Dumpster Fire: Moving My Roommate UPDATE

Monday, May 22nd

Did she go through with it?


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Before the law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. Sarah indicator was. Was walking into a roommate dumpster fires this weekend yes you she was just taken her roommate situation and our own hands. In a switch rooms. For which Nino is her roommate pray we feet behind the curtain and parade day. And she is gonna come ominous yet she's on hold right now hi she's going to. Explain what happened this weekend when she just switch terms. I remain was at a tea. I just say your town on Friday solicit you have to speed on Sarah. And what she said her plan was going to be and why this was such a dumpster factor or even this. And like underneath it going to a wedding. And my other friend and I are going to be. Switching around. I don't it'll be very long story. I am sorry and friend Carlisle from Turkey years and week trying to on the last entry although we are actually round. I am in long story short it's just not happening and tell them while she can't tell you and it can happen. Well so you've got friends helping you and your just gonna let your Rehman her room and her roommate your rail. Right. So that was a glancing squalor for wedding is making a half and down this latest plan she explained to us that her remain on the larger room and when they finally together. They split down the middle. With the agreement that they would switch rooms every year every year so they're both saying the same unranked salmon rendering may have the better around in the roommate didn't switch and the remain wasn't switching she's a scoundrel. I wasn't even like acknowledging yet so says she's like you know what I'm just gonna take into my own hands but she was nervous about it because she described to us what her roommate. Has been like in other situations in the past years that. OK remember one time and the Saluki years ago but I feel like I'm from her boyfriend. Just didn't like. Think congress acts like now there's this altercation that they were having to capture and you know what it was about something really trivial. Ditching your and spray and night at a forty directly gotten that got draft well and our albums everything she that I. Work out. Intermediate car and it illegal reduce our world. It's like you know how to more calming her down because she'd already shut down and we Roland and she she can restrict their engaged. It was crazy like slashing attack anomaly out all over lunch and social media content query. Those things. She you know broke out and children paddy showed photos and that the high pressure now. How appreciate it from a bad and then like the sea and I'm running towards. The talks he. And sometimes there's no reason why I don't understand why Chico and the next level. Did that she was dealing last and really how you can do it did she comes home from a wedding. Industry like tab. I'll put rubber sheets and your bad I would do that's. The Sara joins us now hey Sarah welcome back. Rule army and you are alive isn't this isn't there have analyzed and then. I'm working and functioning did you did this switch Athens. It's. It's fairly and stash say I was only fourteen. We found out they thought what a lot of times it was the main thing Saturday in it and I think it sort of looks much better. Much more songs playing like it much better and. Wet when we usually made gone for sorry because I was in here for that story on Friday rule less talented little. She went on I should accommodate Saturday Kevin and out of town letting. Current day. I'm Sunday afternoon when insurance you have to get back. We have not out of friendship and sex act while I was gone. London's. Oh I don't own clothes. It was like. No no there's no crazy I trashed apartment there was no might step out on you know that the student. Loans so errands. Really in there around the home. And you I mean very. Early was only better slower home from. And waited like I waited a little while our insurer you issued napping there's something that I could knock on the door and looked like he. You know welcome X and like maybe you know where. Credit Anwar reached. And so we're gonna Jarrett and the fact I worry. And she just looked ancient and holy. And that was it that was Kodak is that I'm more scared of the silent count a crazy. And meats and it was like hey lay glad to see your legs. Like how would you describe it at a home ahead. In golf. I can play first sometimes and Willy Wonka the crazy guy Somali Lanka like it would just get it X cart wheeled out of the middle of nowhere is this. You mean like saying. It's cool pretty tight about Willie. I can see what your days like in the cotton arms I mean I did Joker. 60. This this this is closed right at me and I was just like waiting for a response was I kind of balls. I'm going to be normal thing happening now hot and then lingering on you know I'm a cranky Monica on the issues and ancient techno. And it last. And down she didn't say anything I don't know let's listen up around the illness and around. So I don't precedents saying are you going out of town this weekend for memorial. Plus as sponsor Darren signals on the middle of mass. You know right now I think you know I don't know why. Can't they can actually damage it. Only that I just pretend that all. Work had ordered brands and that optimism there at the half and I'm and can I can remember. That's a special kind of crazy yeah silent kind of crazy yeah I don't know but it looks like I noticed. Lots adore me. Clinton's restaurant and warm. And I've been paying. The. Trapped under on my. I want to thank you for sharing this very with a Sarah we've calls back yeah I wish it was. I wish it was more dramatic and it could be put out on the news there's something's. You won't get greatly. Link. I think anything else for Sara. I mean if anything happens we give us another update like it. I was lots of fine you know if you think you actually ever do a follow up are you re Italian it's one that. Great I don't even now even the concession Internet eventually had a lot of time on the air right I'm worried about my commissioner like old school like you here in my condition. Commissioner recommends story beyond any at all. Okay instead he came around quickly. Again I thank you Sara being Sara and it's a reason Powder Springs. Eat there I'd eat he had me. I locked the door like I eat in Iraq. She easier deadbolt lock him they are locked from the inside and also a weapon like this when shatter nonsense that is a fact no kidding. Yeah actress adore like every time you meet your program. And then when you sleep at night. There's no type of crazy. Equate compares to the calm quiet crazy of a one. That's me you know it's like the com Laura storm like is nice and warm outside also. Where sound dampening hair and Stacy adult equivalent of go tear around and think about what you've done. I'll be on their shortly. Thank you then you envision your parents sharpening tire please yes. We'll give you post anything really this error as a contain including. Where you came made donations or are her services or don't say wow this girl home she's back and get killed and just getting. Can improve and there is getting big guy. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.