I Can't Believe I Believed Them...

Tuesday, June 6th

What did your ex get you to believe that was SO obvious afterwards but totally convincing at the time?


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The jet engines show every. I am a stir things up here in just a second wind is story. That ends with a woman saying I can't believe. I was so dumb I believed my ex when he told me for life. And really there was an I told you so situation because I call them a year ago. I'm playing here and desirable we want your phone calls I can't believe might acts. When they told me blank for a 42630941. In order to get your lined up to get calls and once sacked him. Members let me remind you we are bring Hannah Mack confronts all night. What's that in French chef. I mean let's confront Iran China Saturday night runs on Saturday night with that those Sunday morning Brian sued and that's as good as spicy by celebrity cruises on we're gonna have so many great restaurants they're Kelly how little biscuits enemy cern have their delicious biscuits still leaves me out what people say that I know visualizing as Avis got how little bits in an Amish family and god says it's sold better have the Mercury so many other great restaurants. My friends Amanda plastic surgery are going to be sent us having him buried Botox shots and syringes so their little Barry like almost like jello shots kind of and a little syringe shot things that they're amazing veterans on my having Saturday June 17 at terminal ask you to take it. As stunning 41 Atlanta dot com tell you friends. I you ticket price includes food and yet he had donated by him brunch you're going hand in your eating and oh yeah. So have some fun entertainment can be an awesome night AS a brunch on my start and for one Atlanta downtown so Kelly a friend. Is proud of our friends. Is telling this story a year ago and she's like almighty god. My hope is being. Hayes told me that he's not happy in our marriage. And we're spending Town Car and were gonna get divorced from Dallas hack I IA and as somebody who's gone through divorce I have noticed. That people look I did. You'll use of people who have gone through it you look for like a divorce whisperer low. You realize that it's happening to you you find your personal ad in the divorce whispered to a couple people Jenn hobby was my person like I went to Janet I'm like how does this you know you can read or whatever so she comes in she says to me even though I don't know or that while she says. It's happening in my arms. And I know what's the situation or national what he moved out. And he's staying in a co workers house and I'm like okay. Is that a good thing or bad thing he's like it's fine if you know it's it's it's fines are just friends and how much weight he's saying where. And she is a co workers harassment. Male coworker female corrupt yeah there's a different ride in years it's a female corridor but there's nothing gonna. And I am like. The and that's lenient nonetheless. A year later he says to me I can't believe I was so dumb to believe. That there was nothing on there are just friends is guess who's together and Hannah Mack co worker wish we invested a great radio top make I can't believe I was so dumb I believed to blank in my X told me that. Yes three and Lil burn era of first. How. I totally unlike nineteen years old she told me her dad died now about a break up. And her dad was alive and well. So he's he's exactly as you are about to break up. Yeah are there is a special place in hell for people like I'll tell you why it's you can do that you can't do that. Get through. We could not found out from her sister. Where did you say when you found now. I'm just basically I'd just Grover and I. And it goes to. So with this situation where like you said his sit down we have ever talk and she's a guy can't upgrade now and she just pulled it out of Vermont and then had to go with that or. How does that play out. Well I was discussing who must first and soon my first bird print hard turn blue. Get back at her. Sushi sushi cheap. Preemptively killed her dad to prevent you from even starting the conversation. I'm glad her sister told you because you can imagine imagine like if you were strolling through like Kroger and you. They hit like you close the freezer door and he was on the other side of it you would freak out. Oh yeah. Yeah or that and politics. We are sick working relationship. Got a okay to simulate list it goes to all the all. I wasn't expecting this many calls from guys from 4042630941. What does that say. In Jordan what's up. Okay. Those very got a brown and my girlfriend like oh okay have known forever we're like brother and there that there are bad not to worry about and how is it not. He's out now than they were more than just her hands. Yeah away anymore. Our own drew another stroke early hours every word. They're gonna and being on each together and being out there. They're. And France we're good not great friends go to the beach. Had to play that's fun. They say they love the show. I can't believe I believe my acts when they told me blank. Well we were dating terror fears that I'm a girl auctions he co worker. Who asked me to come tumbling and I'm agent. Chemicals and began more than ten. My brother and remembered telling session like. Currently your returns but Pacman didn't are seniors so I'm. Right we can pregnant together. And it scares me cannot seem to adopt. Thirty years why there. They can change at all on but he got critics aren't about it. There's that they've had me stand yeah. It's. That's collar getting more intoxicated is the call and I think she was started out trees over many enemies and. That's gone now like and from brownouts a black out its. Student. Athletes. For a 46 AM and 41 if you wanna get out of it for a move along you can't believe I was so down I believe Max and they told me. Czar not before one. Mentality is I can't believe. I believe might actually told me blank seek isn't ready when year breakout but when you're in that close to break out the window. That's when your ex is throwing out comments in desperation of hence when you want to believe in the back in the best of them. So whatever they say. Or. When merry like back in a corner like they're about to get caught may be cheating my. I lied about something really may fail always fill a blank with some than that you for whatever reason to believe. Let's start with a eyes occasionally. Hey welcome to the shall. You can't believe that you believe Jackson out of this by the way it's therapy because there's there's thousands are dozens of people listening right now and some of them. May have. Experience this as well some you sharing your within it's a group therapy exactly the free press. When he got. And I know that when my ex all the old he had PD. I let it break up. Now that seems backwards because if he had won in you didn't. Then you would want to break up as I'm rights because I would he get. I. So Lindsay did he go to our term by another you didn't and then confront. But I want to doctor and I learned and I'm like oh my god you guys. Are like why would he felt like. One thing that independent digital full of it today. It is it is because if you thought that you had had then you'd be like well that's how it's going to be hard for me to I tactics while we. How that is a special kind of man. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the call. More game in Gainesville. I carry it got excellence. It I believe extra heat of the. And were you in college with him at the time or was this after the fact. Inherited an action if you actually. It's literally going to school slack about Syria act if he's gone out and them I think that I'm I'm like yeah I alt. You know an. Oh yeah that is next level more Dan. I got a job but I look at her right there that theory galactic and at that recommendation eight. And never actually I hit. It straight particularly at their graduation at the. And you know what I admit host family didn't oh. Now lies solely how did you sign now. So island where they're at that time I came stranded it is ex girlfriend and and it was out and hanging out yet so that it actually graduate started out can you let that kind error. I spent staring at investigating. And I expect he went back that they actually. It Betty speaking going to go for multiple years. And that's when you look closely at the diploma and you see it wasn't actually Vander belt it was banner blt. Translation injured at the bottom. I had it at the college. So you can go online Morgan and why college degree from a college that looks real. Wait it out and it's easy I had an outcry it. Yeah easing renminbi sets how long do you emphasize I make some. I mean that but it that takes and that is master manipulate that is clinically insane. I think nor did you give me a great idea turned fifty bucks a lot of money. Okay have done this and how great would it do you know how you go into a doctor's office and on the wall there's just like. Twelve different degrees. What are we and they show all get like Harvard one I ill wind. Accord Gail Kara Cornell line like all the age of rain staying with them every Ivy League school in our different names and some people can and it really intimidated. Because it emphasis were Smart and then we start talking. I did it gets on. 2000 college right. Jozy in Atlanta I view I think in the last call he's going to be hard to tout. I believe my action when he wrote we made it very. I mean your daughter what she just there. Loans he was hiding the child. I'm a thirteen dad and they. Thought god mother and child completely make it. That I don't wanna earn more keep sit in front of Barry won't worry young I was 1919. Were little girl with debris. So I don't eat him. So did you were you ever around the girl we're assured relay hey daddy can I get a couple dollars to go get away and you let. I would see him get. We're passing chart there and I was seen look at her and she would never Audi and she wrote it in my it was where young day. We are now I want ridiculed. If you would have told me Richard that the minute that separate but that was our great UIR. Arnold. Wow. While thanks Jose. Hello I had a thank you W two and and are all of our siblings are really innocent until. I'll know when are we gonna have to break up now had a lot of and a Jones and whenever he did conversations like this and have really great stories we always continue it on our faces a yeah I just president of company stock TSA is a dot com slash Jessie J&J lo and if you get your comment and free SMU I. As you Elissa this segment again charity of friends who work. The online yesterday. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.