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Monday, June 5th


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NHL all star. I wanna be completely honest you guys I'm a little big gun shy about the dumpster fire BK is. Are denser share from last week it just battled we never heard back from its children Amy nuts whether or not that fist fight went down in Milton somebody had an interesting theory that perhaps. The boss got weaned of eight and shut it down and soon everybody's. It's as good theory but let's go win one more time shall diet I mean we've got this on. Mr. died. I did. Because she is now use her feel. The only man. See you all about you Lindsay. Welcome to the show. Lindsay how. I'm Jenny. We are very excited here. About your guns are fired before even tells the story pinky swear that you will come out of this Monday and tell us how and I'll. Handouts. Only absolutely. I'd birthday can't. So is this your does your fire something you're just gonna witness. I'm all of part is that it's not me but I am Ali and it. Hey. I didn't want to help her own moment on seventeen year old so yeah. A second senior all okay. So my neighbors and I became good friends and she had a seventeen year old daughter Kate dating a seventeen year old. And she on the way you didn't seventeen year old boy is only from him while you're there now. And found out that he played team on water. Sound technique sound and says it out she wants she's going to take out an olive garden on Saturday night it was supposed to get what some other girl. And as well. And what does he whatever he's just cheating on her with a Limited Brands that census. Do you have pictures of him and limited I think. It's like it really kind of taken our own particular lake real cameras at every. Oh my god are you gonna get this super zoom lenses. Oh yeah I wouldn't really borrowing cap was so we can make us figure out we can get there what they're saying every day. I love eagle. In high input but Lindsay OK I it is crazy many questions and yeah you are your neighbor. Went through a seventeen year old boy is found and it's not her son and it's her daughter's boyfriend's sign yeah. Wow. How we're all aware that that's not okay all right so. Since us. I wish he'd like trying to protect her daughter. And then who played about the plan about how the daughter what you need to completely away from all the. And daughter knows that mom is doing this for her. I'd like where are trying to about the cabbage you want to trade and he actually eighteen and where they did great. Girl power oh my gosh so they don't. It's is going along with her relationship with this guy like nothing is wrong and so she gives birth. Absolutely yeah whose idea was this whole plan was is that daughter or their mom. Amal. And this idea was burst at a wine nights yes OK he had. I get is that hey I know I can't. So this is the same at some point 70 daughter says to her mom Connie thing. My boyfriend. Is cheating I'm. Narrowed her daughter went light note it is impossible to Greg happened mom and fight let it hit acting weird I don't think she's really asking you I'm gonna through an event that would you invite let me get. Own and so that was kind clearly not an army until the mom Mike country until it. So their daughter. And then goes along with a plan of separating the guys from the phone for a long announced a mom to look at it. To find proof that it mom his daughter know about the stakeout or is that late part of the truth gathering. Well we took. Think she took a screen shot and send them to her cell on the ball and everything. It. It says the daughter knows we're going there and let daughter still not quite. They just don't like maybe mom they can and maybe not being overly paranoid. Already though it might be protective and saying the daughter proud of him awful second senior old's your boy. Well that's I was uneasily she went to the and she took the screen shots it was clear wasn't like a friend date it was clearly he's been messing around with another girl arm another couple girls like it's clearly a date date yeah. I can look like a date April the daughter Colette no editor screen they're just gonna go out and have dinner because that's what friends do. And now we need to do it like Yahoo! and share our own troops. Okay here's the only other flag I have to throw in here is why about the seventeen year old boy's. Mother are. Or father. When you have been tracking my. Mick and spy on him and taking pictures and love him and going through his Falun. Flipped if our parents. Ancient had. He's played teacher played each compound on the ground up into the protect. He's seventeen. Would weaken him now and so this. In general can. And who. This is where these waves this is the most insane. Story ever but I can't wait for Monday. He's like double play it June yeah. Right now at Clark called. Howard and it reshape the win from him. And my god I'm. I didn't. Yes I kinda wanna come in the parking lot with you I kind of and I I want tenured wine night's premier announced any day hang out he has look on what happens so if nothing happens yeah. When they had some really great about again and I actually yeah. I volatile dealings Zia this time on Monday morning get the update okay. Yeah. And welcome to show. Hey guys. Okay you're showing your turn color. You guys are what they say black so what walls of the general all of those and Sudan as well watching some seventeen year old girl. You know like I love it I didn't light. What did staging now. And it's different and I are you kidding me right Barack. I was so proud aide called you dad babies so creepy afterwards he dad's. Through honest they can't like a little. Nineteen year old I hear you right yes it you're right yeah did it did seventeen years old yes strategies and dunks that's what we are so. They're class I did they call out is its ability to put it originated Soviet. Doesn't matter he gets hot now are not he's still got another decade that have to be endowments everything and all scored a company edited out. I'm good thanks Carol. IZM I. She's so. You oh they would be creepy if worries her nose so creepy. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.