Big Sister Badasses

Friday, June 9th

Sibling love can be FIERCE. When did you stand up for your siblings?


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The gen shell hole well. I'm really fascinated. By the big sisters. Who flew pain to get their baby brother's backs especially in situations of gloves for I didn't. Sisters headed in them. It Jan and Kelly she's yesterday confirmed inform me that. Prozac Kelly's lying through his years. You make my brother's heart I break your jaw. Powell now we think blood blood is thicker than water this is your opportunity sisters to brag. About. Getting involved in your siblings relationship and having it before they're good like you will that hurt my brother. Amanda in Woodstock. Are you a assist her in the world come to the defense and any sibling you've got. Actor rhetoric and then I actually older. The older. Car. Okay. And they don't even as acting a little bit and and in the early years yeah. That action and he would temporarily and my mom out I hit a lot of home. About how old blue and should just on the Israeli art command are on the street and and in. Oh I am I outlet like old. But don't you end up being alone and trick. I went in and I've got a lot and I look out at all black. I. Geez I'm. Not like not only laden is not a high. That undergrad or do you. Aren't you mad at. My younger brother. You know I'm young fellow like yeah I didn't think you might I act like. And I'm glad they're. I look on economic by yet unlike out. You don't think like him. What Oakland. And and I NY. I'm scared that he did not like dot out dot in her car. I don't like that at an analysts yeah I'm going to gas station near my outlook. And calling my back there and let that I'm I'm old. Black and I won it happened. I towels and learn so are they no longer together. OK I was gonna say give the pitcher a year the two of them are still together and that makes for a song you heard Thanksgiving moved in like super girl. And you. Jennifer and Johns creek confronted her brother's girlfriend who faked a pregnancy. A move plus I call that. That Marley and Athens is a sister who doesn't mess around. So yeah. Am a little on the school alleged that middle school at that are important to create. In this kid the ornery just talking smack about her anti terrorist of people eight. Don't stood up in the she reached over and drag it over the back of this school actually just started railing on them what played it got the bucks for two weeks and ultra complicated. Loudly you're in trouble with your area. Bragging about it you know might that add big day late on one track slightly curious a better way how. Awesome. I had no idea I'm so fascinated by this you're about as big says learning that's amazing wow. That's fascinating. We always continued conversations like this I'm phase but if you wanted to share your story database but sometimes less jet engines show you can even post a picture of you and your sibling though. Did your dad as big this series stories related fast insist yourself. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.