Is This a Relationship Red Flag

Friday, June 9th

They've been exclusive for 4 months, but she won't post pics of them together on social flag?


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Can this way. Currently. If you don't post a picture of the man the view of maintaining it's fun social media. After four months of exclusivity for. Should he'd be concerns. That's the question I'm trying to help a friend out wins. Because I'm worried that lots of very wise women. I think I'd get an answer here and just decide. JP and I have the greatest jobs in the world it has its us and all women yeah. All very beautiful Smart women. And that is why Leo you're welcome and that is why am confident you'll all have concrete answers. To this question and follow up questions. Because that's what women do as we follow up with more questions so my body was so thrown. Because he felt weird asking this because he feels like it should go in the other direction it should be a woman asking this question about a guy. But the roles are reversed here OK he's been dating a girl for about eight months in the mix and exclusive for about four. So it's definitely girlfriend boyfriend they say drove fretting boyfriend all of that came. And it just dawned on him that she has now posted. One picture of him or have them on any of her social media. In the entire relationship he doesn't use snap said he doesn't think she does but he uses MC Graham she uses answer Graham there's no pictures of the two of them on Nancy Graham. They both use FaceBook there's no pictures that hear them on FaceBook and he definitely is where and all elusive boyfriend are yes they call each other we're gonna girlfriend how often is she on social media eased. There are plenty of other pictures regularly yes including at least a couple times a week she post something and answer including south he's ever. Little layout how did he have any pictures of her yeah. And it's. Pins. Trouble in paradise as I can be hired JP can weigh into your beautiful woman gives us right now I just wanted to ask are they FaceBook official yes so then. Oh no they're not. Yeah there's days but frames but they just don't have status that they don't have and you go hand in a relationship now. There so no I would feel tiny bit where you before I give you one more tidbit of information. This is go around the room real quick and just if you work AM. Should he have a flag just yes or now yes now. Maybe. Yeah. He yelled. The yellow flag cautions like. Like look at more flags at night if he could. If you are listening and you have an opinion without a hit 404263094. Line. I will give you one bit. Of additional information at K okay. Now wait a process it Andy and I wanna know the changes can't oh is I was hitting it tidbit our bomb this is just this is. Attend bomb. Okay. I've said this originally came up like a week it now. K I cinematographer on the radio I forgot if I ever got so he had a couple pranks and he brought it up to her. She said. That the reason she hasn't done that is because in her job. Of sales. It's important for some of her mail client. Momentum or 0426309401. Is our phone number. Should he be alarmed that she's aptly named manners social. Your calls the flotsam governor and. Star in 941. I need to know if a woman is not just post things is photographs of her boyfriend before my. I'm social media it's a red flag and I truly am asking for our friends. But if you didn't hear any plot twists just a minute ago here is. They talked about it in she acknowledged. She's been avoiding posting anything online. Because she works in sales in she likes her clients to think that she might be available. Footage and opinion on live out all of our minds that are lit up here and went second Chelsea in Marietta Hank. Any way. Until actually late red flag not to blame. The album was probably three and it actually part of men and the backdrop and Eric dealership. Outreach and I can't thank them. Years of stagnation and this time you're drawn. Say that the red flag stretch to call. I thank you Katie locust grove. The red flags yeah let's see salads this. Women are so much smarter than I am I even think to ask that question like what kind of sales. It may mean. O'Donnell and mangled it and I'm in sales and I can still have sales. And I'm Mary. Thanks JD. AIG. And doesn't totally disagree. Well I mean. I I can't fault her for that because if she say if the clients out there are you know there's there's a flirty relationship and they they like to think that she's single and they've you know she can keeps it in the gray area all the time minutes let's work and for her. She's not wrong and that that's working for instance. It she's she's on to something they're okay obviously something there are working for her maybe she's like. A straight up commission based person okay she relies on that to pay your bills. Ended it that's a biz. Decision over her is it his obligation. To understand that question and Roy and question Ritchie when does that sound. They get they many gathered for a year can then she'd change her face but says I don't know about that I mean he might just be able that he might just have to accept that. Why governor I am I so fast say the air okay with this. Well I mean is it is the greatest thing that exists in the world no I mean I. Principle I disagree with that. But if that's real life if not and that's right. It is really helping her earn a living or whatever and it's like she's doing anything wrong she's just keeping an un answered low. And if FaceBook and social media is how she continues to maintain relationships with clients if it's a business tool for her. And she's gonna use it for business not necessarily offer personal. Tracy and Alpharetta welcoming the champ. Why then. You agree with the gen. No room at the greener on the other side RO JK has been less in case. This is obsolete in the relationship he thinks. I don't think. I think you're believe that relationship here excited about certain saying you want pictures. And you don't. And that special right. Is that accurate Kelly she's like when you get excited about your new man these are posted pictures of him and stuff. Telling. He's honoring. As it is but I do understand the sales at this and you profile picture I know kill you but I better go another personal profile similar public want I don't have that and I don't know that I lead but in the same goals I set Imani I'm nineteen Jen I. Finish them all son teams and because this girl is honest when he passer he was like look why is that she said look my job depends on these guys talking to meet him leaving a little flirt and and not necessarily cross any line. Just keep an ambiguous reading your baby's things she's available seems so wrong I think now that you're tied powerful independently. Is it about it I mean home she's trying to she's where she's made. Would you say is die issues like this have grown men whose late Pete. You'll let me usable put pictures of me on the FaceBook left. Yeah usually if he's aware of how he really. Question he's fully aware he's glad I'm uncomfortable that's. Our interns Maggie and Robin first of all I'm sorry the you have such for examples of female. I you know we are unchanged we're always trying to change it for your friends are for. Did you hear either of you disagree with the either or both of them on the same side. In the middle and it I an issue she sang I think it's really awesome that she her. Like I told him about it but at the same time I think that's something that they should have a conversation about and he discussed it decided he's intimidated and she is to decide if she wants to keep doing so. I think it's a conversation they need hat if I was in his position I would not yet it would in now would be car station has to have an I would when it stopped and if they didn't and in. And I asked him. Actually we've please be a woman at least you manned up and be a woman can. Yeah I'm gonna have to come in and a serial bank. I think there comes a time fit in a relationship where you have to prioritize. The people and you're in a relationship west maybe over. Your job and that way I think they he may have to adjust your job in order to kind of like valued people in your eyes and I think that navy. With this after eight months might be time for her to start reevaluating tactics and jobs and trying to see if there's another way for. If you sometime after the shared Jan and Kelly and Robin even with the Woodson Dallas Maggie. It's coming from that mean it works and let tiger Maggie does not yet have a job. Like to remind you she's your Internet. A phone call me from stays in Athens. A seat and saying. I'm okay now. But my doesn't it about strictly non work I don't. Hurt though. A permit any. I did very little here at the heart and I like. I cannot err yeah I'm telling notes. Urged her diet or want to note I see. You know and month including the toilet. And it doesn't act. I don't personal and. Well it's finally happened Stacey you just push it over the edge I am currently the most feminine person. Through this. Bad it is for them to 2070. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.