Ghosthunting: With Jeremy and Charlie

Monday, June 12th

Three dates then she completely disappears? Let us know your theories!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Look people who have no season. If you want. Jimmy its chat. Bogey there eleven. Okay fiscal it's. It's actually really paint you have. I'm a long time in the same tired we'll tell us about this. Lovely ladies apparently but. Yeah. The Leo. Who else. Who had strange and any standard and we still include typical standard based. With great parts whatever. Dropped her off. And now there. I haven't heard career and economic and let they had there so let me make each location salute at a local block them once we ended it. You know I slip into your actual total call. And it actually if you try to link to the NATO went in Turkey and replace. It for me. I hit me you're calling her right you've called her and tax mass concern though told delivered word comes out and her voicemail answers she's just. Not responding TU. But. They're not there and let you know FaceBook that's kind of weird. You know I can't. I totally blocked so alert and I don't wanna go to your point of like soccer though or start ordering her group president got currently is a but I think about it every day night. Let's say and what happened yeah. What you do on your days vertigo like how is conversation how her body language all that. Our leaders I remembered the hurdler. Awkward because there in person could and I couldn't have been some source we don't know. Why is it when we actually put on treatment. Your name. They're protect the one where they're. Room talked about. Her family a couple of little you know how to type hooligans. Regular stop it's like to do. The third day we went from. Lady walking around in the park. And just talked. I don't know it would. Normal. Like notre stated progression there's too. And beyond her years. At which point and I wouldn't RR didn't matter to me if I even allowed during any additional signal issued on the planet. Yeah. So EO if we can't track her down and goes on Terry we typically ask lie to see you wanna know the why anyone in that she's breathing oxygen. We'll you have an Kerry had in my life appears. Oh yeah there is this a normal for you. Is this normal free you'd be so concerned with somebody who is kinda blown you out. What Lugar really attribute because. Things went well like I do. She came to greet each or heard not kick it back so I hope that's a partner motor that Kosher crew. We're immune. And you promise in saying any saying that what attended that you could be like a serial killer. If anything I ban on today because this girl straight a block on social media is not responding near calls to the plan where you think she might be dead. So like nothing weird hour and a final term car. Apparently didn't personality. Yeah. And then not and I killed and I'm not really sure. You have things get a. I did not say that. Jimmie did you skip this. Year. On that person is 32. Second but not on the third. Now. Route here are really Republican. Rains that many people he's going to be hard to hang out there now gone involves which means kissing percentage of throughout disability goes way out. Totally dead and is just alluded they're they're they're going to go down foot so would you describe that kiss as good tennis. Earned a return to that end. Colonel you are figure out which doesn't for a hundred. Work and get some roller blade. A second well it wasn't like. Super. Romantic anything ditched I didn't I didn't have a. OK it was like yeah yeah that is a good night and kissing your brother polite. Not hey I can't get it done and you guess that's my main event saying its Achilles she said McCain is the kiss your brother what. That's a fat problem. There may kiss your friends and playing their parents as an NN yeah. Though there are not under Kyra more or. I killed him. Really really similar there's no I don't know expand. We need you like and cars there hasn't been he's totally Caremark yeah. Voted it in that would likely would like they're usually. Aren't they planned speech errors and grabbed whatever. Called to use the word ran a lot because. I can vehicle and. I think you used the word and putts. Yeah I well if you give us 24 hours we will. Reach out to her seems she's willing to come on with us and if the answers yes. You've got to listen in tomorrow morning at this time all we have a conversation. Which term. About why she ditched somebody who's so grabbed. Our area or would it. Fervent physicist. I co signing will continue. We have Jeremy hunting for Charlie and this time tomorrow morning I'm the jet engine shafts. And we always find yours theories seuss so the conversation continues on FaceBook where we try to predict. Exactly why it is that. Jeremy got president and his status for nothing more than bragging rights so early this sometimes it's even in the tone of voice you can predict exactly why he got guys that young. All I know there's somebody listening right now who's laid up. Heard some pattern of speech or heard one little phrase that he is is like I know exactly what this is crazy turns out about marriage you certainly have a marriage on the ground. He was a terrible case I can say Iran is a terrible kiss and that's why Gmail a 100% never. I think that he he's just his own hair too much whatever you think it might be definitely leave that for us online at its attack comes a second and show. And we will give you full credit if you get it right. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.