Ghosthunting With Jeremy and Charlie

Tuesday, June 13th

How could he have forgotten!?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. Let's people who have no Steve you. Jimmy under the shadow bogey very little. OK it's O rights it's how. That's familiar paint. I'm a long time in the same tired we'll tell us about this. Lovely lady Charlie and good. Yeah. Let her go. Who else. Who had strange and any standard and we still include typical standard based. Whose great parts whatever. Dropped her off. And now. I haven't heard career and economic and let they had there so let me make each location salute at a local block them once we ended it. You know I slip into your actual phone call. And it actually if you try to religion that NATO went in Turkey and replace. It for me. I hit me you're calling her right you've called her and tax mass concern though told delivered word comes out and her voicemail answers she's just. Not responding TU. But. They're not there and let you know FaceBook that's kind of weird. You know I can't. I'm totally blocked so alert and I don't wanna go to your point of like soccer though or expert Gregory record credit card is currently is a but I think about it every day like what works and what happened yeah. What you do on your days vertigo like how was the conversation how her body language all that. Our leaders I remembered the hurdler. Awkward because there in person could and I couldn't have been some sort of sign we don't know. Where it when we actually put on treatment. Your name. They're protect the one where they're. Room talked about. Her family a couple of very little you know how to type hooligans. Regular stock which lets you do. The third day we went from. Lady walking around in the park. And just talked. I don't know it would. Normal. Like notre stated progression Laird who. And beyond her years. At which point I'm gonna do our our didn't matter to me if I even allowed brilliant I didn't know issued on the planet. Yeah. So hey EO if we can't track her down and goes on Terry we typically ask lie to see you wanna know the why anyone in that she's breathing oxygen. Well you have a great time in my life appears. Oh yeah there is this a normal for you love is this normal free you'd be so concerned with somebody who is kinda blown you out. What Lugar really attribute because. Think it went well like I do. She came to greet each or heard not kick it back so it will petrol powered remote prevent closure soon. We're immune. And you promise in saying any thing that would attended that you could be like a serial killer. If anything I ban on today because this girl straight a block on social media in the hours on end your calls to the plan where you think she might be dead. So like nothing weird hour and a final term car. Apparently didn't personality. Yeah. And then I killed her I'm not really sure. You have things get a I didn't are there Jimmie did you kiss. Yet. On that person is 32. Second but not on the third. Now. Route here are really Republican. Rains that many people he's going to be hard to hang out there now gone involves which means kissing percentage of throughout disability goes way out. Totally yeah it has eluded they're they're they're going to go down foot so would you describe that kiss as anti tennis. Earned a return to that end. Colonel you are figure out which doesn't for a hundred. Work and get some roller blade. A second blow it wasn't like super. Romantic anything ditched I didn't I didn't have a. OK it was like yeah yeah that is a good night and kissing your brother polite. Not hey I can't get it done and you guess that's my main event saying its Achilles it is advocates may kiss your brother what. That's a fat problem. There may kiss your friends and playing their parents as an NN yeah. Though there are not under so more or. I killed him. Really really similar there's no I don't know expand. We eat you like MacArthur has written to be totally Caremark yeah. Voted it in that would likely would like they're usually. It planned speech errors and grab whatever. Called to use the word ran a lot because. I can vehicle and. I think you used the word and putts. Yeah I well if you give us 24 hours we will. Reach out to her seems she's willing to come on with us and if the answers yes. You've got to listen in tomorrow morning at this time all we have a conversation. Which term. About why she ditched somebody who's so grabbed. It would allow. Perfect physicist. I co signing will continue. We have Jeremy hunting for Charlie. And this time tomorrow morning I'm Jeff contention. And we always find yours theories too so the conversation continues on FaceBook where we try to predict. Exactly why it is that. Jeremy diagnosis and his status for nothing more than bragging rights so early this sometimes it's even in the tone of voice you can predict exactly why he got guys that young. All I know there's somebody listening right now whose bite. Heard some pattern of speech or heard one little phrase that he uses like I know exactly what this is crazy their doctor about marriage you certainly have merit on the ground. He was a terrible case I can say Iran is terrible kiss and that's why Gmail a 100% never. I knew that he he stretched his own hair too much whatever you think it might be. Definitely leave that for us online at its attack comes a second and show and we will give you full credit. If you get it right and. Young star ready for war and. The people who live goes did you want. Just send me. This week sports here meek from. Who was tracked down a woman that he went on. He's. Three straight session three days' training her name is Charlie and Jimmie and free they. Barely hear yeah we tractor download and she's been kind. What kind of good seller wolf will be able to find out exactly what happens. It was Big Brother kiss of brotherly love yeah. Or ever address my match. I Kelli just said it's. And so here's how worsens you're sending your gonna resembled you're gonna hang on and you listen in as we called Charlie and find out why she listed. Earlier this extreme guessing to right blocked and they spoke on Trenton and tens of common nada that's me doing your crazy acts are beyond hello Jeremy. Full I. He went Y one I think. And do you always had an aunt friends say hi Hayden coming out or do I really. Ready to turn the whole game high eight. Charlie it's Jaffe from the Jetsons and Sharia. I'm Ariel arm the reason we are calling you today is because about six weeks ago. You went out and a few dates with a guy named Jared. He. Do you remember Jeremy. Irony here earlier on America when you call yeah. Okay I'll tell us why IE after your. Third day spending time with them or third date with an. Why are you completely vanished from his life he's very concerned and frankly and her week. Yeah they did it. Super dramatic so let their. It's. So. So cute and happy are you ready that it helped a universe and so I go. I did about I don't need me. Cash and I didn't tricky out. And check how we need that secret code blue ridge golf international fiance back. Right not to carry on an error and I shirt did not share to try I now I'm the back in the day tomorrow and I'm thinking. Yeah I don't wanna even try to check it you're like I don't try to get married let me reduction act. Right. So when I am so so you're on a date with a guy. And he's telling you he is telling you that you engaged. Content to coast culture and now not sure you want to get married. Right slump. And I don't I don't think it's cool and I want every now. And quite contact me and my now. Yeah you're stuck out at that I'm actually. The same guy. Six years later. And play Conchita yeah I mean I got married and only major in mind you know at issue in the air at the right on the OK okay and. So you know how. Great and I. Wish that I am like yeah and and. It's got to be like commerce and the like some necessary action like I didn't play fresh air and executed so. So it nice on you in the middle of that park date that this is seeing it from six years again Democrats. So you sir. Oh. I want true I do little. Started laughing. Distinctly like that we were saying and secret character so isn't we're. Kind of right. Even so yeah I think actually. Check MI out and then now I know I. What prince. And bringing you our. He's been brought. Randomly in the airlines that's why he's. She does a guy who's willing to go out with another girl on when he had a few say no life. I'm a guy with the matter he proposes some mighty enough like I'm having second thoughts let me and I dating app takes on how nine days. And then six years later he's still no ill growth. This year. And angry about it like I am actually one more interest and I had our rights. That's off the bench in the world. No. I. Don't live around me and Mike did what island Sistine. Yeah it hears anything Charlie that would make me mad about it is that he didn't remember you for the first time even our industry so yeah. You wanna be pretty memorable yeah. Oh named Charlie like you Camry yeah. I am shorter. What every right equipment and got into and I look at. Let them out and parents if their rights opponent in return and I try to. I'm not too I want to tell him out of the car and an extra moment child I had badgered. Like cents you can set you back there is at the same time unlike didn't do that and that. It. Wow wow really I think yeah. Yes. Crazy thank you affirm affirm I tell us about that and I am. So excited to I get his feedback on that part of the story out that is all right thank you journalists. Yeah there and like I've been hitting running and consider what I said maybe it's destiny so yeah has been enhanced to include the hate not hate you. I had Nene and me now. I tell us. Back here in three Minnesota got Jimmy and see what he has to say for himself. That doesn't just kill every. Did Charlie after goes hunting currency. To us exactly why she goes data. Hear me it's they had actually do on a date for six years ago. While he had a fiance didn't sound on her on there Saturday. Fast forward to now make sense. OK so. Amy got lessons on Alice think America. Hey Jeremy. This color is Charlie speak the truth. Yeah. Did you have any recollection that it was her when Euro with that are very any of the three gates. Bernie blue. I guess that's why that's how we got along so well we are even each other unmentionable leave the gates. There. So you and I. At all you are like hey when I was seeing on my fiancee is six years ago in the you know player. I'm may be meant and their running Charlie that likely to live as a girl named Charlie you don't need that often see. All I odds in his bag and that if it's possible. Leg then got. You know is a long time. She did say she changed her hair re well and it is fair I'm not passing judgment I'm just stating facts. He did have a fiance at the time and if he was dating multiple people. As well as having that fiance. Like just for one or two dates right ERM is. So you have an atomic got a thousand I'm putting down. Now I'm down I'm not judging understating facts there would be easier forget my guys for their view would be easier for Americans clearly he's scared of girls yeah. Oh yeah well and I. I create right Larry my velocity. Is yeah so I would say it is true. And it hit the best will filter down. I know that sounds weird break. Then I'd lose you always say weird kind of not a word I would use Charlie Manning how that sound and you might wanna get out why your head yeah. Trust me. Well since three word Coke on the line. Meant to be excited back not likely to randomness. I don't know maybe you got more than that. It would mean how can there are. Yeah I did propose the idea of destiny to her and is com she had three words in my. I don't care and I can't CNN radio and I'm about oh hell no thinking I have a bathtub on this day he announced and it's. Yet everything cattle on this one. I'm gonna go and famed redundant routes into an attention right one brought back when my life. You know. I thank you Gerri. Are there thank you I'm right. There. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.