baked potato bar but it's just in hash round form which makes it even better because every piece of Tino is crunchy and a little squishy mushy on anti. They were in the morning for a bad tasting that we did. I had a chance I had her make my little plate. And as she did house rounds and she could short read on it. And a short or it was so pretty it looks like cameos like can I just have guys that sat on my face though I am. This the likelihood I and then put all the toppings on it I was I. I was a head and I'm Anita and that that's a good point Kelly you have to have insider knowledge for this this air force them hash browns are on Saturday. Get everything on hash browns don't just. Go with one. I'm multi indulges the teens or something normally needed to act it out and try every yeah MMX Trenton crowd and on mixture to that you can do they have everything in their own. I Hampton and how insane is a late addition to the browns' roster. They'll be there and they're gonna bring and that's surprising us with whatever they're gonna bring on Saturday thank you so much to our friends at celebrity cruise is. To bomb our friends at Marietta plastic surgery to our friends and hotel indigo downtown. And of course taste of Atlanta who had the very difficult job of cure aiding the best brunch foods in the entire Saturday huh. Hardest job in the world. Only jet engines yeah. It's giveaways and take it straight down shall we let's do it 4042630941. The brunch on the tickets are on -- star 941 Atlanta dot com if you don't win there are a limited number of tickets remaining so few at a party with us on Saturday night go online today and get your tickets -- your friends. And I get your tickets today. And young star ready for a one.