Guys Can Be Creepy

Wednesday, May 31st

Women share the moments when men thought they were being smooth, but they were actually being SUPER creepy. 


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball let's go listen educational session. Or creepy and they don't mean to be. So this is like public service for men. From women are phone numbers for 04263094. Win 41 that women only. Tell us what creepy things. Guys do. We're guys don't realize they're being increased. Really should call the segment. Just don't. I guess down this light I just assumed because I am a masculine man person. And you are delicate stressed out flowers yeah. Eat the food yeah all wind chill their rounds everytime our Bonnie. Is that not correct. Me if there back as Democrats and the PS you've ever done Mac. I don't actually like to shoulder rub ever find. Ever offered line and that now I admit bid that would be an example and everybody works with somebody. Whose shoulder around IRA yes. I like the catcher. But guys like it's his hand on your show America are the worst is like when you're sitting down and hand goes on the leg I'll tell my leg in anyway shape cool touch. Noah who other than your significant other touches your like I have. Feel we are saying that's that I have my teachers and high school BI we'll just come sit down talk to each and he'd sit down and I'd pack your leg you know witnesses and those mono. Oh yeah 4042630941. That's a front row what are other one's mind decree guises and. You and they're creepy but they don't even agree on some creepy BR yeah like I am having nice about this because I get it's. In actuality treaty but the so check no line. Is for when I don't wanna talk to people. The and then when the prison. Who's in charge of the self checkout line who works there spends the entire time standing within. A foot and a half of my face like I can't hear this gas like. Talking to me the whole time just about my personal life and I'm like I don't. And appreciate. What. Nonsense chatty but when you Brian pretty lady. Even looking at him and his student might. So I'll just answer the questions now deleted on. Well it's the whole time this has happened a couple times can you squeeze your melons also creature. They're fresh and Fiat secret. I think there's some things that guys don't get to say that women and say leg of a woman says do a guy hey that was created on your answer Gramm. But that's fine the guys like I was stalking you on and so yeah. Word had no you cannot yeah I had my putters is that in the time don't do that yes. Look at the president could be any means am I playing talk to patients and stop caring and it's really just need trying to like bring something out Brian if they say I feel like the like did. Have you customer experience the guy who gives you a hug him but then it's that extra squeeze. To feel your chest. Mark all I know I love. You can sell other pushing their check. Little bit harder just to feel yours so what are they. It's got hugged with an extra impressive the squeeze that they can feel. So. By today hold it longer or do you lie there so you can. I got to try to feel my group. So I. A little extra little question that end of hugs leave her views on hugging now you should have little tiny teaser is in your bra yes oh my god. Totally shocked you know there's. Two million dollar dinner at their DNA and Lil burn. Iron creek today I must guide the words of the and a. Okay. Got a good shot Moreira and English and salt and how he can get your whole. Hey yeah it's usually followed by the lingering sting her yeah I'm very much on baby light day EB. Colonel ray yeah yeah. I'd be babies like five days and he's got it before you and yeah Venus why he. It's like I'm thrilled. An eye contact is good but lingering I contracts and creepy especially when you don't may get back and then you look back and there's still I contacting unlike week we are any dismiss this like it's over. I think is done. Can I for a 42630941. As the phone number I creepy things that guys do that big that I think. These guys know what they're do and if if a guy is hugging either way you just have made a high. I get the extra boom attached and Larry Wright a who knows what he's doing so it's not guys things the guys who were they don't think they're being greedy it's things you guys do. Well they don't think you know they're being creed because you now. Rights like we CEO. We catch a number Alex in Smyrna. What did you guys do what do they don't think that the girl notices they're being pretty. Like most are very aware. But they don't think it creeping control but like when they compliment them banging. Yeah your genetically blessed with. You know I'm proud that you didn't. Do any danger at area night that you just. I tore apart I just can't put my boot all the time I had a way to counter it. I wouldn't tell them thanks a group myself. That that would encourage a lot of guys yeah if I was agents from Gaza a few more of a match for a 46 or 8094 lines. Details of the creepy men. Star in 941. We're talking about things big guys do it better creepy. But they don't. Think this women realize they're being treated. That makes sense says this is like the guy is I'll see movies like everybody announces close my massages. 'cause I. I've got films and who knows they don't mind today like it don't matter like. Me goes a little too far on the side. They walk completely around the office just avoid his Q GAAP to go to the women dressed him there hey Cassandra. And Laurence Alexander Jenkins and show. And our guys. Go immediately and Batman your heart quaint and try to put on me. No works. So I had a guy today. Who came and of course you're trying to ask questions and it you know I just it's on. Account and I have urged a number and turned anecdotes any IE your. He's he's smooth you're just you're like sorry sir I'm just collecting data because that's my job thanks. I'd Carlin an Atlanta mother in the jet engines have. I can't let you all every morning my morning Barry. Oh. I. Attitude toward my old duck. When you're down you're male coworkers want to look at a computer Greenberg. They're close they're junk in your face. All we are shoulder is uploaded the in midair and you guys aren't there right like any outlook lick your leg. I. I don't really quickly no. I never. Every do you know they have no right. You're not bad not a big deal everything they're not oblivious about yet. And politically it would hit Erica yeah. And let him graduate like as a mouse. Thanks 98 Summers and your beautiful thing is bad. Police and saturn's rings hey. There I work with the did you it's a creepy HI sent to treat trash bags and make this series that he beat me likes. Thank got he wears away too much Cologne he totally into sexy because Malcolm and the other hallway. And then number you had a real sick accent. And sure but not only do you get in the way he kind of wish sir or it unleashing its. Really. This sounds about the work. But let's let China oh lead in the one who walked by and one back. You know I hate most of all. It at all creeping by hello. Now my out there hasn't. You can go from there and ground is that you got that. You liked that character in the peanuts cartoon where the cloud Iran ideally is that low paying. I stays with you all day it's my Giuliani. Just you get home at night he's still smell like the guy is make them pay and it's recurrent alarm. That makes you remember that back later on and you know I can't wait to get back to work. Yeah I. Here are encouraging so many men right now and maybe have a good day. Really bad guy lives on Imus is more again and Lawrence now. Creaky streaky link like Ben I'll I ON one I actually like it does sergeant Kelly did. You think he's goal just streaky. How do you know we greet their mouths open it doesn't let. That. I winking in general just. As a regular guy wins it's creepy I can't agree I mean I can't wink way that would I'm Natalie casual when grandma ahead. But it grabs so when I waned it looks like I'm having a quick little stroke and was arrested on things and all their contact the whole face moves I think I even tight on my shoulders my. I won my my elves in Marietta welcomed as engines and sat. It's Ahmad not a girl but so yeah it's hard not to hug and I have like one of my best friends. I make this years later I was on. It this year we it and so really we know we had lately and now late every time I met this town until we're all conscious. It weighs in the league. Out. Hi Jessica spare. Areas since Jan demonstrated of forming an experience that it's not a tight hug because I don't think I have a good and there's some people who are really good tigers and they go Wayne it's a tight squeeze in at school which Jane did to me was like this double thing like almost slaves like a you wrap the hug out and then and then your life. You've all agreed to break and then he goes in for one more time less. So if you double hug miles that's where the issues the single bug you should be OK you're OK even if it's tight yeah. I don't know where it really did this old body playground arms fire. And yeah you mentioned in my when asked about taxes. Good good sushi she might be feeling a little prisoner. Thanks trials. Priest at. All like yeah that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.