Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn Episode9

Tuesday, March 15th


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Q when was his late. They. As you walked out there you'll own one of whom are located and usually it is woke her up. And that's right it just blew. And it's just and too much Waffle House lists in the heck through much maple syrup this has grounds are really good though. Not they weren't so good this morning hello every penny pick it. I. Yes. What's happening now they'll. You get on this Monday. Afternoon. It is the all skipped work. Good good that's good. It helps our Carolina listen in my head and sad songs for the yeah. Let's just goes so this morn I wrote about. Kind of is it it's it's it's just say ousting of singer record that I wrote about what Simon I'm a girl is making me suffer but now food is making me so simple. This one regardless it's called adjustment that you regard this is not a word by the way that's where everyone's like yes it's not a word. Don't say it. So now I say regardless so. Regardless this far so this songs cults. You. The and back. And. Change. And any. Boom mom. It's in laying way. As they may ask. Me all. Go their own pensions. Most sense to me I don't know. One name one. And I liked him. Justice not. And cool god and love. Many. Okay. You may miss. Actually mean play NN. Nearest. Town long. I think we'll. News on him. So may miss. News. Yeah. Us. Singing god islands just. Yeah. That. Navies all. Then and now this. All in Memphis. Too soon well then. Don't work and make you feel loose and hanging. On main man. You I can't. Just as snappy. Knowing full hearted love. And you go away. You may miss. Zaki and brand. Here's you sound on. And love. Zoning is. Our role. Is on May mean. And. And when you. Shame well. Boom. Bringing. Error. Any. It's gone and change. Your own thing. This. In pain mood. And yeah. Wow. Well on this is not good and food often and. The issue and in. You may miss. His own game and win. Two win and. Yeah exactly you're all alone. We'll. And so men. He's a man greens and. Thank you. Wasn't that good. Guys are as much as the beautiful it is you. I was gonna say arrogance that says there ring so obviously. Time to wake up at bats pretty sounds like sick. I aerial. Heartbreak makes you great really great songs hot it does. It's I'm certain to realize that ways to view I go damn why why why am I so who am sensitive than and I figured out how to write music and that's. Snow turned into quite a greater via says should we set you up on a date with these lovely place she can bring that aren't. So defense has the because I do need a wife and I. I do you do companions. They get lonely. Every caller to 45 minute Jeff injection tomorrow morning. Charlie's pride. That's the one who have promotion so. One half of 1% of the population as the yet the year right perfect pitch. Right. I mean which is I've always felt late it's always like hindered my social on this a little bit. These cases but it perfect pitches like action as an hey SEC and a flat that's and he. Day legacy I can hear any tone. And identify it and I've always thought I know I grew up thinking it was like Connolly pointless I never understood why I added and I was always mad about it because. I would be talking to friends like in third greater than China listen to the teachers teach me about Alger group or you know algebra in third grade math you know what I wanna. And I would over I would hear electric car passed by. And I would stand up in the middle class from they tell me this one run it right into my go back home they're like you I used to stand up. And say oh that that the car passing by it was a G sharp than it. What has some velocity so went on to an F sharp in the Buick what are you. You're in good utility nine year old you crazy nine year old and you know I used to walk around and you know gift. You know make it normally beats my head instead of being like a normal kids so. I got made far Lola and I was like damn if I didn't have this you know weird thing going oh my brain. But. I realize that like what you said late 1% of people have listened to actually gift and mission instead of being mad about it uses to. The best of my abilities so I used to listen to just a bunch of pop records while I'm studying jazz and classical music conservatory. And I was CC OK so that perfect example that phone. It's that the major record. So thank you. All right afloat NC. A fun easy here's a challenge gen. Singh and note. And I'll just say a note. You can sing something you could pick anybody else that's him I picked you well we'll sort of put her on this climbing and you as someone just. Someone brave on this Monday he'd sort of morning and I think I will always love you this morning. Headed gen YRE I can't say singing. In the morning. I will tell I will tell I Welty throughout this but I'll tell you that that a high note that Whitney unit is Heidi she goes. Which is are doing falls out of which is incredible that she was able to hit that in full was. But it I'm only taking about the do you favor it. How it's changing the subject to president wing man. So I really so but with his perfect pitch or figured out that I can listen any proper record in played back after hearing it once so I would. Listen to the first one the first Popper is never what was celebrity by instinct and I'm very proud to admit that. Yeah. I remember listening to lift the title track which was pop and was the single off the record and wherever hearing your ones and being able to go to my piano and. To him when I'm alone don't run. This music two who. Also remembered it's just. So it became a good thing but I'm still weirdo. If we're successful weirdo which region and a weirdo because successful. I've my heart feel successful. Not say that the B cheesy belatedly no matter how much. Of this success they see it's like you know it nerve it actually makes you happy you have to like just below what makes me happy is making like. Millions of them makes you guys happy music that like you guys can put on the radio and on don't say I don't really I really mean it had. I really mean it and that's what makes me the. I've by applies who wants to hear Jen saying. Who wants to hear Charlie say in other side. Lawrence. And I did show up religion. So his next record is one of those records that want the right to make it all happy it's kind of like it is started out as a joke. And I got my friend Megan strain practicing on there with me. Who did who'd lose like yo dude why don't you stop taking this as a joke and take this song seriously because this could be a massive hit and I was like no it can't two months later Aaron. And it did so I'm just trying to figure with key. Some look I'm I'm feeling better by the way I think he had. Hey you know resounding yeah eight. I. Like I said this started out as a joke and then became one of my biggest songs in this call Marvin game. Or. Yeah. Yeah. Do you do. It's. Small things Yang ended on. Do you think you're got fashion. Lose. A. Good things stand in this. Sell goods honest and I think Yang can. We get this case is still lost. Can move to have to show is no way now. Who knew that don't keep peace seekers CA us. The news. Come honest fashion show. Mean do. Whoa. And then you're I was. And pulls me because. And I'm in the show. Love. Being shovel hang him let's not make Yang again on. A young man and. Huge gap that still in that I'm wrong. Being. A. They're saying in this song. And sells guns on us and I think game. I mean. June doesn't care some team. And. Scare SM SU. Yeah and this. Let me say in this. And sell all the time I was wrong thank you day. He added. Two in its. It's. Important to me. You know. Tool. The New York. And we'll as the main goals. So yeah. Yes. Nun in John Holmes. And I. Change oh is that you know this mining changes and peachtree. Move. And and. And. In the smiling can't. In the June oh yeah. Then I'm mom. Motivation. It and song. And still John earners smiling yeah and you get it on day. And it and enjoy dancing can so. Hanging. House terrorists ever see. Then. Fans. Sled they say in this. You sell clothes on us behind Yang again at all. Being. He's ahead in the song and sell goods on us. Yeah I can't. Can you. You guys trade on Energen saying that seems. Any reconstruct at least I was married and he could've done is that you last week and I was thinking about bringing about the does Leo just in with a net. I can I ask a favor with this is selfish of Janet. So. And I am sorry guys that listen we're a new radio show and aren't you for what's been great to us. But we need jingles right. Can you just using it jab. And jam it in star ready for wine can you kind of beat box us a little. Jingle action radar adaptive. Star. Jeff and Jen and just whatever York. Of the temple and. And some of these aren't Stein and don't understand what's. Yeah. Well I react and if I if I wasn't under the weather that we will use Ryans and like me cohesive sentences. And now. Get a ticket sold. To use that. Heavyweights is because you say the driver and we're very confusing Buick I don't know what I think Clinton. This comes it'll. So Charlie got a little bit of a back story on headline that read today I'd say you've got a son that it it features Selena Gomez right. Performing live over the weekend and times as a goes. Jokes become bigger deals when they hit the Internet yes so there was a Justin Bieber continued we're all out. It is like the idea of Bieber beef. Now another animal Wrangler bring this up to I have absolutely no beard V from a actually just some of the reasons why I started opening YouTube videos basis instinct on the couch communal. And cutesy if they want be successfully that's you. It's just it was me honestly being overly facetious and try and it sounded. Funny in my head. And the Mormon I said and I'm like why on earth that I to say evidently Kim and I'm not trying to be funny now I was like why honors today to say that and it's. You know I should just try to stop being a comedian honestly and to stick to the music because I'd definitely offended a lot of people I felt. And feeling really bad for the past couple days and I'm sorry. I'd but I really I have nothing against him I really in the future and and since Ali. I from the back of the room know we have. I'm pretty sure he has bigger things has played them wearing. This. Odds to speak to the Internet there's a story or something men. And I interviewer I think and tell me this this is true or not that. You had to fill in your first real taste of musical success was when the organist at your church brought out. Yeah it was during Ash Wednesday and only get like you know those things on your head. And the church organist appropriately for Ash Wednesday because you know we're you know we're celebrating Christ and it's just a beautiful day he's showed up drunk to a church and a and I was lay in my twelve girls cell was like. I did something tells me that this man is drunk smoke. And again this is still Meehan denial that perfect pitch was a cool thing I say every Sunday I would go to mass in use names on you know. Clothing clothing. Slow lane. And let the same records over just turned bad hymnal into a commercial for a children's songs. You'll notice she's royalty at dusk and again that's a no no warhead lines that can't. Ha ha ha. So. So I review the same you know beautiful views and music over and over again I actually think church music and like you know well. They relate we can just play it on tape and I'm like that's lame it's Ash Wednesday cocoa play it ever it was it was it. You know like our I know all the songs in my Bentley no you don't is like. Yes I do and it was an organ sound because the first record. It was a our knows something like very like that's a Christmas song as if it. It was something very. Very prominent and my feet couldn't even reach the pedals but Obama somehow figured out put the whole mass and everyone applauded and you know. Roman catholicism that's very you know nobody claps teachers those that are quite. He proper for you clearly were more focused on the music in the lessens the Turks to judge in order for the stuff in your hand and you're confusing Christmas trees that are. I don't know why should I root of the body's own. My mind that. All the notes are thinking man yeah all of those missing in now I've gotten a bit better you know still alive but that's why and in my album arch marred by the way it is. My mind's all over the place. If you got back to that church and you played at that church since you're successful in those years they actually read the Reid did in rooms in the majors the where I'm from Poland. Haven't gone back they played but I would be. On that we gotta get there on a Tuesday and start giving booze to New York amassed yet. And get a good hot over here and they'll get wasted. Yeah foul Arsov Charlie. Let's do it Charlie group. That the T. OK so. This wreck. Your. Does play it it's very it's very popular is because the user has right now so thank you for listening to wouldn't requesting it at your station. Especially this one and who accuse this one for playing it. And I moved. To an end my manager and I think. Yeah I'm enjoying yeah. And all named Lauren. Glove. I mean there. Day. Today. So Amanda. Day. In I mean mind. Com. Car. I'm Dan. Hangings. For. And mean and guys and I can. Mom mom mom and me Asian man. This chance saying he understands. And playing and and you land and I. I'm not saying. Call. And in and out NN. And so commander on nine. Pain and remains unknown. God Lang chemical and late in the yard and it is common non fans own niece. I. Mean. Us honest just me and grandma come on come yeah I mean campaign. And Siemens. And now we just saying. And as you know. Storms in years. Bay hill go. You know me. And I'm only one it and glove or leg. And then loudly and asks okay. For again. And game news. I mean mind. Gong. Landon. And play and you know lean and this child. I'm gone she. The. An ounce and June and new ballroom they have. John. When you feeling column this guy. Xanana. I mean. Away. I'll hand and saying. To me. So. And me and in my. And I only know. Yeah young. I seen me and I'll end asks hey. And I. Pain in South Carolina and gun. Men hanging in the name unknown. Cause. Man. And paying. Nothing. You know our. Oh. Leg and. And as Charlie group you guys. Who. So we're gonna get a couple of questions from the audience while I you raise your hand in the coming let's ask your questions for Charlie. I went for you a lot of times with young female artists we asked them if they feel responsible for being a role model for young women. So I would like to those same question to you do you feel. The responsibility. Now that your in the public being a role model for young men. Yes. And no further explain this. Yet my final thing is a one. Iverson or discouraged from doing this lake in its simplest form making music per on the producer make you do it producing record as the the time in his fantastic when it's it's a very business oriented town which is totally cool. I mean. It wasn't my thing without wasn't the field work that I wanted to go into and everyone's like well you have to use here like now I wanted to do what I wanted to do and I'm pretty sure that there's kids my age of maybe. Older younger whatever who. Might be discouraged by their peers or whoever maybe maybe there's some encouragement. I wanna show them that there is like poll with the with his music career like I'm a good example of it with hard work and consistent work and everything like that you can kind of accomplish your dreams and I'm literally living my dream which is why you know the thing about. Beaver which I said it's just it's I don't want people. It's his thing that I honestly can say whatever was on my mind and just you know figure the most offensive thing to be controversial it's just like that's that's not mean it they kind of took me a step back of me being a role model in my opinion because. It's it's make mistakes but I want to show people that. I can make up for those mistake I do adds up a mistake it's how you respond to it yeah and I don't. I just wanna I wanna inspire people make their own album and their basement and on the laptop and when they're on planes like that's how I made my entire album we're not in the studio went on time elapsed by myself. And it's totally possible to have you know number one songs and songs played on the radio stations and that's why while I wanna be aroma and yeah I think you when you're a great. They review it two maybe three questions anybody they were caught up. What two and three and he should. And it depends on a schedule over there and it just gonna yellen. What do they do do it to crash and person. Good question though the question of doing. I fear it's it's it's actually the I didn't do it with three very different people. Making trainer who was awesome and gifted songwriters Selena Gomez who is like the cools poisons like a star performer and wiz Khalifa who is wiz Khalifa and so is amazing dude has performed in the kids' choice awards. Cup moments ago. I I don't know I dislike. It's a perfect bounce between all of them assists I got to learn so many different things from all ensue from whiz he was the first person I ever performed with. And before him perform that was like really nervous and it was like. Bro broad just chill out if you mess over is gonna do it again granted he was very relaxed from things that I. I happen. It it it did help me and Megan help me with my songwriting I would over think melodies and we'd be readiness on the elect do just. Whatever flows whatever you think you Reynolds is rated and people will respond to that the best so. And now from Maine with Celine. Just more of the performance aspect and getting to be a better perform because of her and she's giving me tips about. Dealing you know with being in the public guy to which she is so. And everyone's it's it's great artistry artistry helping each other out. That's a very long winded answer. It felt. I look effected him deputy Ashley the question that he stands there crosses arms. That straight right guys who respirator he's ready Heatley and give it to me and and went to air. Into. Not theories and. My favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch with almond milk. Because you don't get the Flemmi feeling after disputed because he can have like one bull of cinnamon toast crunch yet to have like six. And it has. Exactly yet to have a whole box and you know if you put regular milk and it's just you're just gonna feel disgusting. Should stop being disgusting and have some almond milk. And what's your name Julia. Your biggest influence to. My biggest influence to write with a third just just to write general ought to write in general. The scan some random weird but it James Taylor. Is one of my favorite. Artist ever. It's. And Adam's voice and I'm just I don't get star struck by anybody I'd lay public and it's just a different story like he I think. He was actually the first person ever listened to my mom would. While she is with me put headphones on her bill in place and then relations. And that you can kind of hear my voice to that was analyst James because I mimic his you know denunciation. Things so I mean James Taylor's the reason. Problem probably why I'm here to win this right now. And if you don't know he should listen to him. That's awesome Charlie Brooklyn tenement. Thank you.