Confess Your Crush: with Scott and Sarah

Wednesday, June 7th

This one went totally sideways! She...she didn't want to know?


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole. If you got a crush on somebody we eat and three engine that yeah we content ST you are crass crap just know that practice. We need to crack should. As he confessed your crash of that has to try and fantastic. We just take somebody really really brave and who's got a crush on someone and they come on. Tell us all about it and we. Convince the crash heat from time to find out who has pressured them and try to you nice Kimmel live on the radio I'm learning a whole new vocabulary that's crush her crush me yeah. Hi Scott say hello to the leverage cheerleader. Jenn hobby Jenn. Say hello to lose Scott's. Payload. Can thank you for being willing to be a part of confess your crash today I'm excited. Yes absolutely. They think used. So. We got this really. Big crush on this girl who wrote shoot she was in my building. Canon moved. Lou the aluminum building toward and three years now and she move then maybe 67 months ago at tank. Yeah I have no matter win weird just slightly. The mailboxes. At. The end it. We just can only started a conversation and then wound. You know she. He's felt that coop lines I don't think send him to. You know what I'm good this. This junk mail day everybody just throw riveting away at. Barbara Johns coal mines injure any phone menus when you have a big. Doesn't even blink one and pottery barn and never dawned. It's just. He's the lone Sox ultimately will make it a bit I don't know that it. You do it it's. But yes he she is so I haven't talked to her too much but just. During a mean you know let's try to sit cheek strategically checked the mail nor where I think she's going to be out there when I see she got this great little dog named Leo. And you know all like trident. Be out by this week I think they you know like when she's now walking the dog or something you know try to go for a walk. It's great. I don't know like guys and play not to have my friend dog you got after yeah that light colored toll like there and I don't know I just. I can do it she's she's so beautiful and she's gotten it wrong read here and yeah. Totally innocent women Iran and now so it's yeah anything hub out her stat is that she'll live balloon. I do this as a roommate. Another girl blues goalie earnings Jenna at. I yeah I think she's single never seen it any any guys do any thing leads him to. I know she's she works. Kitchen volunteers who it. With so much animal shelters. So Leon conversation as she fired back is anything in particular that you had to talk to rally similar interests that only we talked to her we can say. Yeah I I'm not good with. I'm not I'm not I'm not into it women. I'll. Hey here's they're here so I'll wait no we saw there in tellers and he's gonna crush on her we usually try San. It's eight the woman in a little bit by giving them some compliments he says she's beautiful is beautiful red hair what else about her beats you Democrats are. Well I execute Paul she really funny. Little bit we talk she's so we've we've been luck thing which is in good. She he's. More we talk about Bob's burgers praise and son. And Kris and yeah. But it will move on my favorite shows in any. Are we talking water dog a lot since she's got the food so elaborate Google. And great dog Leo you know. Yeah. What I found that what about her is magical world gives you that tingle he's an all of those of our state then a pretty donation tangle with the U safety. But yeah. In the nose down at why it makes it more amazed than those unhappy. I'm she's. Absolutely gorgeous dresses in the play cute carry right into it I know she's. About five to seven and just. Has this. You're noted that turns up as. Smiled like a pill like whenever I appear smile at. My whole eight diplomatically it's better lawyers say I don't like I have read or flat tire them. And then you know. We've grown big garbage cans and play ball all over to this seat mile than me I'm like please. So we eat salad or Iowa you now this works and so so we'll call her around and it's. Kind of share some of the stuff we Isner. I'm not announce that it'll give her any clue who you are but announced that she'll feel good and you know try to get her nose sound happy break the and paying him and name it you get for the mind and saying hey what's it's me. Only confessed he had a contest confidently yeah. I girl as a Disney Scott let me saying. So it's got yeah. That I'm lucky just be yourself in the case hit a good eight re well. I'm fit to come right back here in three minutes and we'll make a phone call that her while you listen and I it's got. Good I'd heard you feel confident you feel strongly cheered good Scott's got this. Yeah I got. I visited great coming up next habitat and get married shoreline. Star in 941. I just about your kids says he is trash. Sky that was instilled he's had a big press on Sierra. And we are gonna call. Tell her some they've got to crash on earth since the issue to find out who is fat is still. Way down here. I constantly hear. Hang on hold while we call Sarah. And that means I love it happened and it's got to hang around. You're on the wrong end. I op. Our. I. I think this card's gonna go swimming. This yeah and do it really really good year when he comes out and he admitted that he's not good with women she is Wimbledon Pete and. See where it stands from the jet engines are very huge. Indeed my diet and Harry you know. Good things are coming on with us this morning Jeff is in here into the season and here. I can't. Any any idea why we may be Colin. Never had a better yeah trust company. Well zero we are telling because someone. Has shown neo. I didn't sound so silly you couldn't put up okay sounds a middle alone that. Well they're pretty good has got a series crash on you and they wanted our help in in. Bridging that gap for the okay. So. He says that you are so beautiful. With here as long red hair. And he button as episodes you can say yes hey hey. He thinks you're so funny and any time you have interacted with this person who he says your lasting. On the also send you Lexus I know ray IEA said he got this great vintage style. And this person says that when you smile his whole day gets better. He actually his exact quote. Why is he can have four flat tires and it knocked his garbage can all over the place of garbage all over the place. But if you smile at them in none of that matters the the things that don't you know I'll do like the nearly triple A for his soul. Yeah. I'm so. I needed that thing is he he admittedly. Eyes a little bit intimidated by you so he wanted us to may be held. Can mix is it to review may be this and melt the ice a little better whatever and then. You guys can connects this way is part of our segment called confession crushed so that's why I work on. I'm sure. But I can't. Says there are none of them since we're brokering this deal we had to first ask you if you are single. I have I am single at the moment yes. Okay and then the second question is do you want to know. Who has a crush on me. Who's hurt. No. Guy and I O'Donnell in. Her okay. You know. And created NBA insider Rick Uday and we aren't directly mean my each. I can't consider today but I'm I'm on that and I'm okay. I have a question to you think you might know who it lit The Who has who would say only nice things about you. Turns out they would. Sherri not a not not exactly sure I'd out of. Drop a name but it EA they really want to know I think it would economy to plummet and sorrow about the life do you say yes he'll tell you. We're not we're not do the whole thing like he'll come on afterwards. Ray ray Eddy I acting eerie light at least seventeen Aetna first plan and I did live baker singing. I'm really that room who saved NIC. He's adamant that we say in the. All the Amiri buying and did I don't know I would I would want someone hit a little more very. Part comes in and I don't I don't regret that executes an old don't want them attended the little man nearing come out like. Couldn't eat and I think Oregon. There I know they can't really weird. Got it button while keys so maybe guest seat now. And as I've ever in my. I didn't ask your question image yes that's. I should. Why don't you think gets a little bit manly or alleged he's putting himself out there in front of every all like dozens of people who are listening and. I see yeah. I. Ordinary people know about how would that aren't so great comes straight from you are not a great communication you know I ain't. I don't know I think I'm pregnant I like I've I'm okay I'm died. Seriously. I Sarah well yeah. The concept of knowing information is available to take and not taking it blows my mind and you know every vendor here. Last year there I haven't. Your last chance three to wind you know I know. It. Up. I don't think I did they do about aids is he silent for five seconds why you think about. It fits with the. I don't vanish as I came on to talk about a secretive rejected us. I thank you Sarah and. And you may I ate it flattering have a great day you see gorgeous singing. The IE. UN announced. Now. The and is revered now what do we do you. Don't actually like so are seeing. But to reprint this segment I'm lying. Because she and go. She did she listens you. This is not how you're stupid segment is as to go and oh yeah I we'll come right back in. Three minutes we'll take out Scott who got to hear an apple fan and whenever you deal with that Donald continue and we'll wrap up compassion crash. Even successful addition oops I could have prevented from the contentious Danny Pearl. Okay NHL all star. Well that's not supposed to go this way we do confess your trash but it's just gone sideways yeah boom years. So listen track and Scott here sky. We just heard they could Sarah and she did not want it now laughed. In the world we. I see. The moon. Well now you know it sees. I you know she's looking for so now you haven't involve. His mail man. Each yeah its ownership hi all I'm seeing me in Thomas MySpace now you can charge your ace that's true and if she ever brings up pressure you've never heard in the house right no. Let you. Among Sunnis yes you are a diehard sports talk Palin. You seen any news. So it's an idea and learn yeah all right Jack yeah. And lonely and heard the term. Scott here's something it's you think about though in simply hang on to. You have the honor of being the first person rejected in this segment so focal. I enrolled in. So they're here in the until it blows. Yeah well yes I'm here as a crashing concession. I well armed thank you firm for being brave and have to do this. And let's hope that she doesn't go. Fine and listen to this segment in here and yet he or she doesn't lose no brains they vocalist I know what her friends are gonna tell I would may be. Scott I when museums go it's not through the dogs from her. From her pet rescue Denise issue does it. Rescue events I think oh yeah it's one of the dogs from her you've never heard us before mrs. Iva Snyder sex. A sad. Yeah. Well dog. He's you can maybe judge not means your Bible or something. Yeah yeah yeah yeah its arsenal. Eyes yeah he's sorry about that. Now yeah now thank you guys I appreciate. The team now I know. I gotta do it this case. At least decent chance because like we like to say on the champions and show you gotta risk yet again the Padres can't think. Eggs guys that. Joseph anime will tenants out. Hey guys go out to pitch halted actually higher than young to give coach in the arm. Self esteem. And self awareness and and resilience but I admired analysts all attempt I'm about. Your marriage it was a result of the blind date and we're blessed to be able to record book walked away. We didn't fortunately I was in my thirties and did it Scott has a chance to go on the young lady. He tried to connect with he speaks or say it's in place hopefully it'll work out you also so it'd that was great. So did you spend a staff and the fact that you. Mad at me. Blind date that you could of walked away from he's stuck out at the cheese and. And oh well. Are you when mark Preston. Yeah seriously I love Jen back off. Good matchmaker. Under the worst sent. Maybe IA trying to match make salmon whose heart is close to about may be may be settled in your front of them sorry man his heart is close to what Sheila hang tennis outlawed under the chair facing UN. Good morning I'm wondering can't win even if he can't say I don't know that it didn't show. You can't conflict of interest to get very rejected because he didn't go out first and came through you guys. I mean I think in retrospect. Being passed it by a compliment I think she's got her eye and somebody else. And I think she's very invested she made NB interim leadership and nobody can know about. Yeah I mean. That the excuse I. And I think I might just stimulus ticker at face value seems like no I want a guy who's confident enough to punish me now. That train Douglas the last golf. Okay so. I shouldn't say. Absolutely that he did not about how this time. Get. Access to basic and I do I do and bit and yeah globe well let me do it candidate now diets and I. Absolutely had been seeing it in there can be no question about it I'd like you get it she would begin to read. The concept. In the same way that he wouldn't do that I'd be right. Don't you would hate even though I didn't do it sounds I would normally that would give them an opportunity to get under me directly in its. And he died needing to go and I wouldn't even say OK so you don't know I'm not going instead that about the depth in game so I bad. I don't know actually you like to be approached. Now and then he directly like I'm happy to put on I want to pay about. I would just an idea that you bet bet. Why is truth will set you free yes I actually didn't wait it out because she likes bold and confidence I think what he needs to do. Is today go get them now naked business assets at that. As best I doubt it did not allowed out let's bring about a little. Are at londoners at but it isn't at first I pray things change your house and. I I Jennifer and Brookhaven is going to be out what is next for just second BJ she. Has a very interesting theory about that sounds kind of throwing me dirty. Star in 941. Can say hi to Jennifer and brocade and hey Jennifer you've got a different theory on can censor crashed on you. Thank you it's. My period that you know exactly include the guy is and she broke that the monetary economic era are heard they get well letters and you know pride. She probably got. You know it's just like even Dallas or around you whom you know Cameron background in jeans don't mean to. Women in that Jennifer answer this announcer Kelly and Jan. Do women don't always know when they guy is interested like guys I'm I'm saying is completely honestly and JP maybe you can back me out. But guys. Can I can have a girl's flirting with me plates were easy and I'm at levels era. I have no idea yeah it's either zero or hundred there's really no in between any advice. And I've had it's just it's happened before where I where women that I am where they've said to me to add girls all of you out a name right Allen well. Just more perceptive I think in general we. We're better ads taking in body language signals right and you do being able to process is faster than guys are I think guys are taught and. An early age don't care too much because then you loser. So yeah so we we just are oblivious to it so Jennifer are you saying that this woman as there's no doubt in her mind who it is because it was RT. Seeing his antics in the mailroom she seemed. Guess she doesn't know and you know she did skilling so that at least in the direction personality it's just one person that. Those. Yeah. Got I thank you Jenna theories and affirm. What in the morning how are you for things right in the sways your awesome yeah but she complemented us I did not respond yeah. Dean is Fifth. Amendment sound like much huh. I won't do is we'll close that hole I confess your crush blog up as soon as we can yen and that will share on FaceBook. Listen go to work tell your coworkers listened to the whole thing beginning to end and then share your theories using the chase for comments. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.