Baby Reese is Doing So Well!

Thursday, May 25th

Jenn gives an update on sweet baby Reese and wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support this past year. 


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Janice got some awesome news to share. Very sad sorry this right off Harrier allergy I know you don't matter because yesterday was the greatest day ever. Maybe she actually do. Went on to describe. A and how she could cost of eight landfill long. And it could walk out of her mouth sometimes and it asks. And I wouldn't care and I was like well I would so. I'm feel that's an entity that she got a great news we don't do that best news ever yesterday fast and lose I have. I have to start with a thank you say thank you so much to everyone who's ever sent me a message. Or. A FaceBook comment of support or come up Samie in the grocery store and said we are praying for your feeling because telling me the power of that prayer has worked. Reese is healthy. And once a month and we go back in it to her oncologist office in college clinic and we had our clinic appointment yesterday to check her blood. And it is a day full of anxiety for us we just are you just worried. Oliver yen because. Any time I think you face any serious illness with when your family this specially child. You just wanna do your best to protect them and so there's is bubbling anxiety that your gonna get bad bad news right or we're gonna fall back into where we were when she was diagnosed last August and so. There's lots of that bubbling anxiety yesterday we got great blood work results last night from her doctors so. They've gotten into cancer is clear and then we got even better news. That after an MRI in June that is all scheduled and sent to go where they would take you know an MRI is basically taken. Really detailed pictures of her body dragged on and at the base of her tail bone is where her. Tumor was so they'll take lots of detailed pictures and all kinds of different angles is literally a pain in the but it's really was. And out once we look at those pictures if those are clear that we've gone to every two months to go in for blood Bart nanny and then we get to back off back off after five years should be considered a survivor. So. We feel like she's kitchen and it's just that. I am really so we just got a great Newsnight I wanted to be able to share with everybody can and so excited. Nothing can go around today because we got that great news. And it's going to be you'll say thank you all so much for our children are failing your thoughts in your prayers because we believe in the power and it and this community has listened precept in some anyway so. I just can't thank you and ask. It's so cool to. On the days when you win Reese goes in the Gator blood done because. That that targets the goal is. Under twelfth let you want a score this lead scorer of eleven or lower so anything under twelve. Is good so I'm these days. At some point in the evening I would just get a text message. That's a number yes and like one month it was aid yesterday was the lead in it was nine. But as long as it's less than twelve years on the fringe and normal range of opt in in that room. Yesterday's. Yes just I mean I got allergies like crazy right now I can't seem to shake this congestion that. I was able actual breed he answered it. Now you realize. Like it's it's gonna get lasts and lasts at every two months also every six months and also every year and then. Next thing you know five years will be gone in and are Reese will be what seven shootings in grade. Right beef crazy before you know it. But you know that every saint until she's it until you're dead in the ground yeah every Angie as an actor you're gonna hold your breath a little bit because that's what that's a year old. And then even then I'll be worried from heaven forbid I don't we'll congratulations. Yeah it's great news awesome so thank you all so much for. For always asking about America's I don't go anywhere army and these are any viral illness or sesame sand. Has a baby girl house Rees doing we're praying for her soak to me thank you are so much is it annoying. I talked about tests like. Why can't somebody asked me about my dog Sadie a little fine but. But I rescued dogs from the Caribbean defense. And you're gonna talk about sense at all Reese all the time. Congratulations Jan. Thank you. Star in 941.