Dumpster Fire Update

Wednesday, June 7th

The conclusion is here and full of angst and drama! Just like anything with teenagers.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Friday morning we get a phone call from a woman. Who was going and it stayed out of a seventeen year old boy a because he's been cheating on his seventeen year old girlfriend. UConn and we've found that I'm Monday morning to you is indeed. Garden Cobb parkway location and win another woman. A woman in my one and I mean seventeen year. This is teenage heartbreak right here it is so Lindsay was so we were there calling the woman on the staked out cheese. Then made her of this 70 groundless and generals mom mom she is joining us again be his Kelley and I are ready to elect this whole thing go. Our hands and James like we need and how do you president Gaza pounds he didn't move by the tabloids and you check out of the Hershey store. I hate Lindsay what did you tell our grades and Jan she's the one who wants to know this anyway says. Lindsay can. Give us the update on the teenage heartbreak of cap counting. Well it definitely. Teenage heartbreak Bob elegantly creepy. I heard she was mad at mom. And he did and she actually took the picture and go. And then on in your grand uncle boy when the new girls in blue. How she. And is now parents are gonna get oh. Wow what have you done this. We're just there are great I don't know. I'm back at how the ball well things are heartbroken and. In my opinion my very count and so she's upset. But she'd like angry at right now I like her mom are really on the war pass and I think nobody even like questioning how she got the pictures nobody questioning and you're down. Even. So how it happened they know there's a pitcher Almonte and have him and the girl and yet you got a chance she might be by the side chick. Now apparently he's got to others to these. Road cities is not as she goes live picture and then other girls I know all this is your I only ran. I have been looking open to. Absolutely what happened in LA now clearly all are established and here's the deal unfortunately. I think is this is just gonna make this guy more popular. You thanks. As. Yeah a 100% and 100% girls like a bad boy you don't know any better at that age. Let all of these do Gillette are there any app as it. And then he's like I get that out batters out limits okay Applegate. I. And allow a man who. I would be interested in now is the boy's parents and all are interested in where that picture came from that's weirdness. About. What they don't seem very involved in much torque is not that I am not that great. I'd never say anything about it other than. Did it all crocodile line they're playing carry the ball all that well and announced that the umpire. Other than the Wednesdays at the stakeouts. Are able they. Thank you for all the updates. Lilly and you but I Alan I. Hard drinking cow I'm counting it happens. All things in this state gather. Group of grown women and have a basket of unlimited red states. Ex fiance that Jerry cans they drive on your table about an hour hey did you crazy things salad bread six million. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.