Where is This Relationship Going: With Richie and Jamie

Thursday, May 25th

She's "man-fasting" but they're still snuggling, kissing, and getting all sorts of close. He wants more but is she feeling it?


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Earnings this relationship go. And Anderson Varejao who wants the answer to that question today Richie welcome to the Jefferson didn't show. Age yet we're gonna have a C. You know I yeah I'm pretty good idea I'm just kind of a weird situation I'm only broad. Integrated right. And now we are out. I hope so I hope so I'm so I didn't like seeing a girl and I guess you know. Kind of really it's weird because they were. We're getting along great Ehrlich hurrying. We dragged them on you know going out pretty out there and and like I didn't come back warehouse. And look at that it. Just download and a good thing but it really hasn't gone past like. Two were related. Additional but it's still like. Grow like there you go we're like yeah you know could certainly implicated in the weeks none will like it never really crossed the line. And I'm. She made it clear to me basically. It like verbally. That you don't want anything more and his friends are yet. We're like. Almost like at liquidating. You know scenario sounds like a lot more than friends if you're like flirting holding hands and Google's mission gone on. Yeah and you definitely don't want it to be relationship. Yeah I think again I I wouldn't go and spend my head. A friend's house and snuggle with just different you know. So web based out what I said in my actions that they've basically created on more than just you know. OK well there's nothing more we loves an awkward so tell us what's weird about it. Is it seems like he's just Floridians kind of progressing. It it's is that we usually she keeps saying I just wanna be friends. You have sound edit it. It's weird because when she's calling it is. That she's she's achieved men. Trapped and she says well basically she. She's gonna want to be. Like what are worshippers are doing and so like a year she says she meant asking her what she says. Man fasting okay this is neo. Terminology to me yeah. We'll write you need to do and I just you know it's tough because like. I don't EI a she needs salute and there's definitely something you know because we word we've seen from the lips. You know we spent the night together. Arm but yet she strapping man which. This sounds like she died summation. Sporadic. That's OK so it does it it's just weird because the prototype I she knows about it later. You know. You know so she. So she's putting all signs out that she's ready to be in a relationship. Or when you bring it out she declares melt. I'm on a diet from boys. Right but then we see Derek you know. Exceeding little more gradual mama spray. I can't say it's the equivalent. A person like me who says as soon as the left over pizza and the brownies are out of my house my diet starts right. Ray it is true that excellent light. I don't wanna drink anymore. I'm you know I'm I'm not drinking anymore but let me go ahead instead shall. I whiskey and switch it around my mouth a little bit now they're about ready to make any parent that are. Or somebody users and that drinking anymore just wind. He got a good friend anymore but it is that's funny. Yes so literally you know isolate you but let's look liquidating. Real IL IQ. In cash and did I like yet. Did she just recently come out of a bad relationship personally do you know about the history. Of why she's man fasting. No not really a need she had been cheated. I mean I know that she's she's. She's definitely had a chat with guidebook I mean I do it again she didn't have they can come from dating or something but yet. What great news. Liquidating. Really like we're dating site I factored. You know like hey get down on paper they will go out Bermuda out on a case where you know it literally like checking and I'm a girl prime plus not. You're broken. Is no hint dollars and girlfriend it's all of their frustration and that the purse is your hands asked girlfriend. That okay. It's like I'm brigade veteran leaders are out of. Iowa we can call her does she know that your straight that's a good point you raise sufficient enough go to. And I got there I know my if your toes that's in Spain and I together but I've never been may get around each other she might think you're not interested. Oh my god I mean plot against anybody will be an amount. John plot twist. She thinks you're okay. How great. Again and I. Our data and sell now playing all right let's I did that Lucent right we get generally. It's a bad thing if you're trying to put out survives he wanna hook up with a woman and she's Asian not interested. Any member of her gender. I say here's a look not give us three minutes we where old. I confirmed that she's all called to monitor everything and then we will come back and call her while you listen in and master of the hard questions and call. Those states. I it does feel awkward we will try it out and asked that question where's this relationship going and the next thing. N shell star. Just a minute ago we met Richie who is any relationship. With a woman. Who cleans Indiana man that's fast yes she swore off men for a year but she's. Still hang out with Richie and there are so does mention and having a couple sleepovers here and there were they snuggle. But every time he approaches the relationship topics she says I'm man passing. Our Ritchie are you still willing to give us. Yes absolutely right we are gonna say you listen and as we will put John Holland and he listened as we call her and ask the question okay. A. The op. Yeah. Hello. We have Lisa good Cheney. Saying hey Jamie it's Jensen is Evans and show how you doing and I'm. Cobol thanks for coming on the show today Jeff is here to my room. Any you know problem I and they sent this talk with youth. And you're on to aid because of the segments that we can't wears his relationship going. Appreciate it weren't so ha yeah. Now I can on your door center. I don't intriguing yeah sell no we weren't just talking with ritzy. About how much he likes you and how awesome you aren't. Unless you're losing now and Sam's been internally TO. And he. Is really into get our relationship going any feels plague. The words you're saying aren't messing your actions. So I was just wondering if they would he hasn't come with on the Sunday talk about your relationship and find out. You ruled. Where the relationships now. Thank you. And so odd about. A manor really simply didn't happening right. So she says that you've told him your man fasting. Yeah yeah. What's that all about. And I am. Glad I had to cool. Missing her mind and even trying to and everything great for awhile and I'm like plan their future in my head and then. Payment for their inevitably see him. Current economic how it's. Extreme ends of I think all the talk to adopt in the future. So I decided to hear I'm taking hold your op. We're not getting any relationship with anyone no men pink. The entire the entire twelve months like January to December. No man except for kind of Ritchie a little. Yeah. And nobody even rich teams can help her friend and technical eye and I'm not like. Because none of launching my company may that your M I'll go out some guys but I like king I was hanging out that. Nothing else is happening too early to eat cat and a diplomat a couple of times already. But it stick do you understand right guys when US difficult to get if you like. Spending that I each other's house and coddled and snuggle laying in the and it maybe occasionally kissing every now and again. But then you pull the whole man fast tired they understand where they'll be confusing to a sensitive man like Reggie. Yeah. I understand that it could compete they're kind of hoping that like he could. My girlfriend look at that make you forget that it's now okay it's like little little like. You know my girlfriend and I like totally out of a bad that it's like normal and nice friendships as I think it would guidance to pray and then. So Jamie Mona. Honestly since that lets talk more about how you and your girlfriend title when you hang out. That this is a segment for receipt now freed Jackson. And so you've made this promising yourself and you're not going back on. I'm not and I'm going to go to I think impressive its really commendable. As you're giving this great to see yourself as a gift. I mean is it Arab parade if you are dabbling mean. Richie. Lately that's like saying. I'm going totally gluten free except for sandwiches since the fifth at. It's like there's the vegetarians agency finished right you know that doesn't count do you understand where the confusion is coming from for somebody like Richie. I do I. Look where I'm coming from that lake. If I'm not jumping into a relationship and still like keeping myself open end and single and constantly going out and experience and things. But I can see how feel like I'm rich diet. It doesn't feel that way. This isn't guys if you give them an inch. They're like whoa may to eighty inches this. That's a phrase that. Whatever artists. But you're in thing like it because she sees the door a little bit cracked yes it's not fully closed Franco with that little crack in stories that I'm gonna keep trying to keep trying and because I think she's really awesome and so. It's a nice compliment but if you're gonna stick to it. Yeah he's just not getting. Yeah I. Now he could crate I really isn't really enjoy it and examine that kind of different like why I don't on. Tell him now. You know consider it to the relationship connect I've got to get out can they really on nine and dedicated to this. Yeah I have to be out this video I'm on your side. I'm just trying to let you can give it communicated to him clearly yeah totally on your side. I'm just from a guy's point of view Janet explained it perfectly. I. Every single time you agreed to spend the night at his house. Yeah oh just a cartilage you and the girls tail fins in the back of his head he's thinking is so I can be the night. Is tonight the night that she breaks the fast. Or did he changes your veins so just saying you can be is honest with him is you while bridges mellow for the rest of the year. Advanced going to be in his head. Well I'm totally in a place where I don't know what the future hold shall I guess and I am glad that he is. Still willing to panic on non Maliki and think for me and now hopefully you can read that 1 thing I am. What would go through your reminder how would you feel if he told you that he or dump and another girl or was dating another round. I mean like. I worry a bit me. It blew up. Can I do it wouldn't be a big deal afforded your girlfriends that you got away started dating another guy right. No because she's just a friend or Richie clearly not just a friend is you would get your jealous pants on. That because I'm an important that we eaten in a relationship so leg felt had on me I dad. It wears me but you'll still would be upset. I had to have ten million meg not the best feeling very. Do you feel like you just won a locked case I get more ram I'd Jamie and me defense rests with its thank you for participating in this. Thank you very moderate slain in Johnson was I think the man's chest is day and cool an awesome idea and I commend you for sticking to it and I think it's torture but that's how it's free and good for you Jamie says. Well thank you guys immediately when he talked to me and tell about this time I say I didn't really great guy. I I want you heard that segment before you know that he's just heard everything you said so I'm guessing you guys will be talking shortly yes. Yeah Intel and all of and I welcome ray back in three minutes pick up Richie and gave his final thoughts. And that conversation that we man fast Jamie all his soul is ashes. Star in 941. We just hung out with Jamie who explains. How good she made it clear is Dave see you Richie. Bad she's not a man fast and no. Dude it's no relationship is gonna happen yet this year she swore off for a year but is Jen pointed out she is a mass. There are a keeping the door open just an out yeah any guy. Would be hopeful. If not tempted she's professional at the inch. Richie welcome back to the sham. It's not RAC are you okay. And then they are mean and I'm bummed I mean that's just kind of like. You know on the finger that strike fun you know somebody issues. Having fun talking about like I'm just. Just at her convenience you know try to keep the map. Medical you know. But it is what it is and that's how she clearly didn't she's not even do me a salad at her best friend you know like Buddha that to some I'm just a friend who does that. You know look. If I was to tell. I don't know it's just it's just weird if you don't just tell someone that I get a religious terms and then. Don't want it to them easier after they tell you after they tell you that there like you look at it expect a girl Tom he had like one of the crowd. Mecklenburg I don't have such images in your immune you know I'm sorry. Do you still wanna go on dinner date you know dinner movie date late Wu who doesn't make any sense you know. Do you feel use. I know I feel used I just feel like teaching. Can I make any sense to me you know you can't just. You can't make. And he kept. Basically permits I mean I am and that. I appreciate that you're welcome you know she had no answer her answer would not answer this just. She meant to be a politician in the way she kind of just. An answer the question in our. But had an answer. Don't make any sense. A lot of I should be paid to Sadr. Herbal Paramount is weird my attitude you just don't let the people I think you know like she's nice and gray in the have a good time. I don't see what the problem would be. You know like you can't just not everybody's the same you know like what she had issued before or people that. You know. We shooter part of the mean the next guy is going to as well again so now I don't get a chance to the derby got screwed up only you know. Learn. Became a joke you to use what hurts. It just doesn't it I hadn't assuming a base Miley got it it's late already intelligent smiling when they're talking or did and smiling you know it just seems like it's kind of like a joke to her. Totally get it while it was brave new year c'mon ands. Or get out there especially when you had a pretty good idea with the answers enemy. Yeah and I appreciate it on me and Jeff you know I tried to broker or else. I am I Reggie did luckily everything thinks they'd seen I think you guys appreciate it and go on. But do. And we welcome to the show. I got money. Or rage she. OK let's let's. I know that and and I did it is like. Contemporary dance he or she told you aren't. He was out in her commitment and there's a difference between incumbent. And conclusions and commitment and until. How let her come into it and amateur without him consenting you know. We can be banned or just let her friend Perry now. And yeah and it is all he could understand. He he I couple trips now I love her like I guess and then that support a bed and how many current cabinet Carl I'd give it to girls. Oh that high. But that's the way you would a little bit better and slowly it's in the Bible that they guys do you that it's supposed to be. Let's yeah it's old testament down down to where I'm gonna get. Our continent. Actual body like you know. Never be made here by. And as acting as dot apple you seem like a nice guy. I think you really need to learn how to link that the current expectations because you then all of it. Brunch at her first smiling shooting night. An active about it. So answer you I'd use swore off men for this year Kerry is well. I'm day side where limit credit yes it yeah regardless of what our library or are currently no. Island totally hung outlet in the right hand with girls under that expectation that can go anywhere but nothing and I. Get her and I learn how to act and uttered you know come under fire into something. I couldn't let you know I totally healthy and that nothing loudly and I'm casually with the money could have a typical connection. Computer hope that she not a terrible. And it and all of that heat out here and he punished. And the equality bluntly alert equal pay equal booty I'd spend my hands and yes I. You got it is easy Ahmadinejad disarm before I make inappropriate joke about what you gave up for the new year and the fact that you lost my. Can I just come. I am against it doesn't happen I. But it just got. Chevy Indy for us. I. I agree what what it can't sleep and I got army is. Email every thing she told him take you on that but and yet he still feel like I think that day and I grew it lets you are issued on edge and you're not happy dance it's. Gonna walk away. Jeff swap swap places I can't. Jamie in the end Richie shoes and Richie and Jamie Suzanne this guy. Sister a girl I'm not in a place for our relationship desk but he still hangs out thermal subtle everyone's on right she's I'll Kong on. And guess you would be like oh I don't want anyone men and the man I'm ready solar idea in my relationships are we just want general. Well when I suppose is why generals because if this way. Is that equality it has been historically now I would like a phone golf. Senior challenge of the next three minutes is to find a phone call from a woman. Who is time team back. Pleasure thanks Dave it's really means seemed just aghast and somebody did things Jamie's crazy that will be aired gold after Bruno star. NHL all star. Monica is about to bring some wisdom to make this convention. Don't look at me like that Jan. Gender or paying money can talk some sense ended Jan. Rain in the end. I think and that is big and a bit and my prayers and would be crying. And should be saying. And he even early about it and seeing. 800 regular and keep it right and didn't Wear. Leopard can't mess around on people and then not a. I don't kids as she told hot and spread here is that this. I can't you can't stand and opened intent. Did you don't make humid doing everything in her power to get by early so it's not the ideal for. Actions speak louder than words. I'm just an actuary do you do in the same thing Jeff would totally take indeed side it probably right but when and why. What that I noticed that. The stock based on principle that's based on gender the issue which is crap the issue Jan. Is the fact that she. So pay it when I said what does he serves there was some males she got all like woo new new moon and minimum since she does like him. She's has this weird thing she's not a fast. Then she's fasting she's fans saying. She's like somebody says that like I'm sober except for shots. Energy wine beer or liquor but shots of these that is. Alison. I kind welcome to this. I am I and Reggie all the way you like to enter old bird bird. And that bank. So I mean I think them getting them already I ended the call to action on March adorable. And and and there's no other lady that did. And I think that girl you need to know or opinion you can get. You're gonna try. Jane you can't feed a stray cat and then get upset that it's on your porch. Analogy but the front porch says did not answer it doesn't matter what this signing say is yeah. That's best thing you can say no pets allowed on this porch when he still went out of all the MO. Anyway even aim dumping rain and actions are building. A more mart mart. And you're taking are ignoring the word after a lot to get action and are telling you everything it. Thanks Ed B where have dog thank you and cats can't read science theater. Thank you Alison I'm saying is still. I am excited or switch role as have been totally would be your best way to get me know if not. I backed no matter what some. You do hit cheese. The conversation will continue on FaceBook if you relate to. Leave your socks. I we'll check in after the show and I will certainly be weighing in too late to the people who are right. FaceBook dot com slash object convention. All local machine where that conversation continues with the jet engine on FaceBook.