Where Is This Relationship Going: with Courtney and Brenden

Friday, June 2nd

Courtney wants to be more, but just cannot get a straight answer out of Brenden! Is it just her?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. Errors this relationship employing. Jane and say hello to Courtney. Courtney. I'm currently at II didn't currently confirmation about a lick and 99%. And already now. I'm accurate here in public that's. There's that guy that and little. And really really get together about you retreat from them on maximum. In hand I would argue rapidly each year are the ones to call me and has scheduled available and then it finally added. Evening column right chaotic equivalent thing out street and I. And that's about the only time that we get together. I know that and and I'm pretty much of the recall what comic Al prejudging that you bring C Turkey didn't church and mention our worried that. Shall I bring it up change the object I don't really choose what their relationship I excellent you know. Time and space and sells out they're coping yeah. I was as they see you you want us to ask him whereas this relationship going even though you know. It's not a relationship and it's not going anywhere so you already have the answers you just need him saying it. Yeah I think I didn't like actual confirmation and having him too and it took to actually yeah. And hopefully we need out there how do you do about. So it's more like where is this booty Congo and he's an active. Mike could this but he ought to be going into a relationship well why do you want to know I mean you really want to have a relationship with this. And I would like to have a relationship with him and he says that it it can go somewhere by such actions have not been looking into it at all and so. Character means that Crozier has excellent okay now it is just a typical thing. He doesn't teach you checked. Are you prepared to accept that closure. War. Yes she says count that's followed by a made me hit the fact that. Well if you really want the so we can ask questions Korea. I would appreciate it like that every originally I don't and and I have not actually answer term from president. And it's not and just take me into the mind of a woman for 12. It's not enough for you to suggests notice. And you need him to narrow the you know and give you some sort of confirmation or validation and it. That's so confused. Well I mean it that didn't let them turn all Utley almost a year now and you know we these all get together and it's making the commentators have. I mean how they make it final definitive statement that you know if I am just to degas. And need him says admit to that. Are you want to make a bit more than you can even include the. I'm guessing corny when you talk to about it there's a lot of I don't know whose. Music and yeah I don't I don't. As a three where I didn't drive women in Spain. It still it it really has ordered that he has played well on her work now which soured badly in the grateful our partner in right. Scheduled it is again I don't know it. They are bright and an analogy and I don't know why there it but he says I'm sure Turkish yeah figured it doesn't. It's kind of players they reference. All right well the way it works is walk call him up you'll be channeled he'll listen to our whole conversation with him and you'll get. The confirmation that your expensing be prepared though if he gives us. The I don't know treatment you have to well leg is that right that are treated you with that Adam and. And I think that I think he might. I and I attacked and you guys to actually getting its answer. Okay Bob adds this year I'm faith is remarkable. And Courtney what's his name again. But today I. That's such a plane will come on to note a couple of Brandon that are players. We're gonna cover it banging on virus in three minutes and make that phone call the branding and. See if you'll demands big party is just isn't good eight column. With the than three minutes and Jeff engineers aren't you doing. She I'll still are. Where is this relationship going about half maybe I'm the temperatures show even though we already know the answers. We know the answers it's more like where is this booty call going. We're about to call Brendan for Kourtney and asked him what's going on even though she already knows. Just kind of it's another when it's convenient if you know we're talking about record you ready to this. So I gonna put you on hold and call Brandon while you listen and welcome back great efforts and do you. Should know. It our op. I. Oh. Hey Brandon and it's and from the jet engines show Daria. I'm Simon and Jorge. So I'll work colonies they just here to say hey I there. It shock after some tough. So Brendan work on about your relationship with call me. And choose talent that's that you guys have been coming at the scene each other use finger quotes seeing each other for about the last year now. And she is so and that maybe this could turn into traditional Irish serious like a relationship. This is just wanted to ask you where you think the relationship is. Usually they make birdie there. We I've been enjoyed seeing where I don't know that we need is figure out they are telling yet. I don't think we have good time together and we spend our time together crooks dad. Are you. At this stage where you can label their relationship or just see her exclusively. I don't I needed that that was she wants loose and let. There's just something has to target a quiz there's yet. I think she's she's asking for answers on is this real relationships and. Well a little weird that she would just sat me. I think she's calling us because you feel like she feels like she has asked you. Errol and you kind of dodged the question. Okay. Well that that's acting like we talked about a clinic a. Again we'll just for clarification for us than. Where is the relationship going reviewing court. I mean I like I like flipping terms developed organically. And and most say. What's it feel like we have a good handle things aren't in the content accessible this is what it is. He had a that's what it is so. I I guess I'd say like are rooted like Kourtney and sports I think I'm sure. And if she wanted to see exclusive that of the week to talk about. What if she came you'd warm like rape again and power and said you know life in order for this to continue Brandon you and I need to be exclusive. Would you date her exclusively and not seeing any doubts that you might be seen. You weigh it allow a so she's innocent that's essentially a verbal contract for the fact that. Well at that implement. Is that sort of what I said EU. Right but I asked you what if she asked views so pretend I'm burned. Now that that's still just a hypothetical. I don't understand what carcasses. Are having a conversation with somebody else this isn't an activity at. And none of that is verbally binding or every cent. Again what that is I. The medical suits. Made it our right. You know what if you let it keep carrying the ar you know relationship and our bridges our our view and their. You need to get you wrote Israel can't they anymore what would you say that mean you're gonna go to the road does. I don't understand why it like that that would add an actual impact on the marriage should the army. I I don't know what and that made no sense but I here's a question. Leg. Not hypothetically. In real life like let's think the hypothetical out of. Courtney calls you up. He hasn't called me I make that a hypothetical. Lying to me now he's like Mickey let either I talked to Courtney earned it doesn't mean any. Oh. You know that's sad like you're you're asking a hypothetical question. And that has yet entered I didn't I didn't it's about a hypothetical if it's my it's not a hypothetical question might. Courtney calls you not a hyper religion it appears saying the word I'm not I did I say the word. I didn't he call me Ben what do I do like that means it's not a situation I didn't say what did you do not think that aren't. Of course getting caught you in one hour and she is going this year. And be exclusive what Schering answer. Calling. This a. If you are dead. I like I like it won't you let it straight question of yeah. Yeah. I. Quite a few. Yeah medical. The real life question this is not a medical. I Jack and asking you not hypothetically and Leo light. Will you go to were you exclusively gay court. Q if you want it to this and I heard it that's already denounced thank you thanks Brendan how I'm all right if I die. Wow that guys. Killed now you've just experienced what it feels like. To be a girl you know what I you know relationship. With a guy who is invasive engine says I don't know moment I feel like I'm in an. Action film in Charlotte I'm a fighter pilot and I'm dodging the missiles. That the other countries shooting my plane. Now I welcome back in three minutes and pick up Courtney and get her reaction to that and find out. I asked my question hypothetically. If if if your prediction gen I think and he's going to be pumped Annie she's gonna be excited god knows this. Federal pick up in three minutes find out. So are in 941. Jody. Welcome to this year. I Ariel dead now you are calling to get Brennan's phone number because you think he sent a charming and hot. I'm really need to know how he ever had a conversation with this guy you know and again he's so little treat it like you see disposable. I did I can't imagine wanting Matt to go any further than in the back. I think your line. Guys what you're not out as Jody you were. I am exhausted. Jody. Buying by short little exchange am I can't even another look at a community. And I. Why didn't seem more valuable when it's unattainable. I don't thinking. It's on the merit talent I have been very nine age. Attractive friends blue we'll be better and probably make her feel better if you know what I'm saying. John good owners and yes got to read it again and I thank you. Any ill the Jimmy Griffin and welcome to the shadow. Normal hi Darren. God is really really threw me back to what he did it got bad thing. Well yeah and it just got a big quit being a player. You have Gordon what she won't. He's been an issue. And you'll. Hoping you'll ears yeah we're watching while she dull public wouldn't bother omelet oracle wanna give as good a player. Fast hurry up Antony. Let's I grab I Courtney who has been saying animal. Courtney did you hear of that whole exchange we had Branden. An arrow or I won't I would like to find you right now and give you the biggest get this I have ever again. Well I appreciate it so much that exactly what turned how to proceed. Always always like like if I had a question that he doesn't unitary actor it might all street. So are right after we got drilled down and really got the nuts and bolts of everything. He did say. That he would be exclusive with the clean. It actually. Please tell me that you are never gonna ask him that I really. I'm old I'm sure he is blacking also your communication skills you can't hire Dick Armey he's really itchy I understand the I have to go there all the time in the Crandall you know I like I'm back that talked and. I I I I don't do that anymore in India there weren't into it in such squarely went through it and it. They don't yet Kyra I connect Rockingham and no CE that he is willing to have like. Or you can't stop dealing Mac and that you can't give me a preemptive and then. And a lot of yeah okay. You've aren't saying if you asked him directly about becoming exclusive he would say yes. Until that that is pretty exciting. So as early as fearful of commitment he's just not great communicate. Orgy use yeah he vacation is intentionally manipulative yeah so that he doesn't have to be committed. Yes. I guarantee you if you ask him why don't you ask them and then call us back in 24 hours and let us now. Wow so ask him that direct question that you got to do it and then cause back. It is sad tomorrow and let us now how that worked out okay. You know or thanks Bernie good luck. That means is they're still totally be together and make your prediction. She's gonna call and he's gonna manipulate his way into jets still have a thing with our she still didn't call Patricia Lawrence L make your prediction. Ali yeah all the meanwhile. How. Can I. And you don't want. Sounds like Patricia has maybe half makes its accidents. Patricia. In all. And Britney. Courtney. And and. Maybe eight that your average vision may be what she needs. Is a man fast and from the right from everybody else that's a good idea what came out last week and the winners this relationship online. With the man passed that was a million man pass at this now fast forward Courtney needs the man passages that Brandon. Brendan out of her life like yes like oh mouthwash yes then rinsed out. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.