Dumpster Fire: Moving My Roommate

Monday, May 22nd

You've heard "Don't Poke The Bear" right?


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James shell hole now. Got a dumpster fire vote yes we the common man and I'm so sad that Jeff is not here today because this might be his favorite thing is coming in hot. And hot dogs are I. How would you describe a dumpster fire chili cheese I mean it's a mess that you know your Walken in two of his of all claims in his walk and right through it Potts thank you trash you know that's a so we cut trashing a dumpster fires it's just favorite thing in the world that we do and essentially endeavor a couple of weeks. Could different dumpster fires are Santa commanded we are by about to hear from Sara. And indicator who's got. Quite a dumpster fire about to happen this weekend that she wants a share with all of you so yeah. So going into the weekend so we are gonna talk to Sarah. Indicator. Hey Sara Taylor to chili cheese. Hey you can get morning Gary morning how aria. Extraordinary event and we're dead grimace and just today he is in New Mexico with his wife tallied his grandma passed so he's there for model services and been a good husbands. So we're glad that he's able to be there for Arab men missing and today on the show especially to hear what you god said tell us about what's gone on because. Dumpster fires might be his everything oh for sure. But some are right Sarah so what's going on with you. Well basically this morning. It and it dawned on me you know in the. Did you literally happening on an essential on the weekend might remain at going to a wedding. And my other friend and I are going to be. Switching around. And it it'll it'll very long story. But we've been grand Carlyle for me Turkey years and we decided upon the last bleacher you know that we were asked which round. I am and long or short. It's just not happening. And tell them how she got to tell region and it happened. Well so you've got friends helping you and your just gonna. Thank your -- her around her enemy your rail. Right right right as the other and helping me not just because they're you know the furniture but also because there's so it's. Up front you know like you know Ali you know you watch movies like pregnant or something and the dinners that everyone played the role. Is your best friend at the one that you know. Putting needles she got crazy crazy about her and so it. More eight confirming how can have a friend helping me and I'm. So that you and me are you sure you want to massive system roommate relationship because. Once it is ugly weather room mate. This is IC all the time in the house yet and he's had a yard agreed to science but as her doing it and I you're not telling her and I you're doing in this weekend. Oh you know it will be confronted are really long time you know talent goes where you know you go back and you go to the school at our end and we've been charged at and shaft and things like and she'd never been crazy to me like she never encourage you to meet our like our close circle of friends. And we did we did talk. Talk about it and we talked about it and we talked about it over Chinese food and looked at each other and she made eye contact with me and gnashing of bleeding you don't like me about a month. And what I like. Oh us Helio. Said he agreed and now she's not saying anything about switching. So Sarah. And normally I may have missed it but did you tell us why you wanna switch rooms like what's the point and passing. Well a trip took the picture federal programs like. Her bad Germans have a walking on it and I call late in about terms like you go in her bedroom and she got all times a person the other side of the apartment. Like community bathroom there's no hallway in my closet much smaller and it's much smaller room. On terms like here everybody wrote in her quarters. Of those things where like. It's a significant. Difference. It cannot grant. The lead and I didn't reach the Asian that we would switch every year to coming you know keep things fresh and switch it up and that sort of thing cleaned. Sort of like a long time decisions. Yeah yeah she's just not doing not Ontario say where you're writing your own hands basically eight. Totally justified totally justified and not play out like a friend episode. You know where we're at yeah. Because we have agreed to cut benefits so we are very heated. So you're saying met her she's that friends say you're obviously like. Kind of scared RE CRU is now like you're ready to do when you're just the anxiety when a web celebs went on behind the scenes. Yeah. And so I'm not scared. I personally I don't think she's like come after me her you know like a crack an eerie thing. I. You can't you know like. And our many years but I'm sure that she years it took him you know god can handle. She's she's got a friend that ticket to the next couple. I'm gonna know examples and I mean things can't well. A. You know. Okay. Let me think. Okay commercial one time you know and that sort of a year ago but it still hurt like our. Her boyfriend. Just didn't like. Something on her staff Catholics and enough or there's an altercation that they were having a pretty snapshot I don't even know what it was about it is something really trivial. She like and would like spray and I like seven or eight guys we got that got dressed well and our albums and everything you shouldn't play. Where now she intermediate car everybody go to his house. Rolled out. Like she's like director of the house and more like calming her down because she dirty slightly drunk and you know we Rolen and she she can strip the mayor and dished. Those Kris she'd like slashing tires on the way out all over like some social media like to query the bank of crazy like. So she didn't go nuts on new reuse still wanna switch rooms without her knowing. Like now C when usually without her knowing. And feeling like you know on it's it's a pity about. She's gone through is that the dumpster on fire yeah. OK so wind is the moves start taking place and when does this would start happening today when she heads out of town for the wedding and. No I think we're gonna relax and I can she's going out tonight and to drive because of the peace speculate but mainly wedding and we're gonna just kind of hit it tomorrow I think we're gonna meeting last night sleep and tomorrow I'll enjoy the moment we put the book Furyk and Uribe each. And again and that's contrary to Google box. Yeah but I am gonna like take a picture of her Rohm and China might make it as close as possible because I likes wanna be respectful. Don't issue cragey. I'm handguns. So you would think is going to happen here like she's gonna come moms and yeah after a long weekend and a wedding. And lock into what she still thinks is her room but you're gonna be like sitting there are you gonna be like I Mel Reagan dinner and having to go on tell how you and I did it and play it off like he did something nice her. Somehow I don't know yet it's I'm gonna like it Gerstein and darkness. And elsewhere like the fear is when you actually like I'm scared I'm not because I'm like you know I'm gonna make it shine. It totally like make candles are going to be clean it's going to be awesome like I wouldn't be I wouldn't be mad. But she got so you know like. She's you know broke out when children how he'll starter and that this kind of person envelope them like the how Croatia Peter someone that I mean it like a long time running the story so. She. The next local artists sometimes there's no reason why I like you don't understand why she's going to the next level. So there could be or it could be Monday morning when she you know. Realizing that it had about Herman not a doctrine she could go crazy on Monday. I'll think you are telling us about this I cannot wait to villain just over the weekend and then will you come come back on with us Monday. Tell us how Atlanta mall yeah sure okay I won't care if I'm you know rebellion. Up I feel like I'm not cleared as yeah flash tires busted windshield and heat and someone's bed and you live with her. In that you could somehow capture video of her face reaction just snap a picture of her face and she like second and realizes that. Herb Graham has been swapped out of these can tell a patient. Tell us definitely I'll be telling her I called the radio stations people no way to expect me on Monday earth they crash they should finish its due. Parents didn't. Can she I'll still aren't ready for. Sarah is gonna switch rooms with her roommate without her remain knowing while roommate is out of town at ON. And that is what we like to call a dumpster fire and saw a 100%. You got some advice for Sarah here. Olivea incoming and welcome to the Jeff's engine show. Aren't aren't good morning and did you just here's Sarah tells about her dumpster fire. Yeah and Barack are not part of her remain. There are literally can come down to dumpster or all of Google. I. Here's so. You know what it is their names back I know what if she I then whenever. Yeah I do I need to be nerve says it's easy to that opinion nervous every single time you go my yeah. She went yeah she's like one of those people that sounds like you do know one thing I slowly but surely take things out of your ramming your icons on all of those earrings here. And he never finally it hasn't batteries and are remote Alec aware of that hill logo and Jesus lowly NN dry. Heat and yes. I hit. The current or how it. Going to be. I should. And. I totally agree and like. Typically your roommates gonna take Samir serial drink some mere milk like. I can't imagine what it would be if you deliberately do this. I guess I get where cirrus coming from because she's fed up with that she's sick of it she's reached her limit and just want to get a. Pulp and Asia you know dull. Speed at Teddy didn't have the I remain active. Totally agree thank you Olivia thanks for making the switch. Played TC in Kennesaw. All our people are and everybody glad to see how are you ready. I wonder pro looked. What she need to do sue. Kind of get tried born as opposed to. They strike a Molotov car cherishing these Alexander ex met changed. Or something totally kept saying hey this week Alicia which are boulders up you know give a little has. Oh well maybe not had a face to face conversation that may be a text message just as a heads up like K. I've got the Imus or gamma go and get it done just that she's got time to maybe I. I'm sorry I immediately before a boat yeah. It is no secret explosion as opposed to light a match in order to big difference. I totally agree cheesy thank you so much. Thanks as always listeners much smarter than us we'll focus there on Monday morning. At 750 on the jet engine Chopra thanks for making this way it's indigestion just got one star not before one and.