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Monday, June 5th


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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour. I'm starting now before blind yeah. Did you get a phone call that we took on Friday. From the woman who is going and it stayed out of the seventeen year old boy to see if he was cheating on his seventeen year old girlfriend. They're grown woman yes she is walking into a dumpster fire and choose part of both creating the whole thing. With the mother is setting. Eighteen year old girl. Was being cheated out. Lighter sentence. So this woman and her friends were doing a staking out on his all of garden date after a schmuck I. Tom wade through his phone. If mom went there her daughter's boyfriend's son that's already a dumpster fires isn't that right there back and back then they were gonna staking out a record Dan and I know is sounding get proof for the daughter. He was messing around they stand why it. Eyes she learned going through his Yahoo! yeah. I hate welcome back to the show Lindsay. Hey I. So how did the detectives worked I was an investigator. It was so much. It's. Still we had an olive garden at a table food for our. Full or learn is yeah. Yes I did you really got mad about that a limited by kick and the day. The servers like. This table. And leave that went up and. Good food and funny and yet we totally Allen went the other girl and you did that yeah he would mayor. It's eight work. Loan me your ideas in our diet lack what you saw with your eyes. What you saw with your I was jealous. Holy day could toll that this seventeen seat until I operate like I would eat right at me. That's. An eighteen year old. Like they helped me that he had carrier and yet. We featured a all of it and beauty in everything. Waves yeah he had any ninety. You know the don't think so ball I think their incomes were able light peak around fit into computer around the law. All right so. Let me ask you this. Was mama. Worried at all that he would recognize her leg did you guys have to arrange your seat so he couldn't see her. Or was she an up or British you read this now. Yeah. It. You know you got a seat. All right Paula this is not Lindsay tell commando team. I'm here kind of sending me though she had heard this guy is he gives you audio equipment into a family restaurants and I have a seventeen year old. Yeah and I just think about it I've just been crazy. The guy. It will only work had been back you know I don't count me and I counselors and Newark did and where I need yeah. I. Nice yeah you myself and themselves right now. So large and so alone so what did your daughter do when presented with the accident yeah. I don't know this week that happened yesterday actually you know like how are all about it on Sunday and I don't even know what happened yet. Why it's okay because now I feel kind of bad because now that he caught this guy cheating she's seventeen Intel below may be your first love and now she's a broken hearted and she met mommy Samantha boyfriend or she's not mad at my guess why. Seat could be the other girl. Maybe olive garden girl is his girlfriends. And may be daughter is the other side piece. My Jan and maybe she just figured that out here and I don't think it is legal to use the word side PM TV there. Yeah same sentences that point I almost think yeah today. I was a young linemen one of these boys at one of the boys that I went on a day where I realized that I was the other woman you. Iran happens and is to law pins and even his daughter was the other law and in. Either way she's broken heart because thousands and her boyfriend and now I feel kind of bad because isn't using it so good so Lindsay when you talk to her trying to Howard are bills that. Can we get it can we get an update into the dumpster fire and another day Intel. I'm glad you like I have been taking care and she's not declining I don't know what happened. I. As though I'm not I want to update I'm why not and that what he does why does the fade away into oblivion. They got the instant they want and then he had another girl down. It's just like X teenager heart rate Jan I mean I appreciate their feelings for the teenager. You know from. Reid may have ratings for the yeah and we had a collect some bonus time on your kids to go to college I. And places. Yeah. We'll check in reviews tomorrow and get an update on how this whole thing and I hate. I thank you Wednesday. Saying and days since yet in course. I think. Women are crazy and troll I I certainly hope that chip has people really really well yeah. Cost a lot of money be there for four hour. I guess Hoggan and table I thought of that lake Howell and no wait are you if you're the server. Yes and you only got earned gratuity and what that bill was as you gotta. Right and I know this is a weird thing to be angry about during this segment but somehow the psychic. So jacked out deserted it 20% of whatever one meal is that they were there surely it on and three meals. A town. And an out there and in our sport different order. And blatant and that you like that and Camarillo potential our question I don't know. Since he had Cilic or focusing on the wrong thing though because this isn't wrong. Mormons fine and a seventeen year old boy to the point I'm. How did the boilers used taking pictures. I figured. I would open. OK so we got it doesn't matter if she's already implied that crazy flag at all right tomorrow morning we'll get an update it this time it's again. And we'll ask the question did you timber appropriately or do we all have to go and that all of this if there that's where I then sent via. I. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.