The GoGirl

Tuesday, June 13th

What strange device has Kelly Cheese feeling like a man?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all of now. I.s so I was out when you guys hatched this plan to allow Kelly she's in the woods here's how it austerity and we we're talking about Katy Perry's dress for the met gala yet she was in that whole big. Read to get up with the veil and everything on is that pretty complicated work of art which she was wearing and she says to. The only way she was able to go to the bathroom was using and go girl got me started talking about to go girl and what it looks like Kelly never heard of him a farce I started. Yeah unprepared. I was joking. And I can't explain and wanna go girl I've actually seen people using something like this before president vessels and camping hiking that I never knew it was like a thing I don't think a homemade device I don't know coach and it just looks like a little funnel lately you put oil in your car with you know which is shaped for your body yet it's almost shaped like a Blatter kind of there and minus purple and like a pretty lavender color this is I know and it's got like it though. If he has as a scout is valued calling yeah from the end and it really does look like a funnel what you and like put oil in your car. How. How does it work you have to you have to head. Put it inside your clothing her clothing has to come down and then he say why he can't dress on I guess you can just come down but. No I. I was hiking slam making charts and so yes I and ask Bob Bennett street and I've never viewed outside of our cousins Carole Katie Crowley amounts and I'm also scared of being a highlight. So come this thing I have to get good at it I mean. I'm ironman being a little kid and yes you have to be go to bed and go. Learning how to not get your shoes yellow yeah yeah so yeah exactly stay fit and thumb and so it's cool and it comes on YouTube so it actually folds up and see him travel with a pretty easily streets I know he's discreet and it's pretty it's purple Hasan had become a khaki tellers say he'd prefer you know khaki khakis terrible he droppings and leaves it's gone forever known for her clearly. Is now and a measured in an eggplant patch right fish but it's a pretty lavender purple sound. Yeah so young to be careful because it is you know only calling holes so much they don't want. As it fills a very good. Oh no I had overflowed yeah. Oh great now. That and it fills. Late doesn't it just immediately come out to spell out all the stops I Hughes or any thing insulin. Also as this out why don't they make the spout the same type is the average. Latitude thing I'm national armed I don't know but it's so you can make it directional. Yeah you re naming this now you can. They're really good at it I Tiffany and woods that hey. A year ago girl alumni. I am I had my in a couple years it really an ad in the keynote. On. I did and being at my age and competition and are different and then. And I actually want mind. So Tiffany as they go girl pro what tips would you give the beginners. I'm just not eat it fast. Yes exactly and thank natural flow I'm looking at the reviews say Kelly AG's print it out those slugger. Isn't any TMI but the one thing I say about this and his control your 40 yeah okay either peace or bad they just let it out he announced tonight. And aid from the thought so. It's basically say you're basically it is a fun also viewed pour something into a funneled in fast and that over yet exactly. And I love this it gives gives me that keep them to go standing up season. You go anywhere you could and that's what I'm excited for it is now all my camping trips not only life figure out if I've learned it but I. I won't have to worry about walking on mild support upon because that's literally what I'd been doing. Go girl would cern near mundane setting the now you can write your name in this now piceance tall buildings and freak I should go where it is in the ladies' room in the some X yeah. That's. And it really weird the best part is that it's not Albert and I'll to wash up after years. The shake out drew drove early command change is due out. Simply wash it out in the public Christian sank nothing to see their kids. Thank me later you gorgeous adventure eleven. OK I have a question I shaped and putting it in your purse or your bag does this Valerie attract. Killing the wrong because his grammar and it's sold out. Maybe Jim. They need to know that their roles of C is all right back in the ticket and insular likened to casings OK and save it back. In first person that's where I now. Because I. I do law and overflowed so that was congress but it was also like touching an abstract like. Cleaning off and on public bathroom lights on their views talked about I was renting an optional waterfall it's. They're playing him. It's around in a lot of fun yes I think. I'd look real bad and now I fully backed up by an independent man backpack in conflict since. Andy's not fully clean and you have to return it to the holder yeah I think you should legend Marilyn she can a person reviews. You borrow. Hansen comes. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.