Parenting Hacks

Thursday, June 1st

Celebrities share their parenting hacks, and Jenn adds a few of her own favorites


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones although now. You are a mom correct option having yes sir. Celebrities have. Parenting packs. That they use to get through raising jailed. And yet we that's a good mom hat I ever ran some of these celebrity ones IU a guy and I wanna see if they would apply in real life which you can take a celebrity and it may work. Right or if it only works because they may gigs millions of dollars every year in game that we can you like some some parity act bragging right now. I quote I've got a couple of. I figured they decided to share them I parenting had some celebrity moms and now we did tease that we're going to be talking about Al man fasting that. We contacted afford Janet bursts oh we in the endeavour's technology which is probably for the for her. You know pride in its unity. And. Or or allowing me to cheat on her diet yeah. There man France yeah. So I so look for running these these parenting tax okay. I know nothing about I have two out but I know nothing about human you've got Don it's probably. I don't four legged. Is the oh crap I only have one who bag. Laugh. And. Oh and you have two dogs cooking what do you do you pretend. You're gonna see you unravel the the bag in the new Reese scoop the original now a quick and at times. I. All right so. We came card as Sheehan Jan had issues breastfeeding infants and saint okay. Because her older I child north got jealous men and attention she put a milk box with a straw in her bra. If pertained. To feed both games. That's that's the idea. Because then north could nurse off of that milk carton right and saint could nurse her actual breast. I just not hack can garnish a good idea yeah she had. I don't know I want to be out complicated to juggle both on your right. And figure out the positioning of as the baby was nursing has got to be just right right on there right in positioning. Great football poll I have no name of the emotions and now we're at it it's at and to have another right there you it. Fixing a broken pull up when your kids pull up breaks during. A flight Kristen Bell and celebrity Kristen now. I used. Any air time. You fix the side of the snapped well since mark. Yeah this time around there if you've got that extra room. I don't know I make chunky babies so that was enough action. On those papers for me it would and justice. Duct tape. Folded over a whole bunch times or something. Hillary Duff. And an issue on an airplane I should learn the hard way that moms when traveling with its Austin need to change. Meek you have her son and had a blowout on a plane. And he had an X share of fit outfit but I. The near the mom with Tonya is it or bar or whatever it is is a blow out exactly what it is. That's when there you know when it ago and it comes out with some force. Does I'll stay in the diaper. Makes that likes that banana toothpaste. I item out of Japan and some and he can tell exactly what they hate on for the day before. The I'd hit this should be hash tag panting for dollars in Sydney the hash take birth control. All right Jeff we are big time radio celebrities I want you think of your number one Aaron. I have. Paying it forward hotline. Were given to me and miles I'd share net tax. So are in 941. Celebrity parenting Pakistan actually liked a couple of them Kim Kardashian. Stefan a current milking her bras so that one kid doesn't get jealous of the Evans breastfeeding. Than somebody else that Hilary Duff I think reminding parents always bringing a mom and dad change about. Yes I'm the plaintiffs and when you're traveling for whatever reason kids just decided he supremacy. When you're not anywhere near clean. And I synergen their position as a paid for routes you parenting pact that she user. Yes so one them comes from under the mountains of really really awesome mom and this is where. Baby's nursery Democrat. Because it gets sick or have the blowouts overnight in the middle tonight. So then you're not only having to change yourself and change in common now and get them back and pitcher having it changed the crib bedding to that's our gross yeah. So she adds no waterproof mattress cover and a sheet. And another. Waterproof matches ever and sheet so when they get sick on the top airline is just rip it off and put him back to bed. Like another player though it's an. Make make a bid twice. And in in case of emergency. You're not also digging through you know Cassini ever find anything in the meld and digging through the Dresser she wears. It on. It's already made that's really brilliant oh my gosh I have relied on the island so many different times especially with going through art in. A lot. Me and talents that a million times that's brilliant yeah ten you can be a celebrity hacking nice. That's my favorite on and then the other one for working parents when you others. Is and you get yourself ready for work in the morning and you have to get them so inevitably whenever you're waiting for work it's totally mess. Milk on cereal and some sort of like this Vickie gene and some breakfast and up on. You're suit our guys I. Went in your work outfit you know whatever you've. Put on it looks nice for a year or part of your life. So Aysu. When I read was doing big days ago you know get my kids ready and go to work. I would Wear one of my husband's old huge T shirts on top of almost like an apron but more protected sure that was large in old comfy teacher so. And yet fully ready for work and an expert outfit and then put on the reputation on top look at smock for life. Well I should actually do that just in the morning I don't have a lot. It's somehow I always and rate gently on whatever I'm Aaron and a 100% of the if you ask grant for what is the program. But I imagine it's the party. Still ahead this morning which effigy and return new logo forum you know. Thanks for making this list of suggestions. On stone not before one.