Monday, May 22nd

What's going great in YOUR life?


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Where he doesn't feel like work when you have a great soundtrack turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. Start your day off to a positive energy a little gratitude. A little appreciation for the things that are around you remembering what you pay. Vs what you don't have and that makes you hash tag blessed and it's their shall we got great great energy Jen you gotta. Push the negative out and bring the positive and yes I mean I sag blessed with an awesome husband moved. I can argue with. And that's it fantastic marriage for real though we didn't get in disagreements and arguments but I feel like we always make our way out on the other side of it and I told unless I I I love that. We are married and we can argue because it just means for being on offense agro what was the last argument what was that about I. He's just been frustrations of having two toddlers and two big jobs and none of time for all of that and so we get frustrated with each other but. I feel hash tag bless that. We can or should it and that we're European real and honest with each other and I love him with all I've got and I know he feels the same. And I and I kind of feel I send us an. We went through it together love him even though. Every single time he leaves the house ES DLJ and wearing his mind something you have to Wear. Don't know where I might need it might yeah. Do you still love him despite that. I had nothing easy. Easy stuff. So that's. As a land grant. I imagine they blasted his if you listen to show last week it has gone Thursday and Friday and I got to know. Kelly's grandmother for a couple years before she passed into. Services services were last Thursday in New Mexico. And news of a perfect day imperfect services and and it was exactly which units. Poignant words from some people long we ended yet poignant words from other people. Reception at the house where finger sandwiches were ahead. And I return man you would've been very pleased with the turnout clearly the house or grandfather will not. He's dead and these fields and vetoes a little bit of relief right now we'll see a week it's out there when she spent a few nights alone and get a sense. Eighth green Yost all. Unmarried 65 years together late 76 I think that's sad life goals right okay. Ryan welcome to the show. I'm. Glad. I think. I've been steady all pull out all. Adorable they did airline based airline may generate a school. How many days left. Behind five days left to count on Amazon and but who's counting this and. Rihanna and Noonan. Flash he changed. I schooled almost no rich and elite closer it actually world war. Now so love Rihanna waigel honestly boy Kansas summer. Employment from the odds comes the name of the camp is really can't wanna come back. Yes there are making any parent. But what if you don't like what any other name that I yeah. Anytime at the camp without us and we wanna go back to enjoy now why can't I come back with a their son who's on first. And they bring and I. Haley welcome to the show. Tell. I AM an aspect close. Because I'm interface voted here my how us live my best friend at twelve here yet you. I mean I'm blessed to have everywhere I go have some deadly aspect foot. We're sorry to hear that Moussaoui. What was his name. Well I AJ Ryan will keep him and I thoughts. Thank you gave it. Wonder welcomed the chance. While the more who unlawful for a follow up to us for a couple of OK okay. San Astro again laid out in December and then let. Working on February and I Obama for a company can actually send that. In third nationally has tech plus right there absolutely. Leslie and Modano itself. I have had Craig list because I have a wonderful healthy mainly and we get to celebrate RG daughter's birthday yesterday. Plus some happy birthday how are dead today at the same I think both daughters. I know Hyundai department Philly had a big party together and get her things awesome holiday. Isabel is three and Libby defense guys congratulations. Mom. You think kids. And Sandra and AdWords you can be the last on this week's episode of that's a blessed because they think you speak for a lot of people. Saying I am flight the last agents on the first eighteen chant when he had three more occasions little love Diaz. But whose campaign raised Sandra. I am a. If you want to share away your hash tag of the last ten days. These therapies that made it's been dot com slash Jeff conjecture out. And the idea is just putting a little positive energy out there takes a wave room in your brain from Foreman negative energy and that's those good things anyway. Thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.