Sweet Baby Reese Update

Monday, June 12th

Jenn just spent the weekend waiting on some very important test results. How's Reese doing, Jenn?


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. Update our daughter Reese to share with you and and sound it's my way of saying thanks see you all because everywhere we go from somebody in the jet's engines show insanity for one family says how is recent doing and she had a big check up an appointment. On Friday so did you says. That a date and a big thank you hear in just sacked. And they already know this you've heard us talking about it it's. The biggest party of the month jet engines at brunch on my present about celebrity cruises its. This Saturday says you're one of those people who like just wait and get tickets. Rain before our well guess what it might sell out and then you wish it so go to start my 41 Atlanta dot com. The best parts your weekend all smashed open of one party. Perot intrude wrench inspired cocktails. Dancing music entertainment. Only twenty bucks so I tickets are still available. Tammy and promises of go to star 941 Atlanta dot com and grab your tickets to brunch all night happening this Saturday. Rather your friends do it and. You know it's funny reappraisal night because last year was our very first grandchild night. And it was in August and it was right after our daughter Reese was diagnosed with cancer OK and save -- we had gone through that initial MRI and they said there's a mask and we had to get after this so you guys are not only in the hospital and year and doing chemotherapy at the end of the week and we are like well we are a whole world just get so wrapped should wait wecht. No ethnically. This is really happy is this true life in hell is this happening. And so that real. Is remarkable is when you think about it that way drew I make you woke up that morning and thought. I want I'd swing by a publix and get some chicken thighs try new recipe I wanna try tonight and then I attitude Lauren to get a shirt for herb. Photo shoot you know her photo pictures cool pictures or whatever like these little. I wanna say in Maine considered their everyday life things like those were your thoughts when you vote woke up that morning yeah and by the end of the day it was well. What am I gonna waited until night trying to Intel listening you know regularly keys and mundane things but by that night the whole world stops to admit it's amazing how. Quickly. All of that. Other stuff just falls away. Right in half so trailed yeah Scioscia. Well we're bringing migrants on my for the second year and I am here today to confirm for you it will be a celebration. So I stuck on Saturday and looking forward to it because we had big milestone on Friday Reese had an MRI. Which is where they could you know having to look if you've ever seen them. That's the bigs in the big white circle to the NC SBC dated him which is awful tragic and it's dated. But she had to be sedate incident she sits you'll still they take pictures of her spine when her tumor was that the base of the spine where they removed part for Siobhan where they got an all out. Because they need to be able to compare from surgery day two today has anything changed there is is it possible because her tumor. It is possible for her type of tumor to come back. If it doesn't come back in the first two to three years and that means you're doing pretty good it's very rare that it would come back after that so these first two years were under strict strict strict surveillance. And that surveillance came back oncologists called us last night instead scans are are clear day. And saying yeah. So we definitely breathing deeper and I am ready C celebrates. And go out and have some fun in and have some French cocktails though he's so would love to see apparent tonight because this year will be so different monster about weird yeah. You know going eventually it was our first big party ever speak event it was a fun time. Affirming my mind and my heart were elsewhere of course whose body was in the building that I wasn't really there having the best time ever. I was. Going through the motions because my. Obviously when it was a warehouse was out and is saying is that this year she's gonna get wasted. Finally have a driver could cut back. Yes so. I'm just ready to celebrate because it's such good news and and we got the all clear so we'll still be under strict surveillance far along time but so far so dad and I just want has taken its time to give everybody a date and also say thank you because. Everywhere I mean whether it's here at the radio station family or eat anywhere we go in this community everyone has embraced us and really been so. I'm caring and thoughtful and saying extra prayers so thank you those prayers work we believe in god in the power of prayers and I'm. And thank you so much for all of those that you sent to Reese entire family you. Got to I invite all of Reese is nurses. To brunch on my. Tony you have this show that we get is gonna take a stack of tickets after that. I'm Florida cancer Florida stand out as today c'mon everybody to mom is an outlet and yeah I think we're scrubs. You want them to. I'm different party we're planning I have a question about at a couple Reese questions yes okay so there is some concern that the mass when it was there will be forty ya got rid of it. May have affected like her black car yes. Any indication that that's an issue there are no indication of nerve damage we got time of the case she's potty training so and she's able to figure out whether she has to go our. Are knocked me down it's a perfect yet. So. As far as we can tell there has not been any nerve damage and what's up there are hearing. Because the team though include hand her web wearing hearing aides in both years for a while that event and it just one here yeah and and with that nick is it now know hearing. Needs we are not wearing hearing aids right now she tested at normal levels for her left here. In her right ear was just below normal so they said not to worry about hearing aids her speech is developing normally. She's not even two yet so bad to me talk but you know up until then everybody's on a different you know you Babylon yeah. Not to babble talk in some words you know you can make counts and you can't but. She's been really clear so we read minds hearing in July that's the best now in such a miracle soon. Any names here and thank you all so much if you're listening ring now thank you so much for for all of the love and prayers he sent her away because it is working. We'll miracle baby okay. Iron is doing great possible celebrate with her now Twitter to celebrate her debut in front Jamaica Saturday. Star in 941.