UPDATE Where Is This Relationship Going: With Courtney and Brenden

Friday, June 2nd

Courtney wants to be more, but just cannot get a straight answer out of Brenden! Is it just her?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell hole. Well I yesterday and where is this relationship going we got to meet Courtney and Brandon and I'm brandy and Y is often frustrating. Elusive and his answers why Powell is he elusive you taste of what it's like for women to have that conversation about commitment. When the guy just weasels his way right now that I say and I don't. Name me and I felt like that scene and shotgun. Where and they're getting too close so that Russian fighters in the and they start firing the missiles may get a dealer to be a decent maneuvers or whatever and then they're going to say about it as an intern and it's an MS so with the rocket trails behind Eminem white. Yeah but we ended up going back to Courtney and she's like this is what he's like. And I'll we said Courtney. He clearly said I don't wanna answer your. Hypothetical question. I want you. I I'd I want. To discuss this with her so we got her back and the round we gave her home. Yeah we were like OK so he said he would be exclusive if you ask him a question directly candy from us so Courtney. Who joins us again today Courtney that question days. Did you ask him. The question did you ask him. If he wanted to date you exclusively. I did ask that question are there a memory popular. Right now here's here's what I'm gonna hope this is my dream okay this is my riding on it in out a unicorn. Over the rainbow dream. Did you say did you wanna be exclusive and he said yes they do you and then you said. I don't. Home and you dropped to my to walked out of the wherever you are meeting. Critics are our Richard daddy unique. And I asked him and okay yes I do agree that Egypt it lose exclusion. But then I mean I just curators like a nice and I try to follow what actually eighteen groups is Andy kept camping around and he acts that I call it guidance right. You guys are talking to actually direction and. Learn what the titans and a single. Little. You are single. Well good he's married you have to seriously good pitch I think guys it's true manipulator yes. Well I thought I'm actually really relieved to what I had actions. Outside like huge eat consistently doing that and making sure Alcatel. I'm proud I'm proud of you and I am happy QWERTY. If I if I ever running into you out I'll buy you all the drinks and we'll have congratulatory shots yes I said. Is that year not an I don't know your hell yes. Yeah I mean there really appreciate it since we are amazing we. Utah and humble and very very humble I wanted to thank you so much for bringing that updates here's appreciate it. I appreciate it so much enjoy your newfound single hood. Don't don't make somebody. Your priority when they only make you an option. Is that to mean. Tonight and assisted on pillow for her. By Friday night aren't out yet but I village. That a happy outcome I look at yak and I for making this way it's. On star not before one.