Monday, June 5th

Could be huge, could be small, but we want to know what's going good in your life!


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Since we're here of Japanese yen 100. Dollar per they've gone next at 7 Tony this morning. I sagged to less sweet game well in peachtree corners. Elan. And I'm treated elsewhere have fed lasts. Until. That they're glad this morning how wide the guys. Forward. Go to Q8. We are having to order a lot of horse I think could come early could a voucher. For we're just opened lewd conduct additional reserves that we. There's there's two plus. Is this your first child Danielle. First solo won't repeat itself saw. Are you got to where we have that kid you gotta walk outside the hospital in this. And mind game that Dallas won the shell. Dead right hash tag last. We are less and less than we have imaginary Phillips a weekend away and now we're having a baby girls. Congratulations. And say we are actually IQ it is yellow. Terms that contest to get a break and let my boyfriend said he didn't want to wait that long. How do I need to know now how did you guys thank you good Emma. We actually not a perfectly how and why inside so we wanted to do something really original I had a quiet baby showers and aren't about Kate ORS is the color. And so create again. Side. Congratulations on your daughter Emma. And then contest that she resided that is still accepting entries. Only if it is gonna start and for one Atlanta's downtown and you can find out the gender of your baby. At suntrust car it's before a braves game on Father's Day. Starting for one Atlanta's downtown hey Sarah in Christian twice hash tag plus this morning. C has thankfully it went I mean I'm lick and BER might send us this weekend and out of him and I'm leg and it was well I had that exact impression that game a friend Annie came back it is they married Amy is absolutely finally. I bless. LC Abu. And Sarah what's your son's name. Quarter to. And how. How old is he. Guilty free months for them to us how scary is that can I ask you what he was sitting on. You get. Even had they are part. And I is it happened while we are playing trains and it can happen any time and I heard all out there and he went there and a child. CJ glass is because it literally saves platforms at stop. You for your mouth and his mouth when is still the mucus. Powers. Well it's good and the kids and parents stress over grades and things like that hot dogs like I've done Zach isn't just him choking wow. Alan can you give us. Innuendo even knotty it would act like residual. Yeah I mean it just happens like he was trying to Hollis Duncan got it out pretty honest David to verify. Thanks for the call Sarah you're definitely have to I glanced. I mean now I'm in August I eat I meanwhile gonna show and I was like don't you this morning eight. And then let it does say. And went out with the girls could we can we didn't Google plans watching one woman had a wonderful had dinner drinks are and I would also on sun. I have great. Yes and you are has to Wonder Woman today happy birthday and there. Thanks for residents are they okay thank you. And Lamar call say Caitlin and unsound. You and I had snag glad because I did eleven at city regularly can you guys every morning I think on for a few weeks and I miss you can. It's easy to. If so how did not this same without you know it. Well here's a gymnast. Everything's the same with me because I'm pretty much boring day after Jamie is allergies her whole thing. He's holes could afford the entirety of your friends and teammates it's called has sent blessed with little kids yeah. Kelly she does it take our baby names. Let's ask him again here man. OK okay when. You are welcome back this. Is an idea. Has stayed lessons from. He's running game they still need help for rest and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload offense did just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.